Aomgawds are strange creatures that like to fly like a creature comet. They fly so fast infact, they have a fire trail behind them and they can go above the atmosphere!



These comet creatures were randomly generated out of thin air. Though scientists like to have theories and one of the theories is that they were actually creatures that might have been captured in a comet and are dropped off at random planets.

How they work[]


The Aomgawds suck up fire with their mouth, and convert all that fire into energy, and give such a huge burst of energy, it is enough for them to never fall back onto the planet.

It is also notable that Aomgawds do not require oxygen. In fact, they thrive off radiation and solar flares.

Speed, size and appearance[]


The Aomgawds are very small, about as big as a table.


Their normal speed on land is around 10 mph, however their max speed ever in the air is nearly 110,000 miles per second, nearly breaking the speed of light!


Their appearance is simply a head with arms, legs and an eye. Their head is quite big and their feet are asymmetrical. Their hands resemble a T-Rex's short, puny hands and the eye is green, and large. The eye has to be this huge, to scan and accurately figure out distance.


The Aomgawd's special fire requires the Enhanced Graphics Mod, created by Davo.

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The Enhanced Graphics Mod (Optional Fire Spit) - Requires Registration