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- Konth

The Clathos are a strong, 6 armed creature native to the Borealis Galaxy, most prominently the Ottzello Sector. Serving as a labour role and sometimes a military role, the Clathos are the second physically strongest race in the Union Republic of Ottzello, behind the Loron. While a friendly race, they are also used to being kicked around a lot. Similar to the Konth, they primarily serve the manual labour roles.


Early history[]

The Clathos evolved in the Ottzello Galaxy, reaching the Space Stage just after the First Ottzello War. They grew a large empire in the galaxy, consisting of several dozens of colonies. They were best renowned for their 6 arms, making them very strong. They were not as strong as the Loron, however, having only around half their strength, but their 6 arms made them better at work force jobs, as they could multi-task.

Perils of Ottzello[]

The Clathos Empire grew powerful, until the Second Ottzello Galactic War hit. Half of the Clathos retreated into Zazane Empire territory, while the other half retreated into Galot Republic territory. Those that went into Zazane territory decided to spare them, as they'd make excellent slaves.

Brood and URO[]

The Zazane Empire later evolved into the Brood of War, and the Galot Republic evolved into first the United Nations of Ottzello and later the Unified Nation of Ottzello. The Clathos' brute strength served both nations very well, and they often served as labour force.

When the Unified Nation was destroyed, the Clathos mostly moved to the Union Republic of Ottzello.



Large, dark green, furry creatures with incredibly strong legs and arms. They have a long neck for their head, and large bulging eyes.


Clathos are a peaceful species; their morale has changed from their experiences, changing them from aggressive to peaceful and polite. They will always be willing to work, but can get very aggressive when provoked, and when they know to attack.

The Clathos strength and 6 arms are what make the Clathos valuable. They aren't necessarily fighters, however, more labour. With 6 arms, they can multi task better than other labour species; they can be carrying items and tools while lifting large items.


Clathos use Brood of War or URO weapons, depending on their faction. Before they joined either faction, they had poor weapons in comparison to the Brood or URO's, which were less functional.


Thanks to their 6 arms, the Clathos are capable of multitasking as well as having great strength, making them useful for labour. Also, being Chronoscopic organisms, they have some Chronoscopic powers.

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