How these creatures survived to the point of sentience is seemingly inexplicable by science. Not only were they viciously self-destructive, but the planet they were native to barely had the one thing they are only capable of eating-- plant life. Their body actively rejects liquids directly, and can only be hydrated through incredibly moist vegetation. Which, again, is something the planet they are native to lacked almost completely.

- Unknown biologist.

The Aprifuu are a species of desert crawlers that live on primarily hot, sandy planets. They eat very moist plant matter, as their bodies cannot take in purely liquids. They lack arms, and move around on six legs with thick, stumpy feet.

Characteristics Edit

Physiology Edit

Their appearance are somewhat upright in stance. Their pale bodies are usually lined with long, goldish brown scales along their spine, around their neck, and feet. Their mouths have a shovel-like set of teeth at the front. Above their mouth are two sensory organs that both smell and hear. They have a pair of bulging eyes besides their heads.

Behavior Edit

Their behavior is varied. Most of the time, they have a facade of sanity and level-headedness, to the point of being stoic. However, it's not rare for a Aprifuu to spiral into a fit of rage and anger. Playing tricks on the Aprifuu will most commonly trigger such a response.

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