Industrious, strong, and intelligent; some words that are passed around to describe the Auilámi. What hides behind a calm demeanour is a formidable mind of an architect and engineer, and the thick-skinned mindset to survive. The Auliámi are never at the forefront of the galaxy but are always met at its very spine.

- Unknown

The Auliámi are a race of amphibious lifeforms hailing from the inclement oceanic world of Atúm-Natl, within the Core Worlds of the Cyrannus Galaxy. Owing allegiances to both the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus and the New Cyrannian Republic, the Auliámi are an industrious and thus prosperous culture within Cyrannus. They are known for their generally passive nature to the events of the galaxy around them, choosing to fuel the movements of the galaxy's powers through their proclivity for engineering and manufacturing.

Characteristics Edit

Physiology Edit

Most likened to the Mortalitas in an anatomical sense, the Auliámi may possess features that resemble more reptilian races such as the Libertus, but in fact are amphibious in nature and more commonly inhabit underwater regions than terrestrial. Due to the extremities of Atúm-Natl, the Auilámi possess a large build - most Auilámi stand over 3.7 metres in height and weigh over 300 kg - and possess a thick hide, with particularly strong legs which provided a grounding stance upon their homeworld's strong winds. Despite this, the Auilámi are tall and are ultimately designed for underwater habitation and thus are proficient swimmers; their tails aiding them in a considerable swimming speed. As amphibians, it is suggested that Auilámi features such as their feathers were evolutionary traits to ward off terrestrial predators or perhaps confuse underwater predators.

Psychologically regimented, the Auilámi are highly perceptive - as an evolutionary trait of discerning life in visually impairing weather as well as underwater environments, which has translated in sentience to minds highly suited for mathematics and organisation of patterns. Because of this, Auilámi often find lines of work as scientists and shipbuilders, and are rarely seen in lines of work that lean towards artistry and creativity. Most Auilámi live until approximately three hundred years of age, although several have chosen technological immortality.

Society and Culture Edit

Relatively unconcerned with Cyrannian culture, the Auilámi are a race primarily defined by their drive of working - something which is both admired and sometimes misunderstood by the rest of the Cyrannus Galaxy as a trait of antisocial behaviour. In truth, due to the highly perceptive eyes and unusually low sex drive in Auliámi, many Auliámi lack an agreeable sense of humour and thus most cultural quips are often wasted upon them as individuals. Though primarily concerned with the sciences and with an almost universal interest in engineering, many Auliámi also share the interest in music despite it not being a stereotypical interest of their kind, and several Auliámi are keen collectors of Gigaquadrantic music as a result. The passive nature of the Auliámi is often misconstrued as them possessing a slow mind and a lack of understanding of their surroundings, but in fact, Auliámi are often more in tune with their environment than most.

The Auliámi perception of organisation and structure in fact divides their perception of politics; some are as quick to support democracy as they are totalitarianism, and thus their race is not united within the Cyrannus Galaxy, and especially during the years of the Galactic Empire. Thus, Auliámi are also known to be political scientists, however they often lack the charisma and desire to become politicians themselves. As a result, Auliámi are also rather neutral towards violence and warfare, characterising it as merely a byproduct of diametrically opposing viewpoints. Several species of Cyrannus sometimes consider the Auliámi to be somewhat paradoxical in their views, however few Auilámi are usually ever concerned enough to explore the differentiation of views in their culture.

Quotes Edit

I can come to respect them. Their power is something to be admired.

- Zillum

Ah yes, the Auilámi. They have helped the Republic on many times. Shame their industrial capacity is being wasted on the Empire.

- Apollo

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