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The Apathos are smal, humanoid insects, with shinny red eyes, and mouth-less faces. Their most prominent feature though is the long antenna that grow from their head and end in claws used for the manipulation of objects. They are highly fragile creatures, easily damaged by weaponry and other attacks, but have a resistance to essence attacks and vast essence based powers themselves. They are also very weak, piratically unable to harm anything even slightly stronger then them.

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Apathos are completely and utterly without emotions, incapable of understanding others or feeling empathy. Every Apathos is part of several interconnected minds, each mind having several bodies it inhabits. They are highly patient and deceptive, never actually lying, but twisting their words and leaving out important bits of information in order to control and manipulate. They do have morals, but only to what they consider to be the greater good for the universe as a whole and general self benefit.

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While to weak to make effective fighters themselves, they makes use of the members of other races they have captured and twisted mind and body as their weapons against their fellows, as well as making use of their own vehicles and space ships.

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