Arcano'Tel'Quessir is a species most often assciated with their psychic abilities and their crystallyine growths on the top of their head. The key to understand these wonderful beings lies in understanding that they share a common subconscious mind-link and their inherent aptitude to grasp the physical world through the metaphysical and supernatural.

Biology & EcologyEdit

To really get to know the Arcano'Tel'Quessir one have to understand that this species share a mind link that connects the subcounscios of each individual together. The are truly alien beings to some measure, for next to their cellular bodies they have also crystalline parts. This makes them attuned to cosmical energies those are permeating the universe and the galaxies. This means that they have special qualities by tapping these energies to augment their own life forces circulation and metabolism, as well as their surroundings, most visibly levitating their buildings partially off-ground. According to the above mentioned common mental feat during their evolution the Arcano'Tel'Quessir developed means of telepathic communication separately from communication achievements during the technical develpoment. The central structure of every colony is the Solar Sanctum which uses solar pover to energize the given colony and Arcano'Laboratoriums make then use of its complex energies and their effects.


Physically they appear to be 6 feet tall biped and two handed creatures, with an upside-down positioned drop shaped head. Their legs are longer then their arms, and their feets are smaller then their delicate hands. Toes and fingers are five on each of them and they are spiky, just as their two ears on the two sides of their head are pointed. Their face is triangular. In the middle there is an angular little nose, above that two large violet, golden flecked, slanted, almond shaped eyes, below the nose there is the mouth with teeth for vegetarian and occasionally omnivore diet. On their back in the height of their arms they have a guartet of butterfly like wings that makes them more ariborne creatures than terrestrial ones. Their wingspan reaches 5 feet. On the top of their head there are striking crystalline protuberances, those have role in their communicational customs, complementing and sometimes substituting vocal communication with telepathy. They have a golden tinted skin with purple-bluish highlights and shiny purplish colours on their crystalline parts. They grov hair on their head, which is straight and golden, usually long. In combat the Arcano'Tel'Quessir can torrent arcane energy force in shape of luminous purple missiles at an enemy, which acts like a natural split weapon.

Life and ageEdit

The species reproduce by the mating of two individuals of the opposite gender, after which act the female layes an egg from which the progeny hatches later. An average Arcano'Tel'Quessir lives up to seven centuries, what means the planet Arcanum will turn seven-hundred times around the sun Tel'Anar. This is a very long lifespan by itself, though some heroes and every rurler of the modern age reached almost its double easily, doe to refined contact with the webwork of energies and life. However High Sun Mages, who are the most attuned with it, are technically immortal. Generally Arcano'Tel'Quessir used to choose to pass on to the above mentioned webwork by their own free will if they feel the time is right, and that they had contributed enough for the greater balance of things in this mortal world. Crystalline parts does not obsolete after death and those are storing memories and sensations for the skilled "reader"; so these remainig crystalline parts collected in tombs.

Mindset & PhilosophyEdit

Arcano'Tel'Quessir value life and nature, its sustainablility and universal hamony. These qualities making the really the Shaman archetype. They believe that the various cosmic energies are just as part of nature than the forces of nature and the elements. This they call the Arcane. So their custom is harness both the natural forces of a planet, sunlight and other cosmic energies, and in counterservice they try to optimise the flow and the transaction of these energies throughout all the galactic space they control, for the greater balance of things. Their concept is that there is a certain web that incorporates any living thing, any energy and maintains all the transactons between them, and they are part of this web, just as everyone elese, and they have to protect it and tending to it. Arcano'Tel'Quessir means the arcane people in their native language. It reflects back on the means through which they comprehend the universe.

Racial HistoryEdit

Arcano'Tel'Quessir have a halfway unreal memory on their species originating not from the galaxy in which they are living. They have concepts that the species went through an evolution before the current one and that they were beings of pure energy without a physical shell, and that they lived for an extesive time in an environment which was most like a galactic core. However they are not certain of that this memories are from their previous sate of existence or the powers or gods they believe to be governing the balance of all things.

Facts prove that the species arrived to Tel'Anar system and Arcanum planet in a case of purplish crystalline matter from wich a collection of almost identical single-cell creatures took form. During the evolution they went through aquatic, amphibian, terrestial forms finally evolving in to the partially airborne creatures they are now.


Tel'Quessir is a language wich can connote and denote very intricate concepts and things. It has many layers of meaning wich is multiplied by a telepathic part and again with a telemphatic one through their loose, shared mental bond.

The language is orally spoken, but it is occasionally accopanied with high frequency tones aside of the oral language. In telepathic use it works the same, just without physical voices. It still requires the knowlwde of how the language is working. Technically Arcano'Tel'Quessir can communicate with any sentient being who has a language not much more complex then their own could be. (What is not very likely.) Telempathic communication works best between the individuals of the species, but it can work to some measure with any creature who has a mind and will open for it.

Written language exists. Actually there is more of them. One is for daily use, another, more delicate and layered, for religious texts, and finnally one used by Sun Magi to name and thus guide and channel the cosmic energies to their bidding for providing energy for the community and for the greater balance of things. This kind of written languge only appears as the Sun Magi are performing rituals and these are consisting of arcane energy and are lingering in the air as long as the ritual lasts.

The most intricate and many layered "texts" are recorded to crystals and those need skilled individuals to comprehend those later.

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