The way of Neudan is a way of simplicity. We fight for that which is right, and destroy that which is corrupt. It has guided our kind for millennia, and will continue to for eons to come.

- Grand King Liaron MoxThoes

The Cavaneu are a race of saurians native to the Cyrannian Inner Rim world of Neudan, noted for their militaristic and monarchical society, upon which many Cyrannian societies have been inspired. The interstellar polity of the Cavaneu, the Neudani Star Kingdoms, ruled as one of the Inner Rim's supreme powers for over nine millennia, and was among the first to explore the distant Outer Rim, sparking multiple conflicts with the Basileus Imperium beyond the Thyrethaeri Wormhole. The Cavaneu also fought multiple territorial wars against the Tenerensis and the Mataii, almost exterminating the latter in a conflict which led to their expulsion from the Federation of United Worlds. In the modern age, Cavaneu have become an influential race in galactic governments including the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus and the Old and New Republic.



The homeworld of the Cavaneu, Neudan is known for its impressive castles.

Achieving interstellar travel capabilities in 11134 NE, the galaxy first seen by Cavaneu explorers was one of ruin. While the fall of the First Republic was over two millennia past, the devastation wrought during the Second Nagith Wars still burned through the stars, the decaying husks of Republic and Nagith ships, and the blasted remains of their worlds, found throughout Cavaneu space. While the people of Neudan remained divided into a myriad of feudal kingdoms, they were all united by the power of the Cerulean Throne, which commanded the might of the Neudani Star Kingdoms—the official government of all spacefaring Cavaneu. Throughout the centuries, the Cavaneu expanded throughout the Inner Rim, forging a region of colonies throughout the Neudan Sector known as the Garden Worlds.

While the Cavaneu garnered a reputation for their aggressive expansionism, the early centuries of their time on the galactic stage were marked by geopolitical peace. The Neudani Star Kingdoms spread south of Neudan, where they first made contact with Orbispiran Libertus travelling along the Reach. Though tensions between the Cavaneu and the Libertus was high for many decades, the two species did not wage war, but rather came to an agreement in which the mutual prosperity of both would be guaranteed by linking the Libertus Reach and what would become the Jorba Trade Route—which was plotted primarily by Cavaneu explorers and cartographers. Cooperation between the two species would result in the rise of Tharasavis, at the intersection of the two hyperlanes, as one of the greatest cityworlds in the galaxy.

Basileus Cavaneu War

The War of Red Wastes pitted the Star Kingdoms of the Cavaneu against the Basileus Imperium.

The discovery of the Thyrethaer Wormhole in 10640 BNE, however, which allowed Cavaneu fleets to enter the distant Outer Rim, sparked a devastating conflict with the xenophobic Basileus Imperium of Vasuband. The War of Red Wastes lasted for decades, devastating both the Star Kingdoms and the Imperium and marking the first use of Star Destroyers in modern Cyrannian warfare. The wormhole at Thyrethaer became a critical strategic hub of the Cavaneu military, one that was besieged three times by Basileus fleets, though all such attempts were met with failure. However, on the fourth attempt, the brilliant Basileus Grand Admiral Runaldilwe smashed the Cavaneu defences and invaded the Garden Worlds, orbital bombarding Neudan and carving a bloody swath through Cavaneu space. With Runaldilwe's defeat at the Fourth Battle of Neudan, however, the War of Red Wastes finally came to an end, an armistice signed through subspace between the two species.

Subsequent centuries were characterised by a rebirth for the Star Kingdoms, which once again began to spread into the depths of far space. While they were prohibited from colonising the Outer Rim through the Skyridill Accords which ended the War of Red Wastes, the Cavaneu began to explore the southern fringes of the Inner Rim, as well as the Mid Systems beyond the Corament Sector. During their explorations in 3518 BNE, Cavaneu conquisitors, violated the sovereign territory of the Tenerensian Directorate, the government of the saurian Tenerensis. In the brief war that followed, the Cavaneu and the Tenerensis grew to appreciate the martial skills of the other and ultimately discovered that they were biologically related—the result of prehistoric manipulation by the Far Ancestors. The War of the Star Kin, as it later became known to historians, ended with the ascension of both the Tenerensis and the Cavaneu to the Federation of United Worlds.

Mataii Genocide

The Cavaneu Fleets almost exterminated the Mataii during the Taao Incident.

In 2940 BNE, the Cavaneu made first contact with the Mataii of the Mid Rim world of Taao. Though the Cavaneu benefited from lucrative trade with the Mataii clans, in 2934 BNE, Grand Queen Melas CerStori was killed by Mataii terrorists seeking an end to Taao's open involvement with aliens. Melas' son Noberr CorStori was outraged by his mother's death, and ordered the military of the Star Kingdoms on total war footing. All but three Cavaneu armadas invaded Mataii space, exterminating any being within turbolaser range. By the end of the genocide, only three million Mataii remained, fleeing into Federation space in the Core. Despite protest from the Tenerensian Directorate, the Federation expelled the Cavaneu, beginning millennia of isolation from galactic politics until their ascension to the United Republic of Cyrannus per the Treaty of Corulus in 04 BNE, in which Neudan agreed to pay reparations to the Mataii survivors of Tega. Under the United Republic, the Cavaneu would become important members of galactic civilisation, with many Cavaneu serving in the military of the Republic during the Great Cyrannus War. During the conflict, Neudan itself came under attack by the Confederacy of Allied Systems, in an attack sponsored by the Confederacy's Basileus bloc. Though the battle ended in failure, it reignited an ancient feud between the two species, which continued despite their mutual membership in the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus.

Though many Cavaneu supported the new regime, others still considered it an aberration of democracy and instead pledged loyalty to the New Cyrannian Republic. With the destruction of Mou'Cyran in 15 NE, the Cavaneu, if considered as a collective whole, shifted toward pro-Republic loyalties, though many continue supporting Emperor Tyrómairon.



Zillum and Tyrant battle Inquisitor Truptor, a Cavaneu member of the Imperial Inquisition.


Though often described as rigid and humourless, the Cavaneu are a race renowned for their cultural and artistic exploits, which rival those of the Osteola. Indeed, while the Osteola have influenced the diplomatic traditions of the Inner Rim, it is fair to say that the Cavaneu have proven to be equally influential in the art of war. Indeed, while generally not considered to be warlike in the vein of the Basileus or Thanatyrannus, the Cavaneu are generally accredited with the development of the modern Cyrannian Star Destroyer family, with the Cavaneu Neudani-class Star Destroyer, being introduced during the War of Red Wastes over ten millennia prior to the Great Cyrannus War. While Cavaneu prefer space combat, they are proven warriors on the ground, with the battle cries of Neudan's finest echoing in countless battlefields both famous and forgotten.

Notable Individuals


  • The Cavaneu are one of Cyrannian's earliest "Capricornian" species, created in 2010. However, their page wasn't updated to fit modern canon until April 2017.
  • The Cavaneu are derisively referred to as "blue-skins" by xenophobic Basileus such as Mar-Júun.
  • According to the archives of the Aldárae Order, the Cavaneu are a member of a family known as the Capricyránae, joined by direct Oikoumene involvement in their evolution.

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