Bah. Gimme more food and I'll get them to do the job for ya.

- Boglot

The Boglot are a race of fat creatures, and are a minor member race of the Union Republic of Ottzello, though also a race outside of it serving in many criminal groups in the Borealis Galaxy. A typically lazy race but wealthy race, the Boglot are few in numbers though very rich. Due to their nature, the only Boglot who can survive are the ones who are clever enough to be rich in a sense that they can stuff their faces and afford slaves to look after them.



The Boglot were once the strongest of their planet. They grew up doing so much hunting and killing that they became a very cold-hearted spcies. When reaching the Civilization Stage, they began to overuse transport, using it often when unnecessary. Their scientists never solved the pollution that this innevitably caused, and so their planet became overpopulated and polluted. Several Boglot left the out of selfishness, and spent 5,000,000 sporebucks on a Planet Buster to blow up their homeworld. The Boglot earned money purely from crime.

Pre-Perils of Ottzello[]

The Boglot paid little attention to First Ottzello Galactic War, simply setting up many crime operations around the galaxy. They got others to construct their technology, although there were several Boglot scientists constructing technology for themselves. As their planet was destroyed, the Boglots were fairly underpopulous.

Perils of Ottzello[]

During the early times of the Perls of Ottzello, the Boglots mostly joined the Zaarkhun Consortium in the Second Ottzello Galactic War. They were mostly involved in slavery, extortion and other methods of easy money. The Boglots actually grew in numbers during the war, but set up their own crime operations employing Heeyorianand other races after the Zaarkhun Consortium ended.

Most Boglot joined the Unified Nation of Ottzello after the Third Ottzello Galactic War, thanks to the Heeyorian. Later, when the Unified Nation was destroyed, the Boglot joined the Union Republic of Ottzello.



Boglot are typically obese creatures with very limited movement or strength.


Boglots are obnoxiously rude creatures who employ a lot of slaves. They are always obsessed with eating, even more so than the Loron, and eat a lot of pizza and fast food. They talk in a posh accent, and are incredibly selfish creatures. They are also very cold, and don't hesitate to kill.

One thing that should be noted; the Boglot may have legs, but these legs re weak and can't support their body. If it weren't for the Boglot's chair, they wouldn't be capable of movement.

In UNO, the Boglots serve in:

  • Science- They are partially involved in science; an example of their science is their hovering chairs (which run on Chronoscopic and defy gravity using the energy)
  • Society- They mostly operate crime, working with Heeyorian and Loron; since UNO sees the power of crime, they see the Boglots' value


The Boglot use a hovering chair that runs on Chronoscopic to move around. They get to personalize this, and often their machinery is forged, comes from a black market, and contains several weapons. If it weren't for the chair, they wouldn't be capable of movement; they can't walk.

In URO, all species have a nanotechnology and cybernetic implants. The Boglot do not typically make use of this.


Boglot possibly have some Psionic powers, which could explain their abilities to persuade others. However this could just be their cruelty to others and intimidating appearance (or appearance of the soldiers that accompany them).



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