Aquin is, quite literally, a multi-dimensional creature. Aquin (it is asexual)comes from a universe with four dimensions that you can move around in, the fourth being time. Aquin entered The Universe (or our universe, or whatever) following Areox through a wormhole.

In his universe, Aquin would be considered a scientist.


Being a four dimensional creature in a three dimensional universe, Aquin appears red shifted or blue shifted, depending on how far 'in' our universe it is. It has incredible inter-species empathy, allowing it to absorb an entire species way of thinking in a small amount of time.

When he is blue shifted, Aquin has simplified its molecules into three dimensions, with only a small portion of its awareness outside of our three dimensions. The part of his awareness outside the universe allows him a small measure of foresight, being able to see where events would lead. It can also 'watch' somethings history right up to the big bang.

When red shifted, Aquin has the ability to re order molecules in his body and 'shapeshift'.


Unlike his counterpart, Areox, Aquin tries not to impact three dimensional organisms life, or at least make as small a footprint as possible. It hunts down Areox for creating strife for his amusement, often causing the deaths of the organisms Areox interferes with. It especially hates Areox (if hate can be applied- super empathy notwithstanding, Aquin is still as alien as you can get) Areox for causing the extinction of a fish-like species that Aquin had formed a bond with.