An enlighted and intriguing species, I wonder how some of them stranded in the Endless Space. Plus they are quite attractive for humanoid standards!

- Lassa Evaana Penaeli

The Cargura are a humanoid species native to the Mid Rim world of Tiaahskk in the Cyrannus Galaxy. Known for their strong spirituality and peaceful nature, the Cargura are a popular race in the galactic community and have often been at the forefront of diplomatic endeavours of many civilisations such as the Federation of United Worlds and even the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus. Rarely seen outside the company of their own species, many Cargura believe that it is shameful to live without acquaintances highlighting their nature as a highly social species.



A Cargura exploration fleet arrives at Kirioohsk.

Evolving on the Mid Rim world of Tiaahskk, the Cargura became spacefaring upon the unification of their homeworld in 1994 BNE and quickly became leading members of the Federation of United Worlds, an interstellar alliance widely considered to be the forebear of the United Republic of Cyrannus. As member of the Federation and due to their proximately to Thanatyrannus space, Cargura diplomats were often assigned to ensure that renewed war between the Thanatyrannus and the Federation could be prevented. In addition to their diplomatic efforts, the Cargura were also often at the fore of exploration.

In 1759 BNE, a Cargura exploration fleet attempted to travel to the Quadrant Galaxies via conventional hyperdrives, though when on route the fleet was hit by a spatial anomoly, transporting them far beyond the Cyrannus Galaxy and into Endless Space. Happening upon a habitable planet soon afterwards, the Cargura colonists christened it Kirioohsk. Over the next several centuries, the planet's civilisation would grow into nearby space, bringing it into contact with some of the region's less savoury races. This colony of the Cargura ultimately remained undiscovered until the arrival of the USS Elgorodaurl during the Great Cyrannus War.

Back in Cyrannus, the Cargura would continue to advance alongside their galactic neighbours, becoming members of organisations including the United Republic, the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus and the New Cyrannian Republic.

Biology and AppearanceEdit


Zaa Ashara, a young female Cargura.

A humanoid species with a distinctive appearance, most Cargura have soft skin varying in colour from blue to red with white pigmentations on various parts of their bodies. Perhaps the most defining physical characteristic of the species are their distinctive head-tails with vary in length from individual to individual. These head-tails are often used for display and grow gradually during adolescence before reaching full length at an adult. Cargura native to Kirioohsk often resemble their more common Cyrannian cousins closely, though many in their number including Zaa Ashara have slightly different physical characteristics due to the divergent path of evolution throughout the centuries.

Society and CultureEdit

A species with a strong sense of societal unity and friendship, the Cargura rarely waged war during their pre-spaceflight days and likewise rarely engage in it as a spacefaring species. Nevertheless, Cargura are quite capable of defending themselves or their loved ones when threatened and have been known to embrace their primal warrior spirit when faced with a dangerous enemy. Despite this, the Cargura love nothing more than peace and are often considered to be a tranquil species who excel in the noble art of diplomacy and cultural enlightenment. Like the closely related Alavar, both Cargura females and males are often desired by slave groups, known across the Cyrandia Cluster for their stunning beauty.



A peaceful and enlightened race, well known across the galaxy for their endeavours toward a better future.

- Apollo

Worthless. Even as slaves, they leave much to be desired.

- Chathanglas

An enlighted and intriguing species, I wonder how some of them stranded in the Endless Space. Plus they are quite attractive for humanoid standards!

- Lassa Evaana Penaeli

Cute head tails. I want one!... Wait, they're people? Forget Gorf said anything.

- Gorf



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