We are the Borealis Radeons! We are the Spode's divine fury!

- Archon Indricarron

Borealis Radeons, also known as Indrical Radeons, are the minor subspecies of Radeons found in Borealis Galaxy.

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During the times of Masaari Crusade and Dei'Ar Theocracy, some Radeons have been travelling to the Borealis Galaxy for various reasons. Some of them were the "conquistadors" wishing to make the domains of Radeons larger, others were missionaries wishing to preach the word of Spode while third were scientists and archaeologists seeking the artifacts of the Cold Ones like Baptarion Light. Eventually, they have colonised some planets in the Arm of Knowledge, trading and negotiating with the natives.

During the time Dei'Ar Theocracy fell however, the Radeon colonists were left to their own devices. Cut off from other Radeons, they had to survive on their own. Eventually, due to adaptation to the galaxy's planets and the use of Cold Relays, these Radeons have started to change. Their fur turned blue and crystalline growths appeared on their backs. Banding together to survive, they have become independant empire, led by their leader, Indricarron.

After the Annihilation, the Borealis Radeons were found by the Divinarium and absorbed to it. Their leader, Indricarron, was given the title of Archon and now governs the Borealis colonies of the Divinarium.



Borealis Radeons are almost indentical biologically to the common Radeons, with some exceptions. Their fur has blue tint and is thicker while their body temperature is higher, their metabolism being rapid and producing a lot of heat to prevent freezing in the cold enviroment. They also have some crystalline growths on their backs, a side effect of their mutation.


Much like their Andromeda cousins, Borealis Radeons are the masters of Elemental energy and have some powers over the feelings and emotions of others. They can also turn their body to the anabiosis state to heal the severe wounds.


Borealis Radeons are cold and religious much like all other ones. Unlike other Radeons, however, Borealis ones are known as the determinators, never giving up and never surrendering, even if giving up would be more logical. They are often seen as "bold and foolish" by other Radeons due to this.


Borealis Radeons' society is identical to that of other Radeons.


Borealis Radeons favor cold enviroments due to their adaptation to the Borealis' enviroment. Much like all other Radeons, however, they live in cities primarily.



Due to being cut off of the center of the Radeon civilisation for long time, Borealis Radeon vehicles are more crude and simple than those who are made by other Radeons. Neverthless, they are still efficient and powerful despite looking like metal boxes.


Borealis Radeons use the same devices as Common Radeons


Main article: Weapons

Borealis Radeons use the same plasma weaponry as common Radeons.

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Quotes from other empires Edit

They shall not stand in my way.

- Dark Apostle Geltastra

Their speech is so broken, I can barely understand what they say!

- Baptarion Light

I think my audio systems were busted by their crude language. They sound like infants learning low dracid.

- Kalos Ultanos
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