The Ca'Leon are often described as heavily armed blue colored lizards, natives from Quadrant 89 and travellers found in the entire Cluster.

The Ca'Leon are a secretive, indifferant but also a courteous race, adding to their mystery are their powerful and advanced ships- very few know actually the Ca'Leon.


The Ca'Leon are blue-colored lizards, standing beteen 2.50 meter and 3.50 meters Their physical build gives them immense physical strenght- they can easily match themselves against Q-Loron and Kzishaya.

The Ca'Leon are excellent warriors and hunters, and are a fearsome sight when angered. However the Ca'Leon are also known for their honesty and their allowance of travellers onboard their passenger liners for a small fee- this can either be gold, minerals, goods or valuable information.

Due to their secrecy of how they live, not much is actually known about the Ca'Leon.


Not much is known about the Ca'Leon before 650 BQF- something they keep a secret themselves as they refuse to talk about it, hinting at a possible violent past. The Ca'Leon became space capable around 650 BQF and since then remaind out of all the conflincts in Quadrant 89- simply exploring Quadrant 89 and studying spacial events. Their refusal to interfere themselves with others resulted in their refusal to sign the Q89 treaty in 49 BQF. During their exploration they began to avoid and fear the Quadrantia Grox.

When the Imperial Alliance rose in power around 16 BQF they managed to gain a neutral relation with them and as such weren't conquered like their neighbours. After the Second Galactic War the Ca'Leon became a common sight in the eastern parts of Quadrant 89 and became both feared and loved for their power and strenght. Due to their expansion and more interesst in Quadrantia affairs they managed to befriend the Hutters- but remained wary of all others who surround their territories.

Around 03 BQF the passenger liners of the Ca'Leon are travelling all around the Quadrants, with the exception of the Regellis and Xiaan territories. They seem to despise the Xiaans, for reasons they do not wish to explain.

A Ca'Leon passenger line under attack from a Hutter Bird of Prey

Around the same time the Ca'Leon were also seen in Quadrant 21 and the region known as the Space in Between, but both none is aware of how they do that at such high speeds. Within Quadrant 21 they began to interact with the Caizini and Gorauriens only, as they stayed away from the Andormaru and Icolians.

When the Ca'Leon learned that in 01 NE Rambo Nation fell into hands of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus, the Ca'Leon feared for the peace in the Quadrants. However, they refused to attent the Cyrandia Conference in 03 NE/06 AQF while most powers talked about peace and the forming of the New Cyrannian Republic. Mere four days after the Conference- a Ca'Leon passenger liner was attacked by a Hutter bird of prey. Unknown to the Ca'Leon at that time, was that the Bird of Prey was stolen earlier on. The Ca'Leon were furious at the Hutters and demanded why they attack one of their vessels? It was the first attack at the Ca'Leon in many years and the Ca'Leon prepared their forces for war. To prevent such a war diplomat Ca'Lippe formed with other delegates of Quadrantia Nations the Lianna Initiative and prevented the powerful star destroyer Infernal to fall into the hands of the Hutter Kingdom.



Passenger Liner
Ca'Leon Passenger liner.png

The Ca'Leon passenger liner is a vessel that many species of Quadrant 89 and the space in between use for travel, the Ca'Leon allow others to travel onboard the vessel for various goods, valuable information etc. The passenger liner is equipped with shields and light weapons. Their two warp naccelles allow the ship to travel at speeds of Warp 9 and above. The two saucers contian the luxary rooms for the passenger, as well as various accomadations like a cinema, bath house, holo-decks and more.

The passenger liner has a size around 850 meters.

Ca'Leon Cruiser
Ca'Leon Cruiser.png

The Ca'Leon cruiser, identified by their unique appearance and green coloration (possible interactions with either the Rambulans/Hutters in the past) is a very powerful ship, easily overpowering an Excelsior Class or Ifrit-class Star Destroyers. Their multiply warp naccelles allow the ship to travel at speeds exeeding Warp 10 and is equipped with powerfull shields, phasers and phasic torpedoes.

It has an average lenght of 550 meters.

Ca'Leon Battlecruiser
Ca'Leon Battlecruiser.png

Thes Ca'Leon Battlecruisers are massive sized battlecruisers of the Ca'Leon Navy and are often used as flagships. The ship is constructed with an odd dragon/lizard like appearance. This appearance, due to it's impression brings doubt and fear to even de boldest and bravest of captains. The ship is equipped with a large amount of weapons, torpedoes and cannons. Though massive, and quite common for the Ca'Leon, these vessels rarely leave the Ca'Leon home territories, only in case of invasion one or two of these battlecruiser can be found in fleets.

The class has an average length of 1200 meters.


The Ca'Leon do not believe in alliances, only in friendly, neutral or enemy nations and empires.


Blue face.pngThey seem friendly!

  • Caizini - Friendly and honest traders
  • Hutter - They seem to value our friendship

Yellow face.pngNot sure about them


Red face.pngOur enemies!

Affraid of

Face threatened.pngRetreat! All hands retreat!



A secretive species, big and blue and probably dangerous

- Hutter

Stay away

- Xiaan


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