The Colmar are a race of carnivoorous primates from the inner-rim world of Deshinda within the Andromeda Galaxy. They are characterised by stocky build and an ever-inquisitive nature and - depite appearences - are genetically unrelated to humans.



Colmar typically measure between 1.2 and 1.5m tall with short, stocky legs. Males typically have a large stomach while females will have wider hips and a larger torso. They have a thin layer of hair on their bodies that is most prominent on their head. Due to evolving on a high-gravity world their bones and muscles are naturally strong and in 1G environments can easily surpass humans in terms of raw strength. Their hands feature four stubby fingers and one thumb. Colmar nostrils are found at the sides of ther upper jaws but only act as a secondary air intake and are fully capable of closing completely. Colmar have scent receptors at the roof of their mouth and examine smells by sucking in air in short bursts which produces a sipping noise. iris colour comes in awide variety of reds, blues and browns but also greens, purbles and whites have been reported. The think layer of hair typically gives them a tan appearence but the best way to work out a colmar's skin colour is by looking at this/her hair.

Their large, bulbous eyes allow for excellent low-light vision and a large iris allows for vision in a wide range of light levels. Their jaws exhibit a set of sharp teeth effective at tearing flesh. Their ears allow them to hear ranges beyond human hearing and they find any noise above 115Db discmforting, at 150Db it becomes painful. The colmar brain is highly comparmentalised, with each section working for a separate brain function. This peculiar configuration makes it easier for them to be installed with and adapt to cybernetics along with generally making brain surgery easier. Like most mammals colmar give birth to a live baby that normally develops in the womb over seven months. Women undergo the menstrual cycle every two months but have been known to control when it starts with practice and under certain stimuli. Offspring become sexually active at 14 and become full size by 17 and are normally weaned off breast milk after one four months when their teeth develop.

Vocalisation consists of a high-pitched gargling tone and screeching. When frightened they emit a screeching noise that can reach 108Db to disorient predators but they do have control over the volume. When they encounter a situation that does not immediately involve predators they can emit quieter tones but the screeching remains.


Colmar are social animals and highly curious. A complex brain meant that they are able to quickly develop the use of tools from a young age. Children develop a full sense of social understanding by age 7 (this is much faster than humans who develop such sense between 10-12). While the average colamr wants to know about anything and everything they retain some sense of when to stop if such knowledge threatens their own life.


The Colmar take the greatest pride in education and innovation, many sculptures, artworks and recordings involve experimental principles and novelties such as Bongangla Oskiv's sculpture to love and have loss (In essence, two 5m tall stickfigures cradling each other while holding a mangled piece of metal). Since the colmar discovered electronica-style music their culture has been dominated by synth-pop and other varieties of such. many prefer simply listening to the rhythm rather than focusing on lyrics found in many forms of modern music.

Marriage is taken rather lightly in colmar society. Rather than a bond lasting until the day they die a pair will stay together until they grow tired of each other but remain married out of courtesy until any children are old enough to support themselves. Divorce is taken ceremoniously and is conducted at a community hall, once divorced both of them will go their own separate ways. Polygamy is permitted so long as the father takes good care of both families but is only conducted if the male feels confident enough to handle two or more families.

Social Structure[]

Colmar live in family groups that readily interact with the community. However when a family member does something horrible or embarrasing the immediate family tents to take a share of the shame due to being responsible for the offendant. Families are often widely connected in order to rise to success and those that neglect to form connections tend to live in obscurity.

Friendship is considered a lifetime thing and there are very few cases where a member of the species will marry for a reason other than love of companionship (Families that separate often keep in contact for old times sake). When a pair breaks up both keep a cobination of their separate families' names, divorced men would adopt any boys they sired while divorced women would adopt any sired girls. Names are organised with the family name at the front and the surname at the back and during marriage a couple will add each others' family names to their own and keep such during the divorce. Children adopt the most recent family name of their opposite-parent gender (for instance a boy born to Bakoli Oxil (mother) and Kalpinod Khruft (father) will have the family name Bakolikalpinod but will use the name Kalpinod when he marries). Colmar keep all family names of thier spouses with each marriage so these names can get ridiculously long so most use the most recent name for simplicity's sake.


The use of machines and genetics dominates colmar military doctorines. Mechs and basic synths are often seen side-by-side and any frontline soldier who is not a geneticaly-engineered superwarrior is walking to battle in oversized power armour. A lot of equipment appears to focus on compensating of their small size.


A fixed religion is slowly phasing out in colmar society, most perferring the path of logic to spiritualism. The old religion is based on venerating one's ancestors. Practitioners believe that dying is not the end of a person's life, instead they continue discovering as a spirit and remain to occasionaly impart wisdom on their relatives. Wisdom comes with age so practitioners will consult more distant ancestors with more serious or elusive problems.

The practice is dying out as many have adapted on focusing on the present along with an increasing number wondering if their spirits really do linger in the physical or an afterlife.


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