The Carcubalan are small and friendly creatures, however, they can also be very hostile and use large battle ships to defend there territory. They even posses an ability to heal others when they want.

They are blue in appearance and are often found to be mysterious, refusing to tell there origin or history at all. The Carcubalan are blessed with some mystic powers and they are very good at singing and preformences. There personall strength and attack is not that high, however with there mystic powers they have the ability to summon winds to defend themselves, or even hide themselves from stranger. Also there healing powers are quite unique and decent, however it costs a great deal of personall will and power to heal another, they can go so far that the Carcubalan can go into a lethal state.

They also have large ship to defends themselves but there territory is rather small, they only have 4 planets (where one is a moon) and all in one system.

The Carcubalan live in the Cyrannus Galaxy.


The Carcubalan do not tell much about there history, but the following is known.

The Carcubalan achieved space travel at 750 BQF and slowly expanded in there own system. After there settlement, the Carcubalan kept into hiding a long time, refusing to interact with the other species.

However, during the Intergalactic War and the appearance of the Cognauts, which the Carcubalan only knew from ancient legends urged the Carcubalan to join the intergalactic community and soon launched a ship to explore the nearby systems.

Even though the Carcubalan kept into hiding for a long time, it is quite surprising of how much they know about the current events, they have learned this from various travellers and explorers who met the Carcubalan. Upon learning of an alliance between various Empires and nations from the Cyrannus and Quadrant Galaxies, the Carcubalan decided to come out of hiding and join the Cyrandia Alliance.

The succes of the Cyrandia Alliance made the Carcubulan decide to join the United Republic of Cyrannus and formerly left the Cyrandia Alliance, as the URC was also a members of it. They were now represented by a Senator in the URC Senate and integrated nicely into the social levels of the URC. They seem to integrated best in the medical sectors or wealth care in the URC.

Ship Classes[]

Carcubalan Battle Cruiser

The Carcubalan Battle Cruiser[]

The Carcubalan Battle Cruiser are large and powerfull ships, they are pretty large and have powerfull shields, capable of holding a lot of personall and damage, the Battle Cruisers are the top of the line in the Carcubalan small Navy.

However they are a littlbe bit slow and absolutly have no agility what so ever. Which makes them good target points, as every missle launched upon the Battle Cruiser is a direct hit.

The Battle Cruisers also carry various squadrons of fighters, which aid the Battle Cruisers in destroying the missles launched upon her.

The weapon systems are quite interessting, they can fire powerfull lasers from the tubes in front the ship and also have a lot of missles and cannons onboard.

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