The drones of the other Grox are nothing. Those who fought my people were respected and feared as a menace who could wipe out entire worlds. And their greatest of their kind could do so without an army behind them.

- Arkarixus

Borealis Conqrix is the name given to the Conqrix warriors who served under the Borealis Grox Empire, and in the modern era serve under the Kormacvar Legacy. These cybernetic creatures are noted for being far more powerful and vicious than others of their kind found in other Grox populations.


Conqrix warriors served as the rank-and-file infantry of the Grox during their hundred thousand year-long war against the Kormacvar Empire five billion years in the past, when the two hyperpowers wrestled control over the Borealis Galaxy. The Grox who fought the Kormacvar grew more powerful than others of their kind, which translated to their warriors as well; during the twilight centuries of the Kormacvar Empire, the Conqrix had grown and adapted to hunting their kind with utmost efficiency, and their Commanders were noted to be equals to the Warmasters themselves in terms of power - one of them, the legendary Hunter of Warmasters, singlehandedly killed various of their kind and served as the arch-enemy of Kholduitanus, the most powerful Warmaster to ever exist.

The Conqrix would be instrumental in the final defeat of the Kormacvar, and when the Grox colonies of Borealis were dominated by Regnatus, they would become his most numerous enforcers. For the next five billion years, they only appeared to the galaxy to enforce Regnatus' will, destroying intruders in the Inner Core or waging bloody victories against Zarkhator. During the modern era, the Conqrix were first discovered by the Zoles Imperium during the the Great Purging, when Dronox troopers overran the Zoles territories of the Outer Core and utterly wiped them out.

With the sparking of the Second Borealis Galactic War, the Conqrix once again served as the foot soldiers of the Borealis Grox. During the war with Regnatus, a famous battle engaged by the Great Galactic Fleet saw them face off against a Dronox Commander who was famously defeated by Commander Aentaeus of the Paladians, opening passage for the fleet to continue deeper into Grox space.

In the current day, the Conqrix of Borealis all serve the Kormacvar Legacy, serving as enforces of the Mechanic.



The Conqrix of Borealis are noted for the blue tint across their hides, similar to those of their Borealis Grox masters. However, their biology as not drastically changed in comparison to their standard counterparts.


The Conqrix of Borealis are completely devoid of emotion, existing only to fulfill the orders of their overlords. Even with the coming of the Kormacvar Legacy, the creatures are not known to have developed any more free will than they had previously, something which is noted to have caused some confusion among the Mechanic and the other leaders of the Legacy; almost as if the creatures outright rejected the concept. Their Commanders, however, are noted to possess some extent of personality; they are known to go out of their way to terrorize their enemies, possibly as a means of psychological warfare.


The Conqrix of Borealis are noted for their great power in comparison to their standard kin, which is believed to be an adaptation to fighting the Kormacvar for thousands of years. Their Dronox, Insectrox and Mite drones are all noted for their endurance and viciousness, being relentless in their assaults and employing overwhelming tactics to destroy their foes with superior weaponry and numbers.

Most famously are the Dronox Commanders of Borealis. These warriors are arguably the most powerful type of Conqrix known in the universe, with strength matching those of Kormacvar Warmasters; indeed, it is believed the Grox invaders altered their Commanders specifically for that purpose. Thanks to this, they are noted for their immense strength, speed and endurance, being virtually immune to all but the most overwhelming sources of damage, as well as being generally impervious to Essence in order to shrug off the psionic abilities of their Warmaster foes. In the current day, these creatures are rare, as the Kormacvar Legacy considers creating more of their kind morally questionable.


After all these years apart, I finally get to see you again; a wretched scoundrel that hunted and killed not only those that came before me, but my brother as well. ... This - all of this - is your fault. You caused this war, you killed my family... I remember that day as clear as ever, I've never forgotten it...! And you remember it too, don't you?! ... You remember me?!

- Warmaster Kholduitanus, during his final confrontation with the Hunter of Warmasters
  • Name - Unknown
  • Affiliation - Grox Meta-Empire
  • Status - Deceased

The Hunter of Warmasters, as it was known, was a Dronox Commander active during the final centuries of the Kormacvar's war with the Grox, and is believed to have been the greatest Conqrix to ever walk the Borealis Galaxy. An entity of incredible power and skill, it is believed to have slain at least five Warmasters on its own, making it the most feared figure of the war among the Kormacvar Empire. This Commander went out of his way to hunt them, way beyond mere programming, which leads to the theory that the creature did so purposely to sow terror through the Kormacvar people by slaying their greatest champions in consistently brutal fashions, maintaining a cold and emotionless persona which hid its sadism.

The Hunter of Warmasters served as the arch-enemy of Kholduitanus, the most powerful Warmaster to have ever been created, after he murdered his genetic sibling and fellow Warmaster, Tsarkhuilaius. The Warmaster eventually slew the Hunter during their final confrontation, though it led to him dying of his injuries in the following hours.



The Commander was by far the greatest enemy I ever faced in battle. Its knowledge of tactics, combined with its sheer strength, made it seem almost invincible. Thankfully, even the greatest mortal warriors are not immune to high-scale nuclear warheads... but even then, getting the thing to actually let itself get hit by it cost me my arm.

- Commander Aentaeus of the Paladians
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