In a room with two Arctunvahrex, you'll probably get twenty conflicting opinions.

- Old spacer adage

The Arctunvahrex are an influential race of tyrannosaurid saurians native to Vahrexian in the Cyrannian Outer Rim. Distantly related to the fearsome Thanatyrannus, likely due to Oikoumene influence in the distant past, the Arctunvahrex established a broad sphere of influence in the northern sectors of the Reach hyperlane, as it enters the Outer Rim from the Mid Systems. However, they were are a politically divided species for much of their history, with dozens of Arctunvahrexi states scattered across the region, though all fell under the umbrella of either their homeworld of Vahrexian, or the influential world of Vahaevora.

Widespread across Cyrannus, the Arctunvahrex are, in comparison to other species of similar abundance across the galaxy, unified culturally and lingistically, though their home space is relatively fractious, once dominated by feudal monarchies vying for political and economic power. However, all Arctunvahrex kingdoms joined the United Republic of Cyrannus in 44 BNE, upon the signing of the Treaty of Trenabrion. In later decades, Queen Caii IV Valenlong emerged as the unifying monarch of all Arctunvahrex, though membership of the United Republic did little to end the age-old practices of infighting and scheming which had come to dominate the history of Arctunvahrex. Under the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus, and in the contemporary age of galactic conflict, Arctunvahrex are found in almost equal numbers in the ranks of both the Republic and the Empire, while others still long for the return of their old ways of disunity.


Native to Vahrexian, located along the Reach hyperlane, the Arctunvahrex are considered by most scientists to be closely related to the Thanatyrannus, a species native to Maastrichtia on the far side of the Mid Rim border from Vahrexian. The people of Vahrexian never united under a single banner, as had so many other species in Cyrannus, but rather valued the independence and sovereignty of a myriad of minor feudal kingdoms spread across the planet. The monarchs of these kingdoms supported their scientists in developing ever-more advanced technologies, beginning a race for control over Vahrexian's skies eventually won by the royal House Valtigar.

Under the auspices of House Valtigar, and later a great deal of other noble houses, the Arctunvahrex spread across the stars, making contact with nearby species such as the Condians, the Katharans, and Albersauros and Libertus explorers blazing the Reach hyperlane from the Core. House Valtigar ultimately made a deal with Prax Rychus of the Inner Rim world of Tharasavis, and subsequently aided in extending the Reach from Vahrexian, where they established a new colonial hub on Vahaevora, before eventually ended their expansions in Belhâtar space. Over the centuries, Vahaevora would flourish into a world covered in sprawling metropoli, and was ultimately made the home of House Valtigar. In their absence from Vahrexian, House Talenlong emerged as the major power on the homeworld, establishing a large merchant kingdom the envy of the coreward Outer Rim.

Naturally a peaceful people, however, the Arctunvahrex did not decline into internecine conflict, but instead plotted against each other from the shadows, engineering the rise and fall of many a kingdom. Simultaneously, they spread across the galaxy, establishing contact with the Thanatyrannus and discovering the invisible hand of the Oikoumene in their evolution. The Thanatyrannus would take to protecting much of Arctunvahrex space, while the Arctunvahrex handled the economic fortunes of the region. Unlike the Thanatyrannus, however, the Arctunvahrex joined the United Republic of Cyrannus soon after it was formed, when Queen Caii IV Talenlong signed the Treaty of Trenabrion with URC President Solon Antillia in 44 BNE.

Talenlong managed to invite House Valtigar to join the Republic, and thus the Arctunvahrex were united, at least in name, if not in fact. Though many Arctunvahrex joined the Confederacy of Allied Systems, most remained loyal to the Republic during the Great Cyrannus War, and subsequently the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus when it was established in 01 NE. However, with the rise of the New Cyrannian Republic in 03 NE, and the outbreak of the Second Great Cyrannus War over a decade later, the Arctunvahrex are once again divided.


A politically divided people, it is often said that in a room of two Arctunvahrex, there are often twenty conflicting opinions. Indeed, much of the history of the Arctunvahrex can be defined by division and suspicion of outsiders, a trait which hampered the development of a unified planetary government prior to becoming spacefaring. Nevertheless, the intelligent and inquisitive nature of the Arctunvahrex led to their quick advancement and expansion throughout local space, and in the period since, they have garnered a reputation as a peaceful, though occasionally sly people, never ones to fully trust outsiders. In contrast to their politics, however, the Arctunvahrex are remarkably unified in their culture and language, particularly for a species so widespread across the Outer Rim. Such a fact can be explained by the emphasis that the Arctunvahrex have traditionally placed on function, rather than form, as well as their preference for scientific advancement, rather than cultural development. Nevertheless, the cities of great Arctunvahrexi worlds such as Vahrexian and Vahaevora are some of the most beautiful in the Outer Rim, with many rivalling the sheer grandeur of the cities of far Vasuband.

Famous Arctunvahrex
  • Caii IV Talenlong: Former Queen


In the old days, with my kin on Maastrichtia, the Arctunvahrex were always there to guide my people away from conquest and war, and toward peace and prosperity. Alas, we should have heeded their guidance.

- Master Alinor Nanuq

No. Thumbs.

- Gorf



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