The Apationagtus also known as the Sixth Tribe are native to the Cyrannus Galaxy. As reptilian creatures, they prefer tropical temperatures more than cold. As such their homeworld is located in the Mid Rim, known as Apheria. A planet with a hot, tropical climate and a lot of water and swamps.

Though Apationagtus have a space ship class of their own, it isn't that advanced and as such they adapted and now use URC vessels, upon their joining some of the Apationagtus became URC Navy captains, commandeering the various classes of the URC Navy.


Early HistoryEdit

The Apationagtus evolution at their homeplanet Apheria dates back many years ago, scientists believe that the first Apationagtus dates back to around 100,000 BNE (before the New Era). Over time they evolved into their current form, going from creature stage to tribal stage. Apheria provided a hot and temperate climate, and as such the Apationagtus soon build their nests into the forests, away from the hot suns.

When the Apationagtus when into their civilization stage (around 10.000 BNE) they first found discoveries of the Thirteenth Tribe at their planet. Upon studying the ancient site the Apationagtus disovered they belongs to one of the Thirteen Capricyránae Species, in fact they are the sixth tribe but they didn't knew that at that time. When they advanced even further on the Apationagtus launched their first space ship around 35 BNE and found out they inhabited the Cyrannus Galaxy and their planet was located in something called the Mid-Rim.

Republic Era Edit

Upon their exploration and expansion in the Mid-Rim the Apationagtus met their first alien species, called the Ermitant with whom they began trading with around 12 BNE. Through them they heard stories about a superpower, called the United Republic of Cyrannus. The URC is a democratic force, with a senate to the various planets of the Cyrannus Galaxy and those who became member of the URC.

At first the Apationagtus were hesitant about this superpower, as the Apationagtus weren´t familair with other alien species. However with further contacts with the Mon Nahdar and the Cavaneu the Apationagtus decided to join the URC in 10 BNE and pledged their loyalty to the President. As such the Apationagtus recieved a representative in the Cyrannian Senate. Over time many Apationagtus rose among the various positions of the URC, from normal citizens to wealthy marketers to the grand captains of the Republic Navy. The Apationagtus lived in peace for the remaining period of time, and became close friends with the Chinawkya who were members of Rambo Nation. However in 3 BNE the Great Cyrannus War broke out between the URC and the Confederacy of Allies Systems. Soon massive battles were raging across the universe, making trade in the mid-rim difficult and the Apationagtus homeplanet suffered some economic setbacks due to the increased prices. During the war various Apationagtus captains were killed in combat, and were honored by their species.

Imperial Era Edit

The Last Hope

The Apationagtus meet with Apollo, and give him the Last Hope.

By ill luck Apheria did not came under attack, and as such was spared from damage. Yet when in 01 NE the URC was reformed into the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus Apheria fell under Imperial rule once more. With the new Empire the Apationagtus feared for dark times as both Rambo Nation and President Apollo were named traitors. As such the Apationagtus decided to join the Empire without resistence, yet instead were still loyal to the URC as they began constructing a ship, the New Hope for Apollo to escape to the Quadrant Galaxies and provide as much information as possible for the Republic Remnant. Some Apationagtus also join the Capricorn Remnant Alliance but the Apationagtus species as whole, as their homeplanet Aperhia did not join the Remnants, instead they joined the Empire under their ruse.

New Republic Edit

When the New Cyrannian Republic was formed, Apheria remained under the Empire, but the majority of Apationagtus colony worlds joined the new government. The first President of the New Republic was an Apationagtus known as Apaltar.

Society and CultureEdit

The Apationagtus are quite a uniform people and are generally united in their beliefs and culture, not to mention their political beliefs. Compared to the other Capricyránae species, the Apationagtus are not as large, nor as strongly spoken. However, their customs are unique and have stood the test of time.

The Apationagtus are known to enjoy intellectual pursuits rather than those related to sports or fitness, their love for knowledge makes them a key race in many Cyrannian nations, most notably the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus, being involved in teaching, philosophy and commerce. However, they can also be very proud and even devious, as seen in their government's secret dealings with Apollo.

Biology and AppearanceEdit

The Apationagtus physically resemble their Capricyránae kin, though are generally more slight of build and are not as muscular as species such as the Corthrinus and the Adelphi, nevertheless, they make up for this in their attire, which is often quite posh and makes them appear much larger.

In prehistoric times, the Apationagtus dwelled on their homeworld's high trees, being ambush predators, leaping from the heights on unsuspecting prey. This trait has not died in the Apationagtus, who are still renowned for their climbing skills. Another feature of note is their ship building techniques, which are known across Cyrannus.



A cultured and peacefully race, related to my own people. They may not see it, but they secured the future of democracy.

- Apollo

Ah, the Apationagtus. A useful species, to say the least.

- Tyranus


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