You better move along, right now.

- Behquiniar

The Behquiniar are a member of the Unified Nation of Ottzello, and allies of the Rambo Nation. A militant race, the Behquiniar are associated mostly with the Inalton, though they tend to serve less in the offensive side of the military, and more in the defensive side. They typically serve as planetary guardians, and as the police force, a role they share with the Tralkikianoe.



The Behquiniar are a race who grew up in Quadrant 21. A previously unexplored location, the Behquiniar most fought off the Quadrantia Loron, and many other unknown troubles. Adapting to this, they became incredibly tough.

Meeting UNO[]

The Unified Nation of Ottzello explored this Quadrant, while the Rambo Nation were in the Quadrantia Disorder. They befriended the Behquiniar, by helping defeat a Quadrantia Loron faction, the one which had caused the most oppression to the Behquiniar. They were also given nanomachines by the Unified Nation of Ottzello, improving their DNA, making them Chronoscopic Organisms.

Joining UNO and URO[]

Later, the Rambo Nation also explored the Quadrant. Half of the Behquiniar colonies decided to ally the Rambo Nation and remain independant - who had heard stories of the Rambo Nation in the nearby quadrants and respected them - while the other half joined the Unified Nation. In the Unified Nation, they became police and guards, as well as oppressive military roles.

When the Unified Nation was destroyed, they became members of the Union Republic of Ottzello.



The Behquiniar have a behemoth appearance. As ferocious creatures with regal and fluttering horns they are quite an uncommon sight. With a violent roars they can shake the ground! With large claws they can render their foes out of combat.

The Behquiniar are a coloring addition to the Unified Nations of Otzello, with bright ocean blue and red colors, they are a sight easily found in crowds. Mostly due to their 4.2 meter size also helpt with easily identifying them.


As they are incredibly tough, and fairly strong, they are given the position as police and planetary guards, and sometimes offensive military roles. However they are quite intelligent, though sometimes slow. They enjoy chatting and learning of other races and cultures and have a love for art and culture.

Behquniar are a friendly species, although they can be very aggressive if needs be, and are always on guard. They do not carry weapons as much as they use their fists. Both their armour and skin are incredibly tough too, so they don't generally need to use long range weapons as much as others.

When angered they use their fists to brutally chrush their enemies and before giving a killing blow they can also use their horns to decapicate their enemies.


The Behquiniar rarely use equipment, though since joining the URO they are known to use blasters when in the police. When gardening or harvesting food from the land, they are known to use various equipment to uproot the plants and corns.


The Behquiniar are gifted with a natural strength, claws and horns. Also their eyesight is very sharp. However their large appearance sometimes makes them slow in difficult grounds. With the Union Republic's genetic engineering with nanomachines, they became Chronoscopic organisms, thus have some Chronoscopic capabilities, and those within URO make use of all of its cybernetics and nanotechnology.



  • Created by Dinoman82 for Technobliterator's fiction, as well as making the Quadrantian Loron
  • The Behquiniar became Chronoscopic organisms thanks to nanomachines DNA mutation. This is the first time the System has done this.
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