The Balaseara, often dubbed the Horns amongst those inhabiting the Quadrant Galaxies are native to Ramahri Nova and worshippers of the Fire-Lord.


Balaseara were red skinned medium sized warriors, possing a natural resistance to heath and warmth. The Balaseara dislike cold weather and watery environments. Balaseara have a tight community and care greatly for each other though are known to be hostile and agressive when threatened. Their greatest warriors are known as Knights.

The appearance of the Balaseara is odd compared to other Quadrantia species, with two horns on their head with different lengths, small bodies and thin legs they make a rather cute appearance.


Prime Reality[]

Ramahri Nova (2820)

The Balaseara have their origins on Ramahri Nova once located in Quadrant 89 before its relocation to Quadrant 82. Upon the arrival of Rambo Nation explorers in 2510 (288 BQF) the Balaseara became members of Rambo Nation and their homeworld became known amogst the Ramboidae as Deep Space Colony 01. At first the Balaseara were frightened of the Rambo Serindia explorers though soon made peace. It took them over 200 years before any Balaseara would venture off Ramahri Nova and joined organisations like Rambo Command.

The planet came under siege during the Intergalactic War 2799 (01 AQF) where many Balaseara lost their lives, including all of the Serindia settlers. Their homeworld was devastated in 2806 (08 AQF) during the Tormenting Events when their planet was relocated to Quadrant 82 and turned their lush and green planet into a barren burning world.

After the fall of Rambo Nation in 2819 (20 AQF) the Balaseara were briefly conquered by the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus until their rebellion and joining the Dinotopian Republic in 2820.

Legacy Era[]

Far into an alternate future, 10 billions years into the future the Balaseara were the founders of the Aurilithiae Order together with the Visaria. At first, the two powers clashed after they began a conquest for power but later became allies and joined under an allied flag, the Aurilithiae Order. Proud and fair, the Balaseara saw it as a new way to find there lost friends the Rambo, but Rambo Nation was lost during the Collision and the following destruction of the Rambo homeworld.



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