The Calcuttan Aelfe, better known as the Calcuttan are the friendly native Aelfe of the summer hot and tropical planet Calcutta.


Like all Aelfe, the Calcuttan Aelfe are stronger, faster and more agile than any human, with heightened senses and swift healing. In addition, all Aelfe possess a natural affinity for magic, an Aelfe's magic usually manifests itself in an elemental form; ice, fire, wind, darkness or magic such as oracle sight or healing.

Though essentially humanoid in physical appearance and build, the Aelfe boast an unearthly grace and beauty that enchances their features. Most Calcuttan are slim, athletic and graceful in appearance and inherit an ethereal beauty for human standards. They also possess pointed ears and light green eyes as a inheritance from their Sinleri ancestors. Like most Aelfe, the Calcuttan are a proud, pragmatic, and a somewhat jingoistic people. Common, naturally-occurring fertility problems have prevented the Aelfe population from growing rapidly. Calcuttan, like all Aelfe are known to reproduce with humans as well, known as Half-Aelfe though those are often frowned upon, even by the Calcuttan frown upon them but are friendly to them.


Calcutta Cathredal and Port


The Calcuttan Aelfe appeared on Calcutta 753 BC and settled on the planet ever since. In the decennia afterwards the Calcuttan lived in harmony with their planet and the wildlife, building a medieval style city with a large Cathredal for their believes in the grace of Qo-Oh. Due to them living on the planet for ages the Calcuttan have a slightly darker tanned skin then other Aelfe and dislike the cold. During their creation of the city they are known to create pure and streamlined vessels, resembling the beauty and grace of their own race. The Calcuttan done revealing clothes and swimming shorts due to the hot temperature and their love of spending time in the sea, they however generally do not like sun bathing and are fond of summer parties.

Calcuttans are friendly with most species, especialley with the humanoid Dutch and Laregians.



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