Not much is known of the Ash Nazgkr, only that they arrived at Universe 66501 a long time ago. They are also known to be very agressive and have a tendecy to destroy every planet they come across, and they don't take hostages or conquer species.

Although myths and legends tell, that if the rarity occures that the Ahs Nzagkr take a hostage, they will be brought to there homeplanet and will constantly be fed upon his fears and other emotions, till the point the unfortunate beings can't take it anymore.

The Ash Nazgkr inhabit a large region of Quadrant 89 and are feared across the Quadrant, even the Quadrantia Grox seem to avoid them.


Early History[]

According to there own believes, they escaped the Chaos Realm when the Ultimate God fell to his slumber by the dreaded and evil God Artmyris.

During their voyage the Ash Nazgr arrived in both Quadrant 89 and Universe 66501. They arrived, they soon settled themselves at the nearest planet, disgusted by the beauty and wildlife they terra fromed the planet to there own liking, a devasted an uninhabital planet.

Ash Nazgkr

They soon expanded there realm over many systems and destroyed most of the systems in that part of the Galaxy. They say it was to still there hunger, what this means is unknown.

Turning into myths

But sometime during there reign, they vanished from the tales and turned into myths. As the Swartarnias believed, they were hiding there precense for the events in other Galaxies where a huge war took place.

Universe 66501[]

Arriving of the Rambo

When the Rambo arrived at the New Universe, as they liked to call it, they emerged again and saw the forming of the Coalition of Allies and there settlement at Colonia 02.

They decided that the time had come to emerge, and feed upon the new arrivals, since there hunger was never stilled.

Joining the Coalition

However, before they could attack the Coalition of Allies, the evil God, Kamik-Shi, merged the Inferno Realm with the New Universe.

Shocked by this, they decided that if there race was to survive, they would have to save the Rambo and there coalition. And with an enormous will power and energy, they managed to save Colonia 02 from destruction.

But because of this efforts many of the Ash Nazgkr died, and now faced with extiction they met with Aur'Lumniassa again, and she and Captain Ramtterson allowed them to enter the Coalition of Allies as a member.

Many were uneasy with this, but knew that if they wanted to survive, they had to ally with the Rambo. And to save them from destruction and bringing them back, they thought that they will be forgiven by the Ultimate God and could live in his realm in peace and for eternity.

Upon the joining of the Coalition of Allies to Rambo Nation upon there return, the Ash Nazgkr also came along. But were a bit cautios to live among the diverse population of Rambo Nation. However over time, they began respecting the citizens of Rambo Nation more and more, and some already dare to call it there home

Sadly they eventually vanished from Universe 66501.

Quadrant 89[]

Along the history of Quadrant 89 the Ash Nazgkr remained out of inter-quadrantic affairs and didn't involve themselves with the various conflicts between the Hutters, Rambulan and Lizardians.

During the Second Galactic War they stayed out of the war and rather focused themselves on other mathers, as they felt great disturbances in the balans of the Universe (later this meant the return of Artmyris). Upon the return of Artmyris, the Ash Nazgkr suddenly vanished from the Universe 66501, and legends have it they returned back to the Ultimate God's Realm, as they were forgiven by the Rambo Gods and were allowed to be given a second change.

The truth is far differant, the Ash Nazgkr returned to Quadrant 89 where they began observing the recent events like the rise of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus and the Regellis Star Empire.


The Ash Nazgkr are a rare species, they are not of flesh nor totally spirit, they are something of in between.

It is also known that they are very agressive and that they have a never ending hunger. Although it is unknown to the species what this is, the Ash Nazgkr feed upon the fear and suffering of others, that is why they like to devaste worlds and destroy planets as it fears others, and so there hunger stilles for a while.

The Ash Nazgkr are ancient creatures from the time before time and are seen as escapees of the Chaos Realm, thus bringers of terror and pain.

As to fight there enemies, they use small sword, embadded with a toxic poison. They are also able to use mental abilities to frighten there opponants.

As for travel, the Ash Nazgkr do not use ships, instead they make use of inter demensional portals to worlds they want to go. Although this takes a lot of time and can weaken an Ash Nazgkr.

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