Antroths are a bipedal, insect-like species that live in the arid grasslands of Farmia. They stand at around 6 feet tall and are covered in a hard exoskeleton. The differences between the males and females of the species are very distinct. Male Antroths are have very powerful jaws filled with serrated teeth, and their heads are covered in hard spines. They are more muscular, and sometimes even taller than their female counterparts. Males also have tongues that are capable of piercing the flesh of other species. This tongue can also inject large doses of poison, poison that is powerful enough to kill even other poisonous creatures.

Female Antroths are usually more slender than the males. If anything, the female Antroth is more deadly. They are covered in a more flexible exoskeleton and usually prefer to have it close to their skin. Female Antroths are known for their beauty, often being lusted after by males from other species. Male and female Antroths both have sharp claws, but the females' are sharper than the males. The saliva of female Antroths are also very acidic, and even can be used as an aphrodisiac.

An Antroth's exoskeleton is a very important part of its body. The exoskeleton protects an Antroth from damage such as blows from blades. Antroth blood is also highly acidic, and can melt through some metals. Because of this, an Antroth's exoskeleton and body armor is specially made to withstand the acid.

Life Cycle[]

Antroths hatch from eggs that are lain in clutches of around five to seven eggs. Newborn Antroths appear as larvae with soft lavender skin and poor eyesight. These larvae are individually very weak, being only able to spit out threats of silk at foes to slow them down at best, or inflict a small wounds with their reasping tongues. Adult Antroths tend to the larvae with their whole Kin-House, stocking them all together in a large comfy chamber, and actively work to make their colonies bigger.

Antroth larvae grow very fast, and will soon spin a cocoon of silk around themselves. Inside this cocoon, they will grow limbs and the first exoskeleton. The silk-spitting ability of Antroth females will at this time transform into the poison-spitting abilities of Antroth adults, while the tongue of males will grow ossified thorns to pierce rather than rasp flesh. The newly-formed Antroth exoskeleton is very soft as first, but hardens over time. If it is fully hardened, the Antroth will leave it's pupa and begin childhood. The exoskeleton grows with the Antroth during the remainder of its lifetime, meaning it does not need to be shed.

Once an Antroth reaches its adolescence, it begins to form features are characteristic of its sex. During this time, they will often help their parents and other members of their Kin-House work on land, and will be taught Antroth ideals during and trough this work.

When they become adults, Antroths will finally take on a job of their own, and stick with this job until they die.

When an Antroth dies, its exoskeleton is left behind after its softer tissue has decays. The Exoskeleton is usually preserved by other Antroths of its family.


A Spydorian, the pre-evolved species of Antroths.

The Antroths evolved from a race known as the Spydorians with the use of dark magic. They were stronger, faster, and smarter than their predecessors and eventually wiped them out. Over time, the Antroths became more civilized and cast away their savage behavior, some even regretting their actions against their forefathers.


Antroths usually make their homes in grasslands or open savannahs. Some can be seen living in harsh steppes, and other dry places. Antroths usually settle near streams and rivers in order to have a decent water supply.

An Antroth male (left) and female (right) with their home behind them.

Antroths live in truly immense bastions, often with their whole Kin-House. From this hive, often only the top sticks out above the ground, while most of the castle is build underground, and made up of truly immense tunnels and chambers. This means that an Antroth hive that at first glance looks no larger than a house can easily be as large as a small palace, and house dozens of Antroths. For this reason, Antroth villages above the ground are rare, and often house something akin to a subterranean city beneath them, while Antroth cities build above the ground are virtually nonexistent. This style of subterranean building style helped the Spydorians survive the insectoid, arachnid and amphibian megafauna that once dwelled on the once-wet Farmia, and they and the Antroths continued with this style even after the megafauna died out due to the planet becoming more dry.


Roles in Society[]

From birth, Antroths are usually chosen for a certain job that they will take when they come of age. If a young male is chosen to be a merchant, he will become a merchant, and he will die a merchant. Antroths are extremely utilitarian by nature, and most actually enjoy this way of life.

Females have most of the control in the government and other roles. The empress has absolute power, while her mate is simply a figure head. In fact, the Antroths had no word for the concept "king" until they met other races who had such concept. He has power, but not nearly as much as his mate the Queen. Males are often chosen by the females for their battle prowess or other skills. Females can actually have many mates if they are high in social rank. Rarely, a male can have many females, if he has accomplished something out of the extraordinary, and is therefore desired by many females. However, if a female of high standing wants him to herself, the other, lower-ranking females may be forced to back off. Males are raised to have the utmost respect for the females, and oftentimes go along with their decisions.

Despite the female dominated society of the Antroths, Males do have the same rights as females. In fact, their earning wage is much higher considering that they fight in battle to protect their race.


  • Main Article: Kin-Houses

Antroth families are called Kin-Houses. They are basically clans, all living in their own distinct hive, and all have a political standing among their race. One of the most prominent of these would be the Warrior House Leton, which produces the best male warriors and female battle mages within Antroth territory. Mage House Shal produces prominent healers and strategists. Even though females hold most of the authority within the social aspects of the Antroth society, Antroth children are born into their father's Kin-House.


Antroths have a natural affinity for magic. Magic, in Antroth History, was developed by Empress Vi'Serra to alter her appearance and became the first Antroth. From then on, the Antroths used magic in everyday life. Empress Vi'Serra descendants happen to have very powerful magical abilities, such as Empress Si'daal.

The practice of using Magic is very sacred to the Antroths, and they rarely teach any other race how to use it. In fact, Magic is so sacred to the Antroths that they become angered when it is confused with "lesser" forms of Essence, like Mana Energy. This quite often happens due to the similarities between the two, similar to how Koatria Elemental control is often confused with the easier control of basic Elemental Energy. Because of the wide use of Essence, Antroth Mages happen to have the advantage over other races when it comes to energy-based combat.