The Bibione empire is very old, and they are common in all Sagittarius Arm area and sometimes in Orion arm. They evolved approximately in year 147,320,000,000 of space existence.They are very easy to anger, and if you anger them, your only hope for survival is to flee far away. They have very long history of 124,700,000 years, what is divided to three civilizations:


IT EXIST:12-6 million years ago

AREA:Approximately 160 star systems

First Empire, sometimes called Archeobibione empire was first of all Bibione empires. First home planet was Jarames.Empire was republic, one leader for 6 years for every colony and one Arch leader from Jarames, who was voted for 20 years and rules to all empire.We do not know much about it, because planet Jarames was hit by very big asteroid and it wiped all life on it. Without capital all colonies want to become new capital, a great war starts and empire was destroyed and the remains evolve their own way. Bibiones believe, than god himself wiped them out because they did not destroy other surrounding unbelievers empires, what are greatest evil, because they think only Bibiones have the Soul and who don´t have it must be wiped out.


IT EXIST:6-2 million years ago

AREA:Approximately 30 star systems

Second Empire was the smallest.This empire exist only in central Sagittarius arm, other Bibione races were evolving on their home planets through all this empire. It originated in the binary star system Launa, on planet Superior, orbited by moon Imperior. This empire was extremely religious, but many religions evolved at other planets and every religion wants to be accepted in all empire. Than, big war was and empire was nearly completely wiped out.Only one star system remains...


IT EXIST:2-0 million years ago

AREA:Approximately 350 star systems now

This star was named Deleidy. On planet Pautes, orbited by moon Dentus was evolving the Third Empire. Only one religion was finally accepted as true, the Aurion Religion. It was about only one true god, what create Bibione millions years ago and he gave them a soul as a only organism with it. Soul guarantees them reincarnation and practically eternal life, and they must survive and destroy others, to spread it to universe.Soul is for them more important than everything another.Their god has no name, they simply call him He, God, or The Grand. As is written: