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Vanikaimar: "I grow annoyed by how widespread the Basileus have become in the modern day. I wish we had subjugated their kind long ago."
Nirndal: "As if a monstrosity like yourself could ever hope to rule your superiorly bred betters."
Vanikaimar and Nirndal during the Battle of the Ecimaex Wall

The Basileus are a species of carcharodontosaurids native to the Outer Rim world Vasuband. An advanced and cultured species, the Basileus were responsible for cultivating one of the most powerful civilisations in Cyrannus, rising from the red wastes of the Southern Outer Rim to forge an Imperium rivalled only by the Libertus civilisations of the distant Core. Characterised by other species as haughty and xenophobic, the Basileus are among the most hated, and feared, races in the galaxy. However, the Basileus themselves, inheritors to countless millennia of culture and sophistication, have much to proud of, and rightly cherish the long and storied history of their Imperium as a conduit for order and stability in an otherwise chaotic galaxy, too often a victim of the whims of less reasoned beings.

Masters of the Basileus Imperium for thousands of years, the Basileus shaped and refined the culture of their region of space long before the rise of the Federation of United Worlds, clashing with species such as the Cavaneu and the Libertus in brutal conflicts such as the devastating War of Red Wastes in 10640 BNE. Basileus chroniclers, counted among the most thorough in the Gigaquadrant, divided their people's history into three epochs, with the first beginning with their first tentative steps into space and ending with the establishment of the Basileus Imperium under Imperator Areldur, who utilised high cunning and advanced Temoin technology to bring under one ruler, the disparate Three Holds. The Second Epoch ended thousands of years later, upon the formation of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus, which saw the dissolution of the Imperium and Vasuband's submission to the power of Emperor Tyrómairon. Though granted an indisputable position of high authority within the Empire, Basileus hardliners, led by Tyranus and Tyermaillin twice sought independence from, and dominion over, the other races of Cyrannus. Both efforts, however, ultimately failed, with the Basileus remaining members of the Empire. Nevertheless, there are some who seek to reclaim the lost past of their people, one focused on the pursuit of perfection, rather than territory or power.

Basileus culture values perfection above all, while intelligence, rather than brute strength, is regarded as a Basileus' most prized characteristic. Throughout the history of the Basileus Imperium, it was scholars, and not warriors, who occupied the highest throne of the Crimson Tower in Basilban, forever seeking to understand and control that which is perhaps unknowable, and uncontrollable. A typical Basileus is quick to point out flaws, either to themselves, or to others, and fundamentally aspires toward the imposition of order and civilised perfection upon the cosmos, as they have on their cradle worlds of Vasuband, Abrion and Syvehil—shining examples of civilisation. However, as is known to all who have provoked the ire of the Basileus, the people of Vasuband can be merciless, ruthless and willing to destroy those who stand in the way of a perpetual Basileus-ruled peace.

History Edit

First Epoch (19,550 BNE - 12,049 BNE)Edit

The Basileus evolved on the humid, mysterious world of Vasuband, located within a region of space devoid of most other forms of sentient life. At the dawn of the First Epoch of Basileus history, the people of Vasuband were divided into three Holds, ruled by a triumvirate of Imperators from the three most powerful cities on the planet. These Holds were nominally united under the rule of the Grand Imperator, ruling from the Crimson Tower in Basilban, the largest city on the planet. With the starlanes opened to them, however, the Holds were united in name only, and spread throughout what would become known as Basileus space.

These Holds, eventually individualised as the Vasubandian Hold, the Abrioni Hold and the Syvehili Hold, with only the natives of Vasuband acknowledging the authority of the Grand Imperator, chosen from a conclave of the planet's greatest minds. Eventually, the War of Three Holds erupted across Basileus Space, ravaging the carefully constructed network of colonies which had sprung from Vasuband's atmosphere. With the authority of the Grand Imperator shattered, a great warrior, scholar and strategist emerged—Areldur the Golden, who united the people of Vasuband under a single vision and, with the aid of recently discovered Temoin hyperspatial technology, soon laid low her enemies, and forced them to bend the knee. No longer would three lesser imperators vie for influence over a figurehead in the Crimson Tower, in the new epoch, Areldur decreed, there could only be one. Thus, Imperator Areldur the Golden climbed the steps of the Crimson Tower, declared the end of the War of Three Holds and proclaimed the establishment of the Basileus Imperium under her rule. The First Epoch came to an end, and the shadow of the new Imperium began to spread beyond the borders of the Star Cluster.

Second Epoch (12,049 BNE - 01 NE)Edit

For a thousand years after the reign of Imperator Areldur, the Basileus Imperium existed in a state of near constant expansion and internal refinement. Centres of learning and high culture spread even to the lowliest backwaters in Basileus Space, while generations of wise Imperators led their people away from conflict and toward peaceful co-existence with "lessers", such as the Yávessë Star Republic, led by the Aquilanii—a subspecies of Basileus transported from Vasuband in ancient times by the Nagith. Though regarded as somewhat backward, the Imperium eventually offered Yávessë and her colonies a place within the Imperium as a protectorate. Thus, an agreement was formed in which the Basileus would provide the Aquilanii with protection and cultural prosperity, while the trade-minded Aquilanii would extend the influence of the Imperium through economic monopolies in the Outer Rim.

Basileus Cavaneu War

The War of Red Wastes pitted the Star Kingdoms of the Cavaneu against the Basileus Imperium.

A turning point in Basileus history occurred in 10,988 BNE, when a radical group of Basileus supremacists known as the Justiciars, overthrew the ageing Imperator Ohmonir and, during the Night of Daggers, seized control of the Imperium, openly espousing xenophobia against non-Basileus and inaugurating a new era in which the Imperium would attempt to bring all Cyrannus under Vasuband's rule. This trend of xenophobia would intensify exponentially when a fleet of Cavaneu vessels entered the Thyrethaer Wormhole in 10,640 BNE, and arrived in Imperium space. Outraged by the audacity of the "blue-skins", Imperator Vairyehil ordered Grand Admiral Runaldilwe to enter the wormhole and make war upon those who dared enter her territory. Thus began the War of Red Wastes, which raged for decades. Though the Basileus killed millions of Cavaneu in an effort to establish a strong presence in the galactic interior, Runaldilwe was soundly defeated at the Fourth Battle of Neudan, forcing Imperator Vairyehil to agree to an armistice signed through subspace between the two species. A day later, Vairyehil was found dead in her quarters in the Crimson Tower, likely murdered by rogue Justiciars displeased with her failure to bring the Cavaneu to heel.

When the War of Red Wastes came to an end, the Basileus, who historically were content to allow their vassals fight their wars for them, began a massive military build-up to ensure that a future war against the Neudani Star Kingdoms would result in a more beneficial outcome. Thus, the Justiciars began to spread across the Outer Rim, gathering resources for a vast war machine which would not see completion for several centuries. Simultaneously, the Imperium made contact with new powers such as the Mortalitas Empire of the distant Unknown Regions, and the United Republic of Cyrannus of the Core. Under the leadership of the wily and ambitious Imperator Tyranus, the Imperium established an alliance with the Mortalitas and plotted the overthrow of the Republic and the establishment of a new order, which, in theory, would politically be led by the Basileus, and militarily, by the Mortalitas.

Blockade of the Perliama Run 02

The Basileus blockade the Perliama Run during the final weeks of the Great Cyrannus War.

However, Tyranus' rule, and the xenophobic practices of the Justiciars were opposed by a small group of revolutionaries led by Guolivian, a student of history who sought to restore the enlightened ways of the Imperators prior to the Night of Daggers in 10,988 BNE. Through the use of spies, however, Tyranus discovered the traitors and crushed their insurrection before it could begin. Fleeing from persecution, Guolivian fled to Ancaoilion in the Inner Rim, where he joined the United Republic and plotted to overthrow Tyranus' rule. Simultaneously, the Imperium and the Mortalitas sponsored the creation of the Confederacy of Allied Systems, a democratic government which the Basileus intended to serve as a forebear to their own galactic government, one in which the Libertus were subservient to the will of the Crimson Tower.

With the outbreak of the Great Cyrannus War, Tyranus continued to put his plan into motion, tasking Grand Admiral Carandial with the continued development of vast fleets and armies designed to one day topple both the Republic and the Confederacy. In the third year of the conflict, Tyranus finally made his play, abandoning the Confederacy and proclaiming the New Basileus Empire. Unleashing the power of an armada centuries in the making, Tyranus blockaded the critical Perliama Hyperlane, strangling the Republic of resources and almost forcing Orbispira's surrender. However, the blockade was ultimately broken by a united force of Republic ships and privateers, though the damage was already done. Though the New Basilueus Empire was short-lived, it provided the backbone of the nascent Imperial Navy of the new Galactic Empire of Cyrannus, formed after the Battle of Orbispira. Viewing Emperor Tyrómairon as a means to an end, Tyranus swore fealty and ended the Basileus Empire, as well as the Second Epoch of Basileus history.

Third Epoch (01 NE - )Edit

With the militaries of the former Republic and Confederacy smashed by years of war, the Basileus provided the foundations upon which the vast Imperial military would be based. Basileus Areldur-class battlecruisers would serve alongside Imperial Venator-class Star Destroyers in hunting down remnants of both the Republic and the Confederacy who refused to bow to the new reality, as it spread from Orbispira in the Core, and Vasuband in the Outer Rim to reclaim areas of the galaxy which had gone unnoticed by those who sought to impose order on a chaotic existence. The new Imperial Navy swelled with Basileus recruits, with many, such as Grand Admiral Carandial, and Commodore Irenwen rising to great heights within the Empire. However, displeased by the ascension of Libertus to the highest ranks of the Imperial government, in 03 NE, now-Grand Mandator Tyranus began to plot against Tyrómairon and impose a new order on the Empire, led from the Crimson Tower on Vasuband. Aided by the Corruptus demon lord Mar-Júun, Tyranus worked in secret to topple the Emperor, but underestimated the wrath and intellect of the Oikoumene Dark Lord, who personally killed Tyranus and put an end to his life-long quest for galactic power. However, the death of Tyranus did not end the ambitions of likeminded Basileus, who soon rallied behind Tyranus' self-appointed successor—Tyermaillin.


Tyermaillin and his newly assembled fleet blockade Vasuband, sparking the New Cyrandia Wars.

Gathering a fleet of loyalists, including a large percentage of remaining Justiciars who refused integration into the Inquisition, Tyermaillin besieged Vasuband and landed on the Crimson Tower in Basilban. With Grand Mandator Erissare on Orbispira, he usurped power from Minister Cenrond and declared the rebirth of the Imperium, and the dawn of a new Imperial State. Thus, the New Cyrandia Wars began, and would dominate the astropolitical map of Cyrannus for the next two years. Though Tyermaillin succeeded in wresting much of the Southern Outer Rim from the Empire's clutches, the loyal Basileus Grand Admiral Carandial proved instrumental in destroying much of the State's fleet, utilising the power of the Imperatore—the flagship of the Empire.

The conflict came to an end during the Siege of Vasuband, during which a united coalition of Imperial, Rambo and New Republic forces defeated the remnants of Tyermaillin's forces, and pronounced the end of the Imperial State. Tyermaillin himself was imprisoned and sent to a top secret Imperial facility in the Skyridill system, while Grand Mandator Erissare resumed her position as the de facto leader of the Basileus. With the outbreak of the Second Great Cyrannus War almost a decade later, the vast majority of Basileus remained loyal to the Empire, though some, such as Admiral Quarantar, began to plot for the liberation of their people from Tyrómairon's yoke.

Physical Appearance Edit

The Basileus are generally considered to be one of the tallest Capricyránae species, which most individuals reaching 3.5 meters in height, making them appear quite imposing to smaller species. This height advantage also adds to their strength, with the average Basileus being much stronger than a Libertus, though generally the Basileus dislike physical combat, believing it is primitive compared to the use of technology.

In terms of appearance, the Basileus appear similar to their Capricyránae cousins, though they often lack feathers. Though it is not unheard of for Basileus to have feathers if they inhabit cold worlds. Skin colour also varies from individual to individual, with maroon being the most common, as seen in individuals such as the Imperator Tyranus and Nirndal, while other colours such as dark blue, orange and purple are also quite numerous in Basileus space.

Culture and Society Edit

Basileus Might

A Basileus captain observes the newly initiated Basileus Imperial Navy.

I can only imagine what you think when you set foot on our worlds. Magnificence beyond compare, I assume.

- Nirndal

Once in their past, the Basileus had an egalitarian society among their own people, showing no disrespect toward those of a different gender, scale colour, or home colony. In essence, this remains to this day within their own species, though the Basileus are known for their snobbishness, if not downright xenophobia toward other species. In recent years however, this has lessened among many Basileus, such as Guolivian, who grew to respect most other Cyrannian species, however this is not yet a universal quality. Nevertheless, many younger Basileus are calling for reform, as seen with the Basileus government allowing other races and cultures to come to their planets.


Vasuband, homeworld of the Basileus.

The Basileus are perhaps the longest living and one of the most intelligent Capricyránae species, this serves to heighten the Basileus' confidence that they are, with some justice, the most advanced culture in the Cyrannus Galaxy. Biologically, they are closely related to other Capricyránae Species, especially the Corthrinus, one of their closest allies. On average, the Basileus are taller than the Libertus and are even considered stronger, despite their smaller mass.

For millennia, the Basileus had one of the strongest militaries in the galaxy, and often used their vast military force to crush the lesser species that stood in the way of their plans. This made the Basileus rather unpopular among the other races of the galaxy, and their cunning manipulations made their Imperium infamous across the galaxy, something that helped them ally with the Mortalitas, their long time allies from the Unknown Regions.

Notable Individuals Edit

  • Name - Carandial
  • Gender - Male
  • Role - Grand Admiral in the Imperial Navy

Carandial is one of the two current Grand Admirals in the Imperial Navy, and represents Basileus interests in terms of the Imperial Military. Carandial served as one of the Tyranus's most trusted advisors, though didn't support the Basileus' membership in the Confederacy of Allied Systems, instead goading Tyranus into forming the New Basileus Empire. Though it only lasted for a few months, Carandial served as it's highest ranking officer.

When the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus was formed, Carandial was delighted at the power it offered the Basileus and became a Grand Admiral, the second highest rank below Supreme Commander, a title reserved for Zillum. Like many of his race, Carandial is very condescending and yet is quite popular among the other officers in the Navy. He also has a friendly relationship with Grand Admiral Tyrant and indeed, Supreme Commander Zillum.

Grand Mandator Erissare
  • Name - Erissare
  • Gender - Female
  • Role - Grand Mandator of the Empire

Erissare is a female Basileus that serves as the Imperial Grand Mandator for former Basileus-controlled space after Imperator Tyranus died in an attempted coup against the Emperor. Erissare is popular with her people, but is seen as a villainous pain in the tail for many of her fellow Mandators due to her outspoken demeanor and tendency to dominate weaker peers with her more dominant personality.

As Grand Mandator, Erissare has a permanent residence on Orbispira, where she resides for most of the year, while often making an annual trip to the Basileus homeworld of Vasiliás in an attempt to connect with the "common folk". Erissare, unlike many Basileus, often tries to manipulate the lower echelons of society into supporting her while in private, she is a highly critical person who enjoys verbal abusing anyone in sight.

Senator Guolivian
  • Name - Guolivian
  • Gender - Male
  • Role - Senator of the Empire

Guolivian is a senator in the Imperial Senate of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus and was instrumental in the hyperpower's creation. His origins in the senate lie in his membership in the earlier Cyrannian Senate of the United Republic of Cyrannus, where he proved to be Apollo's main political enemy.

Senator Guolivian is a man of many dimensions, being strong-minded, resolute while also being cold and calculating, traits common to his people, the Basileus. Despite this, Guolivian believes strongly in the ideals of democracy and at one point, intended on running for President of the United Republic of Cyrannus, until the arrival of Emperor Tyrómairon. He however, shows great loyality to the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus, believing that it will soon conquer the entire Cluster.


Mar-Júun is a selfish, cruel and pityless Basileus who joined Shu'wokerama, who won't exitate in backstabbing his allies to get to his true objective. A vile descended demon with a liking for destruction, Mar-Júun will do whatever it takes to please his Corruptus masters, but is still notably devoted to his own species.

With notable control over the destructive Nightmare Energy and physical strenght that vastly surpasses that of any known Basileus, Mar-Júun is an immortal and extremely dangerous individual who should be avoided by all means necessary.

General Nakatar

General Nakatar is the military leader of the Capricorn Remnant Alliance and has long been in opposition to the Imperator. This opposition stems from the third year of the Great Cyrannus War, when Nakatar committed high treason against the New Basileus Empire, personally insulting the Imperator. Going into hiding, he eventually became the military leader of the Capricorn Remnant Alliance against the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus, not knowing that it was all part of Tyrómairon's ulterior plot.

Captain Nirndal
  • Name - Nirndal
  • Gender - Male
  • Role - Captain in the Imperial Navy

Nirndal became a Confederate captain upon his race joining the Confederacy. Upon his promotion to captain he recieved command of the Mortalitas Dreadnought Terror of Stars and fought during many battles in the staging areas of the Great Cyrannus War. During the war he wasn't really seen on major battles, and was recalled to the Confederate planet Carindes, becoming part of the defense fleet stationed there. However, he eventually left this post when the Basileus Empire and later, when the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus was formed. He now serves as an Imperial captain.

Commandant Apallor

Coming eventually.

Classes Edit

Basileus Justiciar

The Basileus faction known as the Justiciars are the elite force tasked with upholding Basileus, and by a lesser extent Imperial interests across Cyrannus and beyond. Armed with melee weapons, but more importantly a large degree of magic to call upon in battle, or to punish those who defy the will of the Basileus government. Tall and snobbish, these enforcers of Basileus law and generally unpopular among the non-Basileus inhabitants of Cyrannus.

Basileus Elite Warrior

Elite Basileus serve as warriors that defend important Basileus and Imperial figures, often serving as escorts for Mandators, Senators and even the Emperor. Clad in purple armor and wielding a vibrosword, the Basileus elite truly live up to their name. Many famous Basileus figures began their road to prosperity through the ranks of the elite, such as General Nakatar, before he defected to the Capricorn Remnant Alliance.

Imperial Naval Trooper

Basileus Naval Troopers are elite troopers that serve the Imperial Navy. The Naval Troopers are taking from the very best of Imperial warriors and their training teaches them skills in advanced combat and training on how to survive in independent command training. These soldiers are loyal to both the Emperor and the Imperial Navy equally, and their advanced uniform highlights their importance as a symbol of the Empire's power.

The Naval Troopers recruit from all Cyrannian species within the Empire's control, though Basileus make up the vast majority of the force's numbers. They are known for their impossing black helmets and generally lack a sidearm, often preferring unarmed conflict.

Military Edit

Starships Edit


Long standing as the Basileus Imperium's primary warship, the 1500 metres long warship is armed with the very latest in Cyrannian Technology and has several powerful superlasers on its 'wings'. The first recorded use of the Empirical-class is believed to be 10,640 BNE, when hundreds of said vessels were used against the Basileus' arch enemies, the Cavaneu. Despite being very old, the Empirical is often updated with the latest technologies, often used to destroy the enemies of the Basileus. After the formation of the New Basileus Empire and soon afterward, the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus, the Empirical continues to serve in Basileus Fleets, with some even falling into the hands of the rebel Capricorn Remnant Alliance.


Similar to the design of the smaller Empirical-class, the Majestic-class Supercarrier is a massive 6,000 meter long starship used as a command ship for invading Basileus navies and armies. Capable of laying waste to entire planets in minutes, the Majestic-class is known for its proficiency in the dreaded Base Delta Zero, the complete annihilation of a planet's surface, a power it was close to unleashing during the Great Cyrannus War, during the Battle of Neudan, only to be stopped by Willelmus Cretacea of the United Republic of Cyrannus. The Majestic-class now patrol the borders of Basileus space, though they also often lead Imperial anti-piracy operations in the Outer Rim. Feared by their enemies, the Basileus enjoy smiting those who stand against them in these gargantuan vessels.

Basileus Star Destroyer

A massive warship designed by the Basileus in the years leading up to the Great Cyrannus War, the Basileus Star Destroyer is one of the most formidable ship designs in Cyrannian History. The ship saw extensive service during the third year of the Great Cyrannus War, when it was used by the New Basileus Empire against the United Republic of Cyrannus after the leader of the Basileus, Tyranus left the Confederacy of Allied Systems. Measuring 1,650 meters, the Star Destroyer was pitted against the Venator-class Star Destroyer on many occasions. When the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus was formed, the Basileus Star Destroyer became one of the most prominant Imperial cruiser, with elements of it being incorporated into the Imperator-class Star Destroyer. Now, the Star Destroyer is used by the Basileus to protect their home space.


Designed for stealth missions around Basileus Space, as well as the space of their potential enemies across Cyrannus. Armed with only the very latest in Cyrannian technology, the Infiltrator-class is among the most deadly ships in Cyrannus. For this reason, despite the fact they are under heavy Basileus guard, many have fallen into the hands of bounty hunters such as Éaltar Gauisa.

Vehicles Edit

Basileus Tank

The Basileus Assualt Speeder is the primary method for which the Basileus control their land forces with, and are both sleek, agile and deadly. When the Basileus joined the Confederacy of Allied Systems, many of the speeders came to be under the control of the Confederacy's armed forces, often serving elite miltia teams. Nowadays, they can be seen throughout Cyrannus, maintaining local Imperial rule.

Relationships Edit


Hmph. We don't communicate with... lesser lifeforms.

Allies Edit

Green faceWe shall honour our alliance, just don't do anything to anger us.

Enemies Edit

Red facePrepare to die!

Quotes Edit

A frightening empire with a huge military, we are unfortunate to consider them an enemy.

- Apollo

Worthy allies in our case to rid rebels from the galaxy!

- Zillum

We are victorious!

- Mar-Júun

A strong and impressive empire with a strong militairy and will to combat their enemies. No wonder they allied the former glorious Imperial Alliance. Perhaps now, as members of the Confederacy they can finally achieve their goals, as supreme rulers of the Cyrannus Galaxy. Something I would surely be willing to help them with!

- Morgandaûr

Want power... good... create chaos... but... make new order... UNACCEPTABLE...

- Divin-Ra

I must return honor to my species.

- General Nakatar

At last, the Basileus are at their true pedestal. Ruling this galaxy.

- Tyranus

Hmph. Your power is nothing, Basileus.

- Agnassana

Gallery Edit

Trivia Edit

  • The Basileus have gone through three remakes.
  • The Basileus have been voted the most popular Cyrannian lifeform.
  • They were the fourth Capricyránae to be created, after the Libertus, Thirteenth Tribe and the Adelphi.
  • The Basileus became the first Featured Creature during April 2012.

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