The Caizini are a species with felinoid origins and natives from one of the Quadrant Galaxies- Quadrant 21. The Caizini are far relatives of the brutal Kzishaya, yet have far kinder spirits and are more peace loving.

The Caizini have their territory in the west of Quarant 21, with their borders close to the Serglmec space.


The Caizini have a kind and noble spirit, with a love for alien cultures and art. Their interesst in alien life is one of their foundational and principal believes to realise peace within the Caizini society.

As a felinoid speices, the Caizini have a fur that the Caizini warm in colder places, though also needs a lot of personal care. The Caizini fur also contains manes and a long tale, for both female and male specimens. When the Caizini speak, they speak with a soft, cat-like purring quality- though they are also known to be able to speak Galactic Basis with a purring "accent". This traits aids them in their kind and respectable reputation.

Caizini are bipedal, ranging from two to three meters in height, and feature a thick orange/brown mane, a tail, and large eyes which gives them excellent night vision. They also have excellent hearing with a frequency range beyond that of most humanoids which made them ideal candidates for communications officers and scientists.

The Caizini are a religious people, having firm faith in the Atlantica and see races like the Xenobrood and the Secoolian as demonic servants of the Dark Atlantica Artmyris.

The Caizini dislike war, though understand that sometimes a conflict is needed to get things done. Most of the time, due to their trade imperium they remains neutral in galactic affairs.


Early History (Pre-50 BQF)

The earlies known Caizini civilization date back to 20.000 BQF, where the Caizini were still primitive and hunted in packs. Around 10.000 BQF the Caizini seemed to become more sophisticated, and began constructing cities instead of living in holes under the ground. As such the Caizini continued the thrive and developed modern technologies likes plains and cars.

Whereas in 40 BQF the Caizini began constructing their space ships, it would take them another 10 years before it could even be launched into space.

Going to space

The Caizini reached space around 50 BQF, though they only made vessels that can reach warp 4. Soon the Caizini met their space-faring neighbours and the Caizini proved to be capable and trusted traders and as such they became often hired by other civilizations to transport goods from one planet to another.

As the Caizini are expert traders, and their homeplanet and colonies provide the main food supplies for the rest of the western empires the Caizini- the Caizini beccame a wealthy and rich people though lack a militairy for protection. As they are partially a protectrate of the Gorauriens- the Caizini actually do not like this and wish to build up their own militairy but are forbidden to do so by the other empires (like the Gorauriens and the Andormaru). As the Gorauriens only escort trade convoys which they are interessted in, the Caizini pay a lot of taxes to the Gorauriens to ensure these escorts.

Dignitaries sign the Treaty of Serindianliae

When they finally met and befriended other species around 40 BQF the Caizini became a favored sight in Quadrant 21, liked by most and a trusted sight. Rumors even have it the Caizini managed to gain a secret contract to deal with the Icolians, though the Caizini themselves refuse to comment on this matter. The Caizini started trade with Rambo Nation around 01 NE, though many of Rambo Nation are ignorant of this trade contract as only the Deep Space Colonial Sector seems to profit of it as they refuse the Imperial protectrate rule. Sadly the many unprotected trade/exploration freighters of the Caizini are frequently raided by Quadrantia Loron and Kzishaya.

One of their species had an involvement in the Hunt for the Zevian Skull where the Caizini lost a freighter in the process. In 03 NE/06 AQF the Caizini learned of the so called Draconid Act, a decision made by the Rambo Monarch, Empress Ramashe to allow the Draconid Imperium to expand their colonial presence within Quadrant 82. The Creckel were delighted by such an expansion as they saw new oppertunities for trade and commerce and a possibilty to give their own economy a boost and perhaps conduct trade in the Draconid's home galaxy as well.

In 03 NE/06 AQF at the Rambo Capital, the Caizini signed the Treaty of Serindianliae, marking Caizni space as a protectrate of Rambo Nation.



Caizini Freighters.png
Caizini Freighter

The Caizini use 105 long meter freighters, simple in design and easy to construct. The freighters are an effective way to transport persons, cargo, supplies and small scientific labs. As such the Caizini freighter is a multi-functional vessel, one time they are transporting supplies, the next time they can be send to explore an anomaly or galactic event.

Sadly the freighters lack any form of defensive capabilities, only equipped with weak shieldings, they are easily raided or destroyed by enemy vessels.



Blue face.pngThey deserve our honor!


Yellow face.pngThey do not seem to hurt us!

  • Andormaru - They refuse to allow us to build up a defensive capabilities for our freighters and planets
  • Ca'Leon - They seem honest traders to buy our commerce
  • Icolian - We seem to be on their relative good sight of their opinion

Red face.pngOur enemies!



We do not tolerate deceit

- Icolian


- Hutter

Friendly and trustable traders

- Rambo Nation


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