The Arianky, often shortened to Yank, are hostile, intelligent creatures from the Planet Kendramble Nixx. Upon creation the Yank were friendly and peaceful but were twisted into power-hungry war-mongers after the discovery of fire.

Era of Weakness- Creature StageEdit

Research proves the Yank weren't always lethal, but friendly. Lucky we evolved.

- Mul Gomodrat, Minister of Nature

The Yank grew from a large pool, near the Forest of Dawn. Unlike the civilized, modern Yank Empire they searched for strong or nice allies anywhere they went.

Day of DiscoveryEdit

The Yank discovered the fire one day, as the Pack Alpha was trying to show the Pack something he called "Mo'xix" (Ancient Yank for Music). The Yank's soft and young brain took this as a sign for superior power. This day is since considered the first day of the Yank year, and is often celebrated by lighting fires and fireworks.

Era of Power- Tribal StageEdit

The Era of the Yank Tribe, known as the Era of Power, is the first instance of today's feral Yank.

- History of Yank

The Yank used their new power to try and take over other tribes that formed around the same time. This led to the War of Colors.

War of ColorsEdit

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Era of Conquest- Civilization StageEdit

The Yank had no reason to trade or make allies. The only way to conquer is the Way of Power.

- History of Yank
High Minister Nokk Nalbyx

Nokk Nalbyx

Upon finishing the brutal take-over of the Era of Power, the Yank created the Civil Organization that would later become the Yank Empire. Their weapons were mainly Aquatic Cannons, yet they also used Earth Tanks. Their surrounding nations understood the danger they were in and quickly surrendered to the power of the Yank.

As the day of total conquest drew nearer, more and more scientists started working on improved technologies. One day, the 15th of White Air (March 15th to Human Calendar), Yank Prime Scientist Pizzl Glofdy revealed his plans of an airborne ship, named an "Air Ship". While Glofdy's plans were of easier inter-continental travel and aerial bombing, Elite Commander Slak Polls confiscated the plans and set them classified. The plans didn't come to use until years later.

After about 20 years, at the 4th of Mid Year (June 4th to Human Calendar), the last resisting colony surrendered to the Civil Organization's power and Kendramble Nixx was unified. This day, the Day of Conquest, is an important Yank holiday in which the Conquest Festival is held and young soldiers get premium training.

Exactly one year later, during the first Conquest Festival, now-retired Slak Polls revealed the improved "Air Ship" plans- the "Space Ship". The plans were happily accepted by Minister of Technology Nokk Nalbyx and were given the name Project Striking Space. Minister Nalbyx declared that the plans are the key to a new era, and were given top priority in military and governmental research and works.

Slak Polls was given the new title "Minister of Space and Galaxies", but died a few years later. His son, Ruphel, inherited this title, and is it's current holder.

Era of Prosperity- The New Era- Space StageEdit

There is no limit to our power; not even the skies. We are part of a bigger thing, and we want to rule it.

- Support Project Striking Space Commercial, Nokk Nalbyx

After some more years, at the 25th to Sun's Touch (August 25th to Human Calendar), Minister Nalbyx revealed to all Yanks that the Striking Space project has been finished and the Space Ship is working. The Space Ship was named Space Strike, after the project. For his success, Nalbyx has been promoted to the Yank Empire's first and current High Minister.


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The Yank EmpireEdit

See: The Yank Empire

The Yank Empire is the empire of the Arianky, founded as a symbol of civilization and change from the old Arianky and the Civil Organization. It is currently a small Empire, exploring and expanding. It is ruled by the Ministry, whose head is the High Minister.

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