You desire to know why we attack, yet the question you ask is ultimately pointless. Would you ask a storm why it ravages your homelands?

- Craadorsak Mouth of the Lords.

The Craadorsak are a mysterious and aggressive species, currently inhabiting segments of Mirus Galaxy, as servants of the Leviathan Hive-mind. Although outsiders have guessed at several thousand species within their borders, in reality, there is merely one species, but with multiple variants and subspecies breed and created for an unknown purpose. The Craadorsak do not speak or communicate with outsiders, merely harvesting races and populations from worlds they claim as their own, and ignoring all forms of communication and attempts to negotiate. They seem obsessed with pursuing their own, enigmatic goals and ideals, and don't seem to care for the other native powers that get in their way.

Silent, methodical and brutal, the Craadorsak are largely avoided as yet another terrifying obstacle towards galactic peace, and one best left alone until it is necessary to defeating them. They themselves, seem opposed to everything, however, violently assaulting the cybernetic constructs or worlds at every turn, and brutally tearing down any cybernetic or mechanical constructs.

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To say that outsiders don't know much about the Craadorsak would be an under statement. These mysterious beings move and attack with a purpose, though what it is, is unknown. The Craadorask do not communicate with any outsiders or aliens, preferring to besiege worlds, destroy shipping, and harvest populations, for some unknown purpose. To aliens within Tuuros, they are merely one more difficulty to deal and another horror that haunts the galaxy, but their actions outside of it are even stranger. As their ships do not use hyperspace the same way, they move unhindered throughout space, arriving at various star systems and the like, to, strangely conduct buisness. Due to their advanced technology, they do not need much to trade, but simply offer it to their "trade partners".

In exchange, they desire strange requests. Twelve twins who inhabit the same star system, regardless of age, 30 left-handed Vranntan from worlds that are exactly 25.4 parsecs from their homeworld, and various other strange requests, in exchange for technologies are almost beyond the understanding of those that receive them, but are never the less helpful. What happens to those taken, is entirely unknown.

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The Craadorsak are ruled by four figures known as the Omnipotents, and assisted by various members of the Uarkai Caste. Their role is aboslute, their words carrying almost divine mandate to the other members of the Craadorsak, regardless of world. Based on some communications, their titles seem to confer almost religious authority to them.

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The Craadorask do not share their religion with outsiders, as with everything else, really, but do invoke a deity in their "trade", called the One Who is Many.

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All the Castes of the Craadorask are though to be all different species at one point, and given the difficulty of receiving their DNA, it was thought impossible to get it. However, through some unknown means, one biologist managed to. Even he, however, does not know how he received the caresses before him. Throughout the week before he got them, in fact, he reveals several "Black outs", and does not know what happened between those black outs.

  • Position - Leadership of all Affairs

The Omnipotents are four figures who yield unimaginable power and strength among the Craadorask, and are considered the most powerful users of their Autogenetic Energy powers, yielding it such skill, they are likened to gods by outsiders, though they themselves maintain such distance and stealth amongst themselves, that, even for their enigmatic race, it is difficult to truly gage their powers. For this reason, the Omnipotents maintain secrecy in all of their dealings, keeping themselves away from "Warm-Bloods" as much as possible, and rarely interfering with their ways. Each commands their own army of powerful warriors, and divides the Hegemony into their own four personal empires, each pursuing their own mysterious goals that the Caadorask seem dedicated to accomplishing.

Known members include the Haasi'colrak, Will of the One, Xaarj'colrak, Hand of the One, Tiiy'Xarrt, Voice of the One and Vaarz'Vraaka, Chosen of the One. These four have undisputed rule over the entire Hegemony.

  • Position - Essence Mages, "government" officials.

The Uarkai Caste are those considered closest to the Omnipotents in terms of Autogenetic Power, utilizing it to assist the armies of their Lords in battle, as well as being responsible for the running's of the Hegemony, but given their mysterious, enigmatic attitude and complete hostility towards outsiders trying to peer into their inner-workings, this is difficult to know. Many Uarkai will meet with the outsider races to try and negotiate their dealings with them, and take those the Craddorask desire, but if this fails, they have no issue unleashing their powers upon their foes, or simply ordering the military of the Hegemony to deploy at once. Their position as "diplomats" and "government workers" makes them the most capable organizers, and very accomplished and manipulation and deceit.

Among the Castes, they occupy a high position over the rest of the Craadorask, though at times they take a subservient position to the others of the Castes, for unknown reasons. Members known as High Uarkai often become leaders of worlds and placed in charge by their Omnipotent Lords to oversee operations on a world.

The Uarkai are among the least common of the Castes, and less populace.

  • Position - Labor Units, basic Military

The Sanghorlish are the untouched, not blessed with any particular abilities outside of monumental strength and durability against outsiders within the galaxy, and are among the most common of the Castes marshalled for war. Though regarded as both mentally and physically inflexible among the Castes, the Sanghorlish are perfect as soldiers and laborers alike, their strict view of things making them perfect for any task their leaders order them to oversee, such as construction of buildings and star vessels, or charging into war against their foes. They speak less then any other Caste, but when spoken to, their speech is direct, simple and to the point, and despite double talk.

The Sanghorlish are the most common of the Castes, and while none are higher or lower then others, they are regarded as the "least" in some respects, only occupying certain labor and military positions, but always under the command of a Uarkai Supplicant or Palshar Lord.

  • Position - Elite Military units, flight capable forces and scouts.

The Palshari are the military leaders and the elite of the Craadorsak's military units. Arrogant, cocksure and always ready for a fight, the Palshari are less in number then the more populace Sanghorlish, but make up for it with greater speed, agility, quicker thinking and the ability to fly with their pair of horrific wings, which they use to swoop down upon their foes. Their arrogant attitude and willingness to take the lives of others, even their own kind, makes them the best soldiers, but they are often preferred for more delicate or important operations over their Sanghorlish, as the Palishari are much more capable strategists and tricksters in a fight.

Palishari are common as Ground Commanders and military leaders, as well as black ops troops, elite warriors and ambush fighters, using their more powerful abilities to direct the Sanghorlish effectively. Without the Palishari, Craadorask military operations would lack in much subtly, and be more blunt and forceful in nature.

  • Position - Starship Navigation.

The Jalcampus are an aquatic subspecies of the Craadorask, who also have great mental capabilities, using their powers of cognition, mental communication and detection of life forms to guide and command ships. Such beings usually cannot survive outside of water, and are the physically weakest of the Craadorask castes. Their purpose is to remain in the specialized metabolic fluid tanks and guide and direct their forces into battle against the many, many inferior races that must be harvested. Every ship larger then a corvette features one, two, up to three of them bound and wired in with computer systems, giving the AI guidance systems much more intelligence and cunning then similar ship-bound Intelligences.

The Jalcampus are the least seen among the Castes, other then the Omnipotents, being only found onboard their starships, or in specialized tanks and water worlds to breed and produce further members.

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The Cradorsak do not engage in relations with other powers.

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  • The Craadorsak were originally named the Cradosan, and based on the Trandoshans from Star Wars. After leaving them by the wideside for many years, ZF101 reworked to fit a new mold within the Fiction Universe. The reworked version features inspiration from the Gorn and the Necrons.
  • The Craadorask were originally intended for use in Mirus, before it was decided to move them into Tuuros to make them feel more independent and give them a little more creative freedom.
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