Barbobrian are orgre-like creatures, once native to the Tigris Galaxy. Brutal, dumb witted and easy to anger the Barbobrian were often thought of an annoyance and minor threat, though they were known to be organised or employed by warlords with devastating results. Shortly before the destruction of the Tigris Galaxy, together with the HarbronrSaurien and others the Barbobrian migrated to the Quadrant Galaxies where they settled down at Umbrax, having ties with the criminal Syndicate.

After the Rambo occupation in 05 AQF, the Barbobrian refuse to ackowledge them as the new rulers over Umbrax.


The Barbobrian are large orgre-like species, physical large and strong though not so clever. Easily angered, fooled and misguided the Barbobrian are known to go into a terrifying frenzy, killing or destroying all in their paths if possible. Often living in caves with their stolen goods, they will guard their plunder with their life.

When calmed or employed, the Barbobrian actually show a good degree to team work, perfect for guards or marauders in armies or teams. They are omnivores, known to eat vegatables and meat alike. Their physical strength is enormous, adding their tough hide they are actually quite difficult to take down.


Umbrax, their adopted new home world

Native to the Tigris Galaxy, the Barbobrian loved in the souther sectors, where they travelled from one planet to another with hired or oppertunity flights. Found in gladiator fights and at criminal markets, it was well known not to anger a Barbobrian when encountering one. At first, they were friendly when they encoutered Rambo Nation explorers around 45 BQF, though soon grew annoyed with their policies and friendly attitudes, it became a sport to hunt down Rambo Serindia and to take female Qhumanoids as slaves or whores.

After the Tigris War ended, the Barbobrian migrated to the safety of the Quadrant Galaxies were most of them settled down at Umbrax, where they often came in conflict with the native Velocitar and the Syndicate associates, though the Barbobrian did take a liking for their gold and flags.

As the Barbobrian live an isolated and primitive life, they are unaware of events like the Great Cyrannus War and the rise of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus.


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  • The Barbobrian were revamed by Dino in 2015.

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