The Archeopaladius (ancient paladin) was an ancient species that existed in the void inter-universes from aeons, where there are only stray particles that escaped form their universes (eg: gravitons, tachyons and neutrinos, etc.) that thrive in emptiness.
The Archeopaladius was the third race of the Holy Three, the "brother" race of the Archeosapiens and the Archeobuilders, they were the agresive race of the trio.
The Archeopaladius disapeared thousand of years ago for unknown causes, being an extint race. Some scientist think that they created new species altering their DNA, that could be the why that the Archeopaladius disapeared.


Early HistoryEdit

Like their "brother" races, the Archeosapiens and the Archeobuilders, the Archeopaladius were developed in an atmosphere of mystery, it is believed they were descendants of the First, the first race that existed in the Omniverse, which for millennia were adapted to different environments, and forming different species. Another theory holds that they are actually something like Baryon Lords, and, somehow, crossed the 4th dimension of space allowing them to settle in the empty inter-universal, although this theory is not widely accepted because they can not explain how they could cross dimensions. One explanation is that they are actually based composite gravitons or tachyons, which in theory can go through other dimensions.


After billions of years, the Archeopaladius created a very complex culture, based in the honor and the merit of their members, always headed by Ittonts, the greatest paladin. This great civilization were always waiting for other living being who could born in the empty of the inter-universal void.

Other species never emerge, so the powerful civilization started to create new spwcies throught the dilution of their own DNA, in thousands of years the Archeopaladius disapeared from the Omniverse.


The Archeobuilders are bipedal and humanoid beings whose bodies vibrate in many dimensions. They have a prehensile tail, double jointed legs, hand-feet, and a strange head-crest. Skeleton is primarily endoskeletal with small bony-plates covering vital organs, have backbones.

Walking, deforming the space-time with gravitacional organs.

Large brain occupies 95% of the skull, large tachyon sensitive eyes. Large gravitational organs in the wrists, ankles, hands and feet. Sensibility at the cosmic ropes in the fingers.

Respiration and circulation
Two four-chambered hearts which mixed the gravitons and simple celules which charge some tachyon radioactivity. The respiratory system absorbed the gravitons.

Digestion and Excretion
None. Their bodies are so efficient that the waste is waste heat.

Male-female orientation, transfer Dna through skin contact. Gestation is slow, hundreds to thousands of years.

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