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Boghogs are a hog species that inhabits the swampy areas of the Skylands. They originated in the videogame series Skylanders, having been introduced in the third release of the saga: Skylanders: SWAP Force.


Boghogs were created in the Skylands along with everything else by the Ancients using the power of Mind Magic, inspired by Earth's pigs.

After years of peaceful life in the swampy areas of Skylands, the Boghog population was unwillingly corrupted by Kaos' minions during his conquest of the Cloudbreak Island, becoming the so-called Evilized Boghogs until the Skylanders reverted them to their normal form.


Physical description[]

Boghogs are medium-sized creatures. They usually measure a lenght between 1 and 2 meters, a height of barely one meter, and a weight of around 60 kilograms.

They overall resemble green boars with thin limbs ending in three-digited hooves, a mane on their back, a medium-sized tail and three large horns on their head. Their skin is thick, and colored green overall, with a purple underbelly.

The sexual dimorphism between Boghogs is hard to notice, but the horns of males are usually slightly larger than those of females. Young Boghogs usually have a shorter mane and horns.

Traits and abilities[]

Boghogs are fast runners, something easily noticed when Evilized individuals ram at their targets, and their thick skin provides some protection. They are, however, not very agile, and their muscular strength isn't remarkable.

Despite their menacing look, the large horns Boghogs posess serve for impressing females during mating season, but aren't actually used for fighting (except when the Boghog is corrupted). They don't have many natural weapons/tools, besides their good smell and their snout adapted for digging small holes, which they share with pigs and boars from Earth.


Boghogs inhabit mainly swampy areas, such as the Mudwater Hollow. Here is where they can find their food more often, and where they dispose of large amounts of mud to clean their skin.


Boghogs are peaceful animals that never attack other creatures and will flee from threats rather than fight them. As said before, the large horns they posess serve for impressing females during mating season, but aren't actually used for fighting. Boghogs spend most of their time wallowing in mud to erase parasites and dead skin on them, just like Earth's pigs and boars. When hungry, they will dig large holes in the ground looking for bulbs to eat, but they might eat aquatic plants from the rivers they live in as well.


Boghogs are in the middle of the food chain in the ecosystem, outclassed by sapient species such as the Gillmen. Boghogs feed on swamp plants and bulbs. Except for the Gillmen, which often harvest them for food, and Chompies, Boghogs don't have any natural predators in the peaceful world of Skylands.

Boghogs act as cattle for the Gillmen who inhabit the same zones as them. They are mainly farmed for food or for the material their horns are made of, but these passive creatures often act as pets for the Gillmen as well.


Boghogs have been taxonomically classified as ungulates belonging to the Suidae family. Appearance-wise, their closest relatives seem to be the Ferah.

Their binominal name is Telmachoerus cornata. The genus name means swamp boar in greek, while the epithet is derived from cornu, the latin word for horn.

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Behind the Scenes[]

  • The first re-created Boghogs were quite different from the new ones. A different mouth part was used, both variations shared the same type of horns, hooves were larger, etc. All of this was changed for further resemblance to the original.

Other trivia[]

  • In the original Skylanders: SWAP Force videogame, the Evilized Boghogs are the first of Evilized wildlife to appear.