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The Aviri (uh-VEE-rii) Empire is a young, shamanistic empire of furred bird-like creatures, rooted happily on their lush, forested homeworld of Kalina (kuh-LEEN-ah). On Kalina, their shamanistic ways are the norm, with clean air and water ordinances in effect and enforced at all times, with high fines and consequences for any damage to the planet's ecology; Kalina has a very low crime rate. Because of the pristine condition of Kalina's air and resources, the Aviri enjoy long lifespans of 600 to 750 years, with some esteemed elders growing even older. Colonization of the Aviri Empire is slow, yet efficient, as colonies are founded in an outward fan away from the homeworld, with special care given to terraforming and city construction before the next planet is claimed. While not a battle-worthy race in their physical form, the Aviri are very resourceful, with innate skills in flight, jumping, stealth, speed, and intelligence. Their fascination with the natural order of the world, as well as their tribal customs makes them highly neutral in the universe, preferring to isolate themselves from other races and things that do not directly involve them; they will, however, be angered by wanton destruction of planets or ecosystems, or attacks on their territory, and may choose to take action against the offender. Because conflict is rare and the race is peaceful at heart, Aviri military strength is lacking compared to most other races, being mostly an organized troop of shamans. Their faith and alleged use of unseen spirits can make them formidable if not silenced, however.

Kardashev TypeEdit

The Aviri are a Type 2 civilization in the Kardashev Scale, harnessing efficient, renewable resources from multiple star systems.


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Biological OverviewEdit

Height, Weight and LifespanEdit

Aviri typically range from 4-5 standard feet in height, though the occasional variant is possible. Their low-profile stature, however, makes them more wide than talle, on the order of 6-8 feet from beak to tail.

Weight for an Aviri varies on an incredible range from anywhere between 45 to 90 standard kilograms or more (100-200+ pounds), depending on the individuals diet, physical fitness, and if the individual wishes to retain flight capabilities.

Because of their spiritual nature, tight community, desire for pristine living conditions, hygiene, and other beneficial factors, Aviri commonly live from 600 to 750 standard galactic years, with some growing even older; the oldest being 781 years.

Mouth and DietEdit

Being primarily bird, the Aviri have beaks commonly seen by larger omnivorous avians. They do not have lips or teeth, and have long, pointed tongues that serve a variety of uses. As omnivores, typical Aviri diet has expanded to cover whatever meats or plants are available to them. Much like any omnivore, Aviri preferred tastes may vary depending on their location (i.e. Ocean-borne Aviri may prefer fish; plainsland Aviri may prefer general meats).

Their lack of lips, teeth, and style of tongue restricts their speech compared to some other races.

See: Language.

Sexual DifferentiationEdit

Male and Female Aviri remain very much alike in physical structure, however a few differences are noticeable on closer examination. Females have slightly longer tails than males do, on the order of 1-3 standard inches, and also have smoother beaks and feet than males do. Males have drastically sharper talons and beaks, and have shown to be genetically stronger than their female counterparts. The masculine male and the delicate female most likely evolved from generations of tribal lifestyle, with males as hunters and females as caretakers. In modern Aviri society, however, gender does not determine role, though innate skills may depend on gender.

Reproductive Organs, Breeding and NursingEdit

A scientific curiosity by some, Aviri have the reproductive organs of mammals, yet do, in fact, lay eggs. The Aviri display no set breeding cycle; females do not go 'into heat', nor is there a particular 'mating season'. Aviri may couple for recreation rather than procreation. Polygamous relationships are not generally frowned upon, though this depends highly on the individuals in question. Female gestation period is twelve standard galactic weeks, and females lay anywhere from 1-4 eggs, two being average. Eggs are wrapped in cloth for warmth, though some follow a tradition of using warm sand or primitive nests. Incubation takes about nine standard galactic months, after which an Aviri hatchling emerges from the egg as a fully-functional, yet uneducated, miniature version of an Aviri adult. This early development allows the hatchling to immediately eat small solid foods.

Traits from Mammals and AviansEdit


  • Flight-capable wings
  • Beaks
  • Lays eggs
  • Talons
  • No mammary glands


  • Bipedal
  • Two arms, two legs
  • Fur instead of feathers (a small cluster of feathers crown their tails, however)

Civilization OverviewEdit

Our people have grown beyond sticks and staves, boulders and bullets, but the spirits are eternal, and we will hold them dear eternally.

- Anima Skytalon


I will show no mercy to my enemy,
And for the guilty, bring destruction.
I will forever protect my ally,
And for the innocent, bring peace.

- Aviri prayer of unknown origin

"Neutral Good" - The Aviri promote natural growth and order, and play very little part in politics not concerning them. They tend to keep to themselves, secluding themselves from other races and avoiding conflict whenever possible. Gaining their trust is difficult, though are not exactly 'paranoid' of other races; they just prefer to "live and let live".



- Aviri flirt

Their birdlike mouth structure limits the Aviri to 'bird calls'. The Aviri's native language is a series of clacks, chirps, and warbles. While it is a difficult language for species with more complex mouth structures to adapt to, it is possible for other races to speak the Aviri language. Written Aviri language is an alphabet of runic symbols; the details of which are both unknown and classified - Aviri encrypt private electronic transmissions using a digitized form of their script not recognized by most alien computers.

The use of Universal Translator technology has eliminated some of the language barrier between the Aviri and non-avian races, though their slightly secluded nature has made language integration into translators limited to those in close proximity to Aviri territory.

Government and EconomicsEdit

It's not perfect by any means, nor has it been easy, but generations of perfecting our government and eliminating currency makes everyone happier. Those who must have money or profit become merchants; which is okay, they enjoy the border colonies and the trading tribes. Those who live and love amongst ourselves reside in the core worlds and the residential tribes. Each planet is different, and we have something for everyone.

- Aviri Citizen on Aviri economics

The Aviri govern themselves by a system they've called a "Modernized Tribal Chiefdom Federation" where each city on each Aviri planet has it's own Chieftain, and all Chieftains are able to communicate with one another by modern communication technology. The center of the federation is situated on Kalina, the homeworld. Being a beakful to say, most Aviri will refer to the entirety of their race as a "Tribe". Other races may refer to them as a "Federation" or "Chiefdom". The Aviri do not use Sporebucks within their own economy; they trade amongst their own kind for the betterment of their race. They will, however, export manufactured goods to other races for the Galactic Sporebuck, which in-turn will be used to trade with other races for goods.


Each Aviri citizen is a valuable part of the flock; as we travel though time and space in formation together, each of us relies on the one before and after us. Should one of us fall from formation, the entire flock will feel it.

- Amarantha Starsong, Aviri Prime Chieftain

Aviri hierarchy retains many tribal traits, though over the years has adjusted to govern their life among the stars. The basics of their hierarchy can be seen below.

  • Prime Chieftain - Currently a female named "Amarantha Starsong". Resides on the Aviri homeworld, Kalina. The Prime Chieftain has final say in all matters and can encourage or discourage actions from Planetary Chieftains. Acts as a mediator among Planetary Chieftains in cases of conflict or other conferences.
    • Planetary Chieftain - Each planet under Aviri control has one chieftain, presiding over the colonies on that planet.
    • Anima - Referred to as "Admiral" or "Captain" by other races. The Anima is a High Shaman with VERY powerful spiritual energies about him, and spearheads efforts of Aviri space exploration and colonization. The current Anima is known by the callsign "Anima Skytalon".
    • Warmaster - Each planet has 1-3 Warmasters. Warmasters organize soldiers in times of war and can draft civilians to fight if the need arises.
      • Spirit Warrior - The bulk of the Aviri military are the Spirit Warriors, soldiers trained in the use of melee weapons infused with ancestral spirits.
      • Spirit Healer - Shaman healers trained for combat, the Spirit Healers specialize in shielding and mending the wounds of their allies.
    • Civilian - Common tribesmen that live in Aviri Colonies.
      • Feralkin - A special form of Aviri that lives in the wild, reproducing and acting as Animals do and acting as an omnivore in the food web. In events of eco-disaster, the Feralkin are trained to assess and handle the situation themselves.

The AnimaEdit

The "Anima" (informally "Captain") of the Aviri, also known as "Skytalon", is the leader of Kalina's space program, and a very esteemed figure in society. A 472 standard year-old male Aviri, Skytalon showed an aptitude for spiritual contact from a very young age. Through years of schooling and study, he was also shown to have an above-average intelligence quotient. Naturally, he was high on the list of candidates to lead the space program. At the beginning of the Aviri's Space Age, Skytalon designed and oversaw the construction of the planet's first space-faring vessel, the Typhoon. This final display of Skytalon's dedication and intelligence crowned him as the prime choice to lead the Aviri into the stars.

Since the day Skytalon first began drafting the design for the Typhoon, Skytalon claims "The spirits have been guiding my hand and heart thus far, and will continue to do so until I leave this world to join our ancestors,". While other races criticize Skytalon on the grounds of being insane, or having an inflated ego, he is indeed highly revered and in some circles, worshiped among Aviri culture.

The FeralkinEdit

During the Golden Age of Aviri technological advancement, not long before the launch of their first spacecraft, an order of Animalistic (favoring spirits and traits of wild Animals) Aviri druids formed a circle of what they called "Feralkin". Their objective was to send certain dedicated Aviri volunteers out into the wild to survive solely on instinct. They would live, hunt, breed, and die as Animals in whatever ecosystem they were assigned to. The Prime Chieftain saw enormous potential in this, and before long the small, planetary order became sanctioned by the government and many Aviri flocked to the circle to pay their ultimate respects to the natural world by giving up material lifestyles in favor of more primal living. The major benefit of this circle was balance. Aviri were omnivores, and could play a versatile role in completing a food web on any planet in which they were placed. While the first step to becoming Feralkin is to surrender material possessions and other civilized ties, each Feralkin has one special role as was decreed by the Prime Chieftain: Feralkin are trained and given directions on how to spot and combat ecodisasters.

While the Order of Feralkin started out relatively slow, and were few in number when space colonization began, the burst in Aviri population has led to a growing number of Feralkin. Census reveals that 2% of births each standard year become Feralkin by age 50, and this doesn't count births in the wild.

Aviri Feralkin can be found on almost all planets under Aviri control.

The GroxEdit

The Grox have physically altered themselves into beings of blood and machine. Their bodies are not the abominations, it is their spirits that are corrupt. They have defiled whatever humble and simple past life they may have had and elevated themselves above the other races of the galaxy as gods merely because of their numbers and longevity... But the gods do bleed, and machines can be broken.

- Anima Skytalon on The Grox

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