The Chibar are the most warlike and proud species at USF, the last to join the others and better prepared for combat. Are known to be amphibious beings and possess great physical strength we have a great respect for veterans and warriors. They were the founders of the Legion Chibar and founding member of the USF, being the backbone of his army.

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  • Chibar are an intelligent species on the planet Chio-0, located in the destroyed Origin Galaxy. Currently located on the planet Chio-5, a rocky planet large and of dense atmosphere.
  • Their chemical make up is a mixture of DNA and RNA and they are carbon based lifeforms. They evolved to the sapience 4 millions of years ago, after 3 thousand millions years of evolution in their home planet.
  • The past of the Chibar is extremely aggressive, his home planet was large and atmosphere, resulting in fewer resources than outside. Seeking food, Chibar became very organized and aggressive, which made them stand on top of the food chain and govern the planet with an iron fist.
  • A modern space-faring Chibar's lifespan can be at least 80 years, however, through nanotechnology, they can live far longer. Their lifespan is the shortest of the Federation because they reach adulthood to old age rapidly and lasts a short time, this is due to its unique metabolism.
  • Physically the Chibar have undergone great changes in his Creature Stage were giant beings up to 5 meters high with a spectacular musculature. Due to the lack of need for such giant bodies, were inefficient and their size was replaced by a slimmer and slender body and a skull of higher volume.
  • Because pseudo-fish form, these beings are able to swim long distances and lungs are slow breathing apparatus, breathing apparatus coming to endure for hours. Your skin needs to be moist but some Chibar calcined their skin to withstand heat better.


The language is based on the Chibar grunts and bass sounds because it was necessary a very low wavelength to communicate in a large planet, perhaps this was the reason why Chibar were becoming more and more organized in larger groups.
Maybe it was to be the last to join the BCS, or perhaps because of his unique vocal cords, but the reality is that language Chibar almost no place in the Federal Standard, so the Chibar are required to learn a language almost impossible to understand for them.


Chibar society is based on military capabilities and combat skills of its members, the whole social hierarchy in the service of the armed forces, putting the veteran soldier and intelligent control of the government, making supreme commander and head of state, it range is called "Weapon Master". The soldiers have the best social pocición closely followed by the merchant capitalists, who control the means of production. A step below are located small food producers and machinery, followed by workers and the proletariat. Below these are the last category of workers who are forced to work in mines or crops, most of them are prisoners that martial law transformed into low-paid workers.


Most of Chibar are athist or agnostic, mainly becouse they philosophy are based on a total service to the state, so they thinks that the religion or the worship to a something or someone not related to the state is useless and dangerous.
Millenia ago, the originals "Weapon Masters" was worshiped like gods or sons of them. The most important god was a being denominated "The Great Conqueror" that allegedly carried out a war against the other gods had defeated dominant and no problems.


Cell StageEdit

The first known ancestor of the Chibar is a unicellular who lived in his home planet, little is known about this creature except it came in one of the thermal water wells in that planet, which abounded due to inclement geothermal Chio-5 . This little being evolved rapidly, becoming in a few million years the most powerful predator ever seen in Chio-5.

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