We strive for peace, order and a little bit of fun thrown in for good measure.

- Araya T'Lour

The Ausare are a race of humanoids native to the Cyrannus Galaxy, famed for their mono-gendered biology and great physical and intellectual beauty. As one of the most dominant species in the Inner Rim of Cyrannus, the Ausare have been common sights in Cyrannus for many thousands of years, owing partly due to the great longevity of the Ausare, with many individuals living well over one thousand standard years. The Ausare's government, the Poleis has been a client state of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus since the beginning of the Dark Times, though the wisdom and peaceful nature of the Ausare has prompted the Imperial government to restrict control of the Poleis, which maintains a great deal of self-autonomy, functioning as one of the models of peace to which many Cyrannians aspire to achieve. Many Ausare have also defected to the New Cyrannian Republic since the formation of the democratic government in 03 NE.


Early History[]

An ancient civilisation that has been space-faring for many thousands of years, the Ausare are among the oldest races in the galaxy. Their homeworld, Riijan, is known for its great abundance of Oikoumene technology leading many Ausare leaders in the ancient past to look to the builders of these artifacts as gods. The chief god of the Riijan pantheon was a figure of great beauty and wisdom who most Ausare continue to worship to this day. The Ausare first joined the galactic community during the reign of the First Republic, during which time an Ausare President served with honour and distinction for several terms of peace. When the Republic fell, the Ausare continued to interact with galactic affairs though secluded themselves largely until the events of the Intergalactic War.

Galactic Community[]

Though most Ausare remained out of the conflict, others joined the United Republic of Cyrannus in defending the Republic against the evil Cognatus advance, later becoming divided between the Republic and the Confederacy of Allied Systems during the Great Cyrannus War. However, when the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus was formed, the Ausare's philosopher queens decided it was in the best interests of their people to join this new hyperpower as a client state. Since this monumental choice, the Ausare have found themselves as central Cyrannian races becoming more and more widespread as their influence in the Inner Rim began to once again grow.

Biology and Appearance[]

Aiora Xaeymea is the ruthless leader of the Syndicate during the Second Great War.

The distinctive blue skin of the Ausare make them an attractive sight across the galaxy, with the Ausare being well known for their extreme beauty on a level that is equalled only by female Alavar. However, unlike the Alavar, the Ausare are an entirely female race that reproduce in a while vaguely similar to parthenogenesis, though most Ausare are capable of reproducing sexually in a manner identical to most other humanoid species. Another defining characteristic of the Ausare species are their rigid head-tails, which are similar in many ways to the more flexible tails of the Alavar, perhaps indicating a common ancestor between the two species.

Society and Culture[]

The government of the Ausare people, the Poleis, is centered on the homeworld of Riijan in the Inner Rim of the Cyrannus Galaxy, with Ausare cultural and political influence spreading far beyond the golden skies of the Ausare's majestic throne world. The Ausare's government is one quite unique to Cyrannus in that it is an oligarchy in which rulers are born from the masses and chosen to lead based on their intellectual prowess, cultural sophistication and religious purity. These so-called "philosopher queens" generally rule for the people with the utmost conviction and prudence, though with any society those in power are known to take advantage of the trust that their peace-loving people placed in them.

Though the philosopher queens rule, the people have the freedom to do just about anything bar murder, making Ausare colonies some of the most popular and beautiful in the entire galaxy, with many Ausare colonies in the Inner Rim being known as "mini-Orbispiras". In their youth, many Ausare travel the galaxy in an effort to learn more about other cultures though it is rare to find Ausare of an advanced age outside space policed by the Poleis, though since their civilisation was absorbed into the Empire, the Ausare have begun to spread to other planets across the galaxy.


Their wisdom, elegance and beauty are known across Cyrannus. They have much to offer the galaxy, which would do well to listen to their counsel.

- Apollo

What an inefficient way to control a space-faring populace. No wonder so many fall to crime and decadence.

- Deoclet Caesarius

There is more behind those pretty faces that meets the eye.

- Corva

Another all-female species, huh?

- Erissare

Well, hello there, ladies.

- Erureidan

Humanoid, blue, all-female and attractive. Disgusting.

- Venoriel

I don't know how people get past the lack of natural defences. They don't do it for me.

- A random Avilian



  • The Ausare are physically based on the asari of Mass Effect, though their political ideology is based on Plato's views of an oligarhic society under the rule of philosopher kings.

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