the beltomoore have incased themselves in a giant biosheild, and have isolated themselves from every other empire, this is so I can work on my tribe/civ stage fiction, and for a fiction idea for the beltomoore that is a loooong way off (think may) Yarsofpupae 13:02, January 11, 2011 (UTC)

the beltomoore are warriors who fight neither peace nor personal gain, but so technology can progress. they are usually quiet and studies but if somebody rejects, or outright condradicts their ideas, they become violent and insulting. they pride both their intelect and their athletic abilities, allthough some are stronger. they are masters in genetic engineering, and if that was the only point of judging they would be teir 3.

internal biology[]

the beltomoore are one of the only creeatures to evolve S2 intelligence naturally, this is because of their unique brain structure, their brain matter is incased in the beltomoore's bones throughout their entire body even in lheir legs and arms, also giving them incredible reflexes


age of the ocean[]

The animal[]

like on many planets, the beltomoore homeworld was seeded with life from a meteor. the meteor had already developed a one celled organism inside, sceintists call this animal, just The Animal, because it is the ancestor of all grandma 88's life.

life begins[]

the meteor hit the planet and fragmented into many peices sending Animals everywhere across the planet, in these different situations The Animal evolved differently. on land, The Animals evolved into plants, as the sun was the only source of energy, while in the dark muddy water of grandma 88 water The Animals couldn't get to the sun so they evolved to eat meat. as their were no plants in the ocean the ecosystem revolved around scavenging and species eating their predators. one species was very good at this revenge strategy and became the dominent species. they evolved the unique ability to grow permanently after eating, this growth became written into their DNA so any offspring would be the same size as them. after millennia of growing and evolving they became the largest species in the tide pool and their growth ability was lost to evolution.

age of the predator[]

as some species migrated to land, so did the dominent species, now the first beltomoore. they became raptor-like creatures with fish like heads, and horse like feet. they became the top of the food chain because of thir greater intelligence though their were things more powerful than them...

epic age[]

as if some sort of revenge for the dinosaur age on earth, gigantic mammals started to evolve, and plague the reptiles on the continent, to cope, lots of species evolved faster, smaller bodies so they could get away.

epic fail[]

the small creatures learned to evade the epics, and because of this, they either became extinct, or evolved into smaller creatures with smaller appetites. this paved way for the beltomoore, and they became the top of the foodchain, evolving larger, more muscular bodies, and superior intelligence.

full evolved beltomoore

the age of curiosity[]

after the beltomoore became top predator, they began losing bone thickness in favour of a larger brain and running speed. this lead to new discoveries, such as coordinated attack, and fire which lead to buildings, which led to fireproofing, which lead to sapience


with new tools, and other sapient creatures, the playing feild was level and the beltomoore were no longer king of the foodchain, with their new axes, the beltomoore set out to change this.

peace finally comes[]

after destroying almost every sentient species on the planet, a big change occured, an earthquake opened a cave entrance to a completely different cave ecosystem, with more epics that were alive and well. this led to the beltomoore tribe learning an emotion they had never experienced before: fear. they realized this horible feeling must be what the other tribes feel like when they are attacked by beltomoore, so feeling empathetic for the last sapient species left, they became freinds. sadly, this other creature died out do to predatory animals and natural disasters

the age of technology[]

after they became more civilized due to these new emotions, they started to differ on opinions and the tribe split up, fleeing to different continents, and starting their own tribes.