"Demon" is an erroneous name for these entities. I would say they are something more unique. Something perhaps... worse than a demon. They are nightmares given form. Scions of fear, despair and cruelty, born out of the mind of a monster whose sheer magnitude cannot be measured. We can only thank the heavens they are not without flaws, otherwise they'd have overrun our universe eons ago.

- Unknown

Corruptus Demon, also given the name Kharav Vitin (Vida'Rra: Malevolent Lifeforms) is the generic name given to lifeforms composed of Nightmare Energy, the Essence of nightmares, instead of standard matter. The word "Demon" is used due to a lack of a better word to describe the entities who come to resemble the dark entities known as demons who inhabit the realm of Inferno, but they are considered to be different in both natural and technical terms.


Corruptus Demons are native of the Onuris Universe, with the first of their kind being Shu'rimrodir, the original Shu'olerthae. As he became god-like in power, he created a great variety of other Nightmare-based lifeforms to serve as his servants, their numbers so great it would be impossible to classify all of them. The Corruptus Demons have all united under the Corruptus since their early days and even after it was defeated during the War of Black Fog, they continued loyal to their master to the modern day. New species of Corruptus Demons are periodically discovered by the current powers of the First Gigaquadrant, and it can only be assumed Shu'rimrodir is always creating new ones to fulfill his wishes.



While Corruptus Demons are extremely varied in physiology, all of them share a number of key characteristics. They are fundamentally shapeless masses of Nightmare Energy who choose to take certain characteristics, with the Shu'olerthae representing nightmarish life closest to its most primal state. All Corruptus Demons with no exceptions possess an organ usually located at the center of their chests known as the Corruptus Heart, which takes the appearance of a bulbous, tumour-like growth where the individual's nightmarish powers are pumped into the rest of their bodies. This area is delicate and fragile, and as much as physical contact is enough to cause discomfort in Corruptus Demons, making it an inviting weakspot when combating them.


As creations of Shu'rimrodir, Corruptus Demons tend to be extremely aggressive to outsiders, especially Dream Energy-based lifeforms. A majority of the races which are classified as Corruptus Demons display short temperaments and animalistic rage which is only satiated by combat and violence, though there are known cases of races who prefer to take calmer, quieter options in dealing with their problems, and there are also races whose indifference makes them appear almost passive in nature. It is difficult to determine the behaviour of Corruptus Demons in general, with this kind of observation being more effective by studying each species separately.


While each race of Corruptus Demon possess their own abilities, they share a number of powers which make them characteristic. A Corruptus Demon's form is shapeshifting, allowing them to grow new limbs in instants, often taking the form of tendrils with similar appearance to tentacles which they can use to grapple or slam objects and opponents. As Essence-made beings, Corruptus Demons also tend to be incredibly resilient despite their lack of technology and generally endure mortal weapons more than their body frames would indicate. In contrast, Dream Energy burns through Corruptus Demons instantly and causes them incredible pain, meaning mortal weaponry infused in Essence is the best way to fighting the entities available to Gigaquadrantic races.


Lesser Races[]

  • MiniShuolerthae2.png - Shu'olerthae: The most basic of all Corruptus demons and the direct offspring of Shu'rimrodir.
  • MiniMalcaeum.png - Malcaeum: Violent demons who are empowered by the negative emotions of other lifeforms.
  • MiniSarungerak.png - Sarungerak: Canine demons who swarm over enemies or act as lackeys of other demon races.
  • MiniRaviegaurii.png - Raviegaurii: Avian demons known for their sadism and their manipulative powers.
  • MiniSorrowSnake.png - Ahkharonve: Serpentine creatures who cause intense emotional distress to any entity in their proximity.
  • MiniMornatio.png - Mor'natio: Obedient slave demons capable of all kinds of tasks who serve under the orders of Mordathai.
  • MiniSpawnOfBrezank.png - Spawn of Brezank: Demons created out of Libertus victims bred out of the Overworld Brezank.
  • MiniKheoraErrr.png - Kheora'Errr: Undead Errrbots who serve as maintenance workers and manual labour for other Corruptus demons.
  • MiniEleiethae.png - Eleiethae: Children of Eleielord, arachnid-like demons who disrupt enemy forces through swarming and lay their young into their still-living bodies.
  • MiniGarvathae.png - Garvathae: Stealth-based and silent entities who serve as assassins in the ranks of the Corruptus demons.
  • MiniNightmareLamprey.png - Gargrethek: Lamprey-headed wyverns capable of sucking the fluids off of prey and disrupting equipment with their ear-splitting roars.
  • MiniLympharian.png - Lympharian: Formidable demons made of stone and crystal who can unleash great blasts of power in exchange of physical fragility.
  • MiniBalanar.png - Balanar: Terrible abominations who hide in the shadows in order to ambush and rend their foes to pieces before they have the chance to react.

Greater Races[]

  • MiniShulorangar.png - Shu'lorangar: Amalgamates of thousands of Shu'olerthae sharing one body, with the powers of each amplified.
  • MiniOcularivs.png - Ocularivs: Many-eyed floaters who can scout entire landscapes and take over the minds of those who oppose the demons.
  • MiniCarnirrasc.png - Carnirrasc: Ceremonial giants carrying immense machetes who serve as the overseers of the demons's mortal allies.
  • MiniMariverao.png - Mari'verao: Undead Marinoxidiz turned into siege weapons by other Corruptus demons.
  • MiniFlesheater.png - Carni'ficar: Aberrations made out of the flesh of the deceased who can adsorb victims in order to increase their own mass and strength.
  • MiniValdahr.png - Val'dahr: Children of Gobongogon, reptilian monsters made of ice and stone whose mere presence can freeze whole battlefields.
  • MiniOkasthae.png - Okasthae: Children of Okastana, vaguely avian demons with artillery cannons on their backs which can bombard considerable distances.
  • MiniLaidarthae.png - Laidarthae: Children of Laidar, titanic plant-like monstrosities whose endurance allow them to shrug off spaceship-grade weaponry in most cases.

Elite Nightmares[]

  • MiniMaldrachon.png - Maldrachon: Terrible dragon-shaped nightmares whose immense power are equivalent to that of entire armies of mortals.
  • MiniShuwokethae.png - Shu'wokethae: Fragments of Shu'wokerama's shadow given independent body and movement who serve as leaders for demon armies.
  • MiniOverworld.png - Kaiso'terron: Also known as Corruptus Overworlds, planet-sized breeders of other Corruptus demons who serve as bases for them.

Prime Nightmares[]

Prime Nightmare is the name given to the most powerful member of each individual Corruptus Demon race. Only one Prime Nightmare exists at any given time, and they are typically the oldest members of their race, their race's creators, or both. Upon the true death of a Prime Nightmare, it is assumed none rise to the same amount of power as them, leaving the title vacant permanently.



All is as if it is but a mere dream where and whenever the fiends of the Devour become involved. Forge trails of blood, gore, and tears do they once they bring themselves into motion; to bring all unlike them to ruination is their sole and only purpose. Aye, many times have I come to combat them, and never does the scenario grow easier upon my will and body.

- Keldar

... How can a god as evil and corrupted as the Devourer put so much effort into creating such diverse and... well, interesting races to serve him? I mean, yeah, the Corruptus are the scum of the entire Gigaquadrant and they should be exterminated wherever they rise from, but... could it be possible that the Devourer puts "care" into his creations?

- Hachiman

Disgusting beasts amongst the most insidious I have ever faced.

- Voro Acetenus
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