the Carnthuendi, better known as the Carnthedain Elves (or "Children of the Woods" in Carthuendi) are an Elven species hailing from the plaent Carnthedain before being forced to abandon their homeworld due to the machinations of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus.

Descendants of the Aininyë, the Carnthuendi have a great love for nature and harmony. Many of their kin are either rangers and trackers or druids.


Carthuendi, or Carnthedain Elves are biologically and physiologically Elves with long legs and physically stronger and swifter than humans and humanoids. They are purple skinned and often have blue or green dyed hair. Prone to the magic of the Quadrant with a great and keen love for nature and peace, the Carthuendi live in harmony with nature and often feel the pain of destroyed or dying forests when nearby.

The Curnthuendi have long life spands, easily over ten of thousands of years though are not immmortal unlike the Sinleri. Carnthuendi society is sharply divided by gender, with the vast majority of male Elves being druids and scholars while most women serving as warriors and priestesses. However with the loss of their homeworld more male can be found in warrior roles as well.

The Carnthuendi clad themselves in revealing clohting while their armor often has markings reflecting nature or birds. The Carntuendi druids are experts in calling upon the elements of nature, whereas their thunder lightings are the most destructive and dangerous of all.


Planet Carnthedain

Carnthedain, their former homeworld

The Carnthuendi have their origins on Carnthedain, a planet within the Space in Between. Living in harmony with nature they often fought against the forces of goblins and trolls to protect their homes and citizens. The Canrthuendi population and kingdoms suffered upon the arrival of the Sorceror of Carnthedain who usurped control over the planet.

With aid of Rambo Nation the Elves escaped their doom and managed to reclaim their planet but upon the arrival of the Legatus Finduilica and the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus and its subjugation of Rambo Nation their homeworld was scourged and stripped of all its natural resources by 2818 (20 AQF). The Carnthuendi that survived their ongoing conflict with the Imperials fled their homeworld and joined the Rambo Loyalist faction and pledged their support to Serindia Lord Ramannis Le Rambo. Their overall leader was considered at that time General Jar'Dris Ravencrow. They played an important role within the Loyalist engagements against the Empire and the Legatus- including battles fought at Isle Blue and Ramar Shadda.


Military ForcesEdit

Carnthedain Elf Male DruidLarge
Carnthuendi Druids
The Carnthuendi Druids are, like the Rangers a gender specific role amongst the purple skinned elves as only male members can become druids. The Druids are powerful spellcasters who summon the forces of the elements. In addition to use the elements they have increased movement speed while running and swimming and can call upon protective energy barriers or call upon the mystical magical healing abilities.

Druids need to be careful however, not to fall into rage to prevent nature turning against them or overusing their abilities, draining their energy reserves too much might cause a druid to become comatose. They are few in number and highly valued amongst their kin for their skills and wisdom

Carnthedain Elf female 02Large
Carnthuendi Rangers
The Carnthedain Rangers is a gender specific role amongst the purple skinned elves as only female members can become rangers. Courageous and selfless archers their goal is to defend their allies and strongholds. Undergoing extensive training, and frequent combat drills the rangers are elite marks-woman with excellent targeting skills.

Using their magical abilities to fire their enlarged arrows, upon impact and energy bursts can kill those direct hit and send other flying when nearing the impact. Agile, fast and often beautiful the woman are a distraction for most humanoids. The rangers wear light armor as not to hinder their agility and speed. Large parts of their bodies are however not covered by clothing, something that adds to the distraction by human standards.


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