The Blothnos are a species in the Devourer's Chosen.


Early historyEdit

In early history, the Blothnos grew up on planet Kligthon, in the Borealis Galaxy's sector now known as the Corrupted Sector. They were wild predators, hunted down by the sentient race on the planet, known as the Brothin, who were in their Civilization Stage. They were consistently taken in for experiments, hunted for food and trophies, and tamed to be beasts of war.

The Blothnos became special, however, in that they were beings of Dark Chronoscopic and Nightmare Energy, having been hit by Kolossus. Their DNA was mutated, making them intelligent and stronger. They grew weapons on their bodies. Eventually, they all joined together to murder and kill everyone who once hunted them. Eventually, all Brothin nations were extinct, and the Blothnos took over.

Corruptus upbringingEdit

Having taken over the planet and had revenge on the Brothin, the Blothnos took over their cities and established their own culture. They researched Brothin history, and learnt of who mutated the with Dark Chronoscopic; it was Kolossus of The Corruptus. How they did this is unknown, possibly through auditory learning of the language and listening to history logs.

While the Dark Chronoscopic energy had evolved their DNA, making them Dark Chronoscopic Organism, the Nightmare Energy was less permanent. It clinged on to their DNA, slowly mutating them further, and corrupting them. They become Corrupted Devourers, and began to worship Shu'rimrodir and the Legion of the Deathmarch.

The Devourer's ChosenEdit

Soon, the corruption became permanent, and beyond (known) healing or treatment. The Blothnos were now worshippers, and wished to serve Shu'rimrodir and the Corruptus. They planned to join the Legion of the Deathmach, but insead joined th Corruptus' cult, the Devourer's Chosen.



The Blothnos are reptilian in appearance. They don't have eyes, using purely their sense of smell to navigate their surroundings. Their head is made purely of a large mouth, with holes on the sides for sound and smell. Their brains are presumably around the location of their mouth. The blothnos are also snakelike; they can move like a snake when they fold their arms and legs up to their body.


The Blothnos are openly hostile, only having respect for demons and fellow cultists. They have little intelligence, but are still able to communicate in Corruptus tongue. They are mindless warriors, who are straight forward in their tactics; they mostly try to go for close range attacks and slice the enemies, but long range combat is often performed if the situation calls for it.


The Blothnos' equipment merely consists of various weaponry - from long range lasers to close range blades, although the Blothnos rarely use much equipment; they are stronger with the spikes and spits on their body, thanks to the Nightmare and Dark Chronoscopic improvement of them.


They use both Nightmare Energy and Dark Chronoscopic powers, making them incredibly deadly. Even without this, they were already deadly, however, with tough skulls, large numbers and breeding, and with strong spikes able to tear away armour and skin.

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