The Asgord... very nice beings, now tainted by the Universe. I don't think they'll be going outside our Galaxy soon...

- PM Daaxri of the Kraw Empire

The Asgordians, part of either the defunct FRA or the thriving TAE, are one of the major races of the Kraw Galaxy.

The Asgord have a long history which became cruel throughout the 5th century KRE. The recent cruelty towards the Asgord, more specifically the FRA, started with the Xhodocto destruction of Kane'es, and continued on with the Asgord Genocide, which claimed 30 Billion Asgordian lives.

Currently both factions have recovered well.


Asgordians were not crazingly friendly at first, being predatorial tribal people in -8807 KRE. In this era, Male and female Asgordians hunted for meat, played music and attacked other tribes. Their tribal music is still renembered in the modern eras.

Asgordians were a jealous race back then. The others had everything, while the Asgord did not. This made them progressively more angry at the others, until Chief Za'pplom declared war on most tribes. They pillaged them, they struck their buildings, and made their own tribal life better. This carried on to -346 KRE, where they had enhough resources to make a civilization.

They were still jealous then. One country hated the other for a random reason, such as more money, more soldiers, more flowers on their parks, and so on. The Kingdom of Lapalia even destroyed the United republic of Tole'enes for them having more buildings than them. It was pure hatred because of jealousy.

The countries of Lapalia and Gmazu'alienes were on the brink of war in -66 KRE, until a sudden conversation came. Both rulers liked each other romantically. They then tried to convince their people to like each other and to stop hating each other. This process eventually ended all wars in -63 KRE, and united the Asgordian people. Some say they were brainwashed. Others say the President of Lapalia should have died to improve the Asgord race, however, it was done. The Asgord were now ultra-friendly.

Recent History[]

Aliens came to Ka'an in 146 KRE, and uplifted the Asgord race, and told them about making friends with other aliens. He also told them about being persistent and never giving up on their attempts of friendship. The Asgord gained their first ally.

They made their spaceships, and they made them silly, with money missiles, flower bombs and happy rays. They were defended by this alien empire in case of a war, as they didn't want to lose the Asgord. So they set out to ally people all around their empire. Many allied them, some declared war due to their annoyance. Their allies helped the Asgord with making them like the Asgord. Their allies considered them a relic.

By 399 KRE, they had 15 Colonies, because they were too busy allying people to care about colonization.

The Encounter[]

The Asgord Empire had a thorny History in the Iteok-Tahar war, even though they were not Really Involved with it.

Because they allied the Iteok in a way to eventually ally the entire Galaxy, There was huge controversy surrounding this alliance, and a minor war emerged against the Asgordians. After a 3 day long assembly, The Asgord could ally all remaining 3 Major Races in exchange for not interacting with the Iteok-Tahar war.

Second Coming[]

In 401 KRE, Their Ultra-Friendly ways eventually would make the Xhodocto angry, as the Asgordians called the Xhodocto "cute" and "Petable", which eventually caused a C-021 to head for the Kraw Galaxy. The Asgordians were involved in more events with the Xhodocto, but the Asgordians still found them cute, because of their Ultra-Friendly ways.

In 23/08/401 KRE, The Xhodocto Invaded Ka'tenes, an Asgordian Colony, and destroyed its surface, making Lezia cry and frightening the Asgordians. They became afraid of the Xhodocto, and Ko'han saw this as a chance to found his own empire, to save the Asgordian Race. He needed 1 Billion Approvals...

Later, in 24/08/401 KRE, Ka'an would meet its fate, as it was destroyed by Khazhural Angazhar. Ko'han, meanwhile, got his 1 Billion Approvals, and waited in Horehronie to officially declare the split. Vatelia became the new Homeworld of the Asgordians.

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Quotes from other Empires[]

What does your Empire think of the Asgord Race?

Quotes for the Former Asgord Empire[]

A strange creature indeed!!! but there none violent nature may be good for slaves!

- Captain Votarah

What a strange Creation... Luckily they are peaceful!

- Krazo Boid

They'd...actually want to pet a Xhodocto? They're mad!

- Shka'Tun Councilor

So...they think we're 'cute', wait until I 'step' on one of them...

- Xhodocto Elite

They think we are cute?! What a disgrace for all us. Stay away from them if you do not want to be petted.

- Radeon

They are incredibly vulnerable. Luckily, they now have us Zazane and the FKA for protection.

- Tyraz Breek

Hah! An entire race of meek lambs for the slaughter! I might just keep one alive, since this whole idea of 'petting' sounds... amusing at least. Either way, this is going to be fun.

- High Archon Arkhadrax of the Darklight Federation

Subject name:Asgord ka'an/Type:Space faring empire, very peaceful/Level of threat to the Technocracy:Incredibly low/Conclusion:This stupendous empire doesn't even need to be noticed/

- Alrit database

Quotes for the Asgord Race[]

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Easy to break. Perfect to kill and for target practice.

- Kicathian

Too nice and friendly. Needs to hate more.

- Yahars


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