The Arsectoid are an alien race of Insectoid humanoids that are divided into different strengths, size, and body type. Often considered by the Zaldria Alliance as one of the greatest dangers to the Alliance (Manly due to their relation to the Morkoran Dominion.

Species Edit

Unlike most creatures, the Arsectoid have at least 3 different genes, listed bellow.

Commander Edit

An Arsectoid commander are the most feared members of the Arsectoid armies, thanks to their natural speed and high intelligence as the most powerful super weapon at their disposal.

Soldier Edit

The Arsectoid soldier are small yet effective thanks to their large swarms (often 50 or higher) although they usually often die within a shot of an Plasma rifle, but will do everything to become the dominant race in the galaxy.

Trooper Edit

Large, bulky, and downright powerful best describes this gene of the Arsectoid. They can often (with a little help) take down an tank with just brute force.

Queen Edit

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