Christmas Elves are a race of Deiwos from the island of Christmas in northern Koldenwelt.

History Edit

The Christmas Elves reached their island home in the late 21st century BNA; their history before then is a mystery, although they are similar to other races of the Polar Lands in appearance and so may be related to them. For little more than three hundred years, the Elves lived a purely pastoralist lifestyle on the south of island, herding reindeer in small family groups, but this started to change with the discovery of rich veins of metal ore and seams of coal in the north during the early 1660s BNA, as it was realised that these could be traded with southerners for edible goods that did not exist in the arctic permafrost of Christmas.

Initially, families moved to working in the mines as an escape from the cold during the winter, but with the construction of a factory within an underground cavern, division of labour and a reorganisation of society took place: children worked in the factory until adolescence, upon which they took on the more physically demanding task of mining for nearly as long until being deemed able to return to their families as reindeer-herding adults. In contrast to more advanced industrial societies, this labour is fairly low-risk, and even amongst children injury and death are all but unheard of over the seventeen centuries that this has taken place.

By the fifth century BNA, Christmas manufacturing and trade had taken its current form: the factory almost exclusively produced children's toys, and the Elves conducted their trade in the south on the eve of religious festivals. In return, the products they received were alcoholic drinks, as the fermentation of Christmas tree fruit causes souring rather than alcohol formation; baked goods, as the prerequisite cereals cannot be grown on Christmas; and root vegetables, as treats for reindeer.

Characteristics Edit

Biology Edit

Christmas Elves are pale-skinned humanoids of typical elvish height, although as most people who encounter them primarily come across children tending reindeer and the sleigh that carries toys from Christmas to the south, there is a common misconception that all Christmas Elves are actually dwarf-sized while the adult in charge of the sleigh is actually a human. This belief is further fueled by the slightly stocky build of the race in adaptation to the arctic climate, making the children resemble beardless dwarves and the adults, when their pointed ears are hidden, almost indistinguishable from humans.

Since the eldest of the Christmas Elves remember their island before the time of mining, they must have a lifespan of at least 2000 years, but it is not known definitively. What is known is that their development is fairly slow compared to other Deiwes, not reaching adolescence until their sixties, with the average age for leaving the mines and starting life on the tundra being around a century.


A Christmas Elf walking away from a freshly-harvested Christmas tree.

Behaviour Edit

In comparison to other races, Christmas Elves are known for having a childlike, almost naïve personality, being saved from exploitation only due to the remoteness of their home and the strictly regulated and limited contact that they have with other cultures. While this appears to be true for the first few decades of life, the adults show a greater capacity for wisdom and caution around strangers. They are all completely pacifistic, with no weapon or armour ever known to have been crafted by their kind except for carving knives used for cutting reindeer meat and slicing fruit or vegetables.

Abilities Edit

Unlike most Elves, the inhabitants of Christmas display few signs of magical ability, instead making significant use of items that have been enchanted with Christmas tree fairy dust. However, this alchemy actually involves a great deal of magical power focused through incantations and rituals, although such things are performed far more elaborately by adults than in the factory by children.

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Quotes Edit

How adorable!

- Urindalë

Did...did I just see that right? Do they actually gift us presents at the end of Tempest's Apex? Get me in on this!

- Pelagrios

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  • The Christmas-themed Koldenwelt fictions were started by Ghelæ on December 19, 2014.
  • The Christmas Elf model was modified from Dinoman82's humanoids.
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