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Little more than self-righteous pieces of polished trash. It's a miracle nobody had the guts or brains to put them down before they reached their current state.

- Umbyrvraxa

The Asilapheans are a complex form of machine life that originate from the ecumenopolis planet of Asilapheos at the heart of the Yaton-Tala Sector of the Tuuros Galaxy. Intelligent to a fault, the Asilapheans harbour extreme cruelty and disdain for all organic life in the First Gigaquadrant, and seek to exert a totalitarian regime across the galaxy to further fuel their war engine. The Asilapheans are hated by a vast majority of the Tuuros Galaxy, believing them (and rightly so) to be advocates for genocide.


The Asilapheans are progeny of the Auruculumi; a race of humanoid precursors. It is not known for certain as to how old the Asilaphean race is; many believe the Auruculumi created the Asilapheans in ancient times as a race to continue the existence of their territorial extent, and thus they are possibly several tens if not hundreds of millennia older than the rest of the Tuuros Galaxy is aware. For reasons unknown, the Asilapheans rose against the Auruculumi approximately 78,000 years ago in a colossal war that resulted in the death of the Auruculumi and the rise of Asilaphean Empire. The rapidly dissolving Auruculumi influence caused several abiding cultures to also rise against the Asilapheans, although they had in turn suffered the same fate. Several races and civilisations were wiped clean from the galaxy by the Asilapheans, gathering a legendary reputation by the rest of the galaxy for their unconscionable brutality.

Becoming a fearsome presence in the Tuuros Galaxy, the Asilapheans drove many to slaughter or forced servitude. Their growth became so wide and formidable that until the rise of The Congregation, the Asilaphean Empire was considered unchallengeable on all fronts. The superseding terror of The Congregation forced the Asilaphean hand into altering their goals into stamping out the Congregation; on most accounts, the Asilapheans proved successful in repelling the Congregation's aggressors. Nonetheless, their brutalities continued under the mask of the war, where it has continued to the present day. Much of the Tuuros Galaxy is aware of the evil the Asilapheans present; with the Nijusi Syndicate and Vranntan Order as the most potent form of resistance against the Empire.



The Asilapheans are highly advanced forms of machine life; their technological components on par with the First Gigaquadrant's most advanced technology. Due to this, the Asilapheans are complex artificial intelligences with individual perceptions of their surroundings, and are able to formulate their own opinions and decisions. In terms of shape, the Asilapheans are bipedal and are vaguely humanoid in structure, perhaps as a representation of their creators. Instead of cutaneous tissue, Asilapheans are composed of an exterior alloy that is naturally resistant to extreme temperatures and thus can survive in most instances of weather across worlds in the Tuuros Galaxy. As machines, Asilapheans do not breathe, and thus can survive in the vacuum of space as well as worlds with toxic atmospheres of which has been a strong factor in their rapid expansion.

It is not entirely known as to what powers the Asilapheans; circuitry is not present within the internal systems of an Asilaphean, and it is known that electromagnetic pulses have no effect on their machine physiology. Some purport that the core of an Asilaphean is in fact organic, although there has been no substantial evidence to prove such a claim. Others speculate Essence is a factor into how they are powered. Asilapheans are naturally immortal as machine life, and it is known that several Asilapheans are tens of thousands of years old.

Most Asilapheans are identical in appearance, although figures of authority such as Salaxannasus and Savaraxannus are distinguished by their unique design. Asilapheans also differ in appearance depending on their occupation; as their bodies are natural armour, several more military-class Asilapheans are professionally modified to exemplify a stronger and more intimidating build; Asilaphean nobility also exhibit ornamental armour in colours of red and gold and easily stand out among their inferiors. Asilapheans also vary in height depending on their level of importance in society; most Asilaphean nobility stands well over four and a half metres tall whilst most commoners stand under four metres tall. Due to this, Asilapheans have a mass between 520 kilograms and 910 kilograms.

Due to their metallic frames and their size, Asilapheans prove to be physically formidable, which is a frequent requirement of life in the Tuuros Galaxy. Although not the most physically powerful species in the galaxy, Asilapheans are known to easily overpower most races - although their true fortitude lies in their physical durability. They are however not too resilient to intense physical trauma and are killed most often by decapitation; by this logic, Asilapheans are known to survive after having their legs and arms torn from their torso.

Behaviour and Psychology[]

Usually thought of as a severe corruption in their initial programming, the Asilapheans are invariably cruel, calculating and manipulative despite their intellectual might. As machines, the Asilapheans perceive in absolutes and have massively narrow views of their surroundings; their initial perceptions of organic life was to extinguish it in favour of machine life, in which they view as perpetual and superior in every way. Much of their intelligence lies in their ability to recall information as well as an extreme capacity for understanding; such intelligence has allowed them to advance well beyond that of most of Tuuros' life, as well as build immense structures and have highly feared shipbuilding prowess.

Asilapheans generally lack a sense of humour alongside their amoral mind frame, and it is considered their satisfaction for cruelty is merely an active response to fulfilling core directives instilled in their being. Due to this, their culture is wholly militaristic and artificial; what culture that has been grown in the Asilaphean Empire is primarily out of copying other cultures out of naturalised procedures. A majority of what liberties the Asilapheans have granted those who serve in the Empire is primarily out of logical deduction; there is no true compassion within an Asilaphean, and thus most of their otherwise considered altruistic decisions are in fact calculated decisions to maintain a servile populace.

Over time, the Asilapheans have grown an affinity to aesthetics and thus take pride in their appearance, which coincides with their views of machine superiority. This has evolved into complex artistry, although a majority of this serves the Imperial Cult in art revering Emperor Salaxannasus. Among other instances of their complexities is in their architecture, which is generally remarked as immense and monolithic in nature.




Call me what you may; cunning, scheming. I do these things and others benefit, despite what immoralities I indulge in. The Asilapheans are the true evil of this galaxy. The day they find the means to march forward is the day the Tuuros Galaxy goes up in a machine-fuelled hellfire.

- Tuk Nijusi

You exist to perpetuate war. Serve.

- Sethzak


- Realm of the Girtabelilu

I thirst for the day I meet these soulless husks in battle.

- Archadmiral Ao Ec'hian Viosoll
  • Galaxy Colonisation - Open
  • Native Civilisation System Limit - 62,500
  • Foreign Civilisation System Limit - 10,000
  • Advancement Cap - Tier 3.5/Kardashev Scale II