The Caprigrox were not created by nature. Something much more sinister is behind the creation of these beasts.

- Apollo

The individuals that became the Caprigrox were kidnapped from their homes by the evil Cyrannian Marinox, these former Libertus have been genetically enhanced into intelligent killing machines whose only function is to crush their enemies and ensure the dominance of the Neraida Gigamatrix.

History Edit

Great Cyrannus War Edit

The first evidence of the Caprigrox comes from the second year of the Great Cyrannus War, soon after initial contact with the Neraida, at the time known as Cyrannian Neraida. The first citizens to be abducted for Caprigrox tests were natives of the planet of Caasuamin, where Commandant Khuenaten 78K5A42 personally captured them, personally presenting them to their Grox masters.

After weeks of experiments, more and more Libertus were abducted before the time came when an entire army had arisen, of dreadful tripods with inbuilt weaponry the likes of which hadn't been seen for centuries. were mutated and engineered into mindless beasts. Their limbs were replaced with mechanical arms and legs, and their tails were even ripped off their bodies. Khuenaten led the creatures as they crushed the Republic opposition, as the Marinox and Dronox gave ranged support. The Caprigrox were very tough and had great numbers, giving the Grox a large advantage in the war.

Thoughout the war up until the Battle of the CAS Capital, the Caprigrox were feared and deadly adversaries, winning many battles in the favour of the Neraida.

After the war was over, their current activity remained unknown. It is known however, that some have been given more intelligence and independence.

Biology and Appearance Edit

Appearance Edit

Terror of the Caprigrox

The Caprigrox strike.

The Caprigrox have changed greatly since their indoctrination into the Gigamatrix, the once proud Libertus became brutal looking cybernetic monsters. Their tails were removed, as were their legs and arms, replaced with cybernetic legs, resembling a tripod. Their feathers have been removed, giving them an overall horrible appearance indeed.

Behaviour Edit

The Caprigrox are the epitome of destructiveness, being programmed by their Neraida and Marinox masters to be masters of chaos and bloodshed. They were programmed to be completely without mercy or hesitation in the face of an enemy and cut down all adversaries, regardless of age or gender.

Relationships Edit

The Caprigrox have developed some independence in the aftermath of the Battle of Carindes, though their relationship system is still heavily influenced by the main Neraida Gigamatrix.

Allies Edit

Green faceSubject designation known. Hostilities aborted.

Enemies Edit

Red faceAnnihilation in progress.

Quotes Edit

A dreadful menace. They sicken me

- Apollo

They make me angry because they're with the Cyrannus Grox, no offense to Kraw Galaxy Grox.

- Gongnores Slaki

They are so cute!

- Diplomat Lezia


- Navyrus Jaan

I created you for a purpose. You shall fulfill it.

- Khuenaten

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Trivia Edit

  • The Caprigrox is among Cyrannian's oldest fictions, even older than the Capricorn Sector Alliance. However, as his fiction evolved, they became non-canon. However, OluapPlayer saw an opportunity to revive them by having them being retconned into servants of the Cyrannian Neraida.

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