We are the most productive race in the system. We work harder and longer than any of these lazy creatures. In the time a zith could build a statue, we could build a space ship. We are antics, and we have not failed an assignment yet. -Tkic, ambassador for the antic race


The Antics are an insectoid race, that have many resemblances to earth ants. They have a queen that lays eggs at a rapid rate, and the majority of the population is sterile workers that can be either male or female. They can eat solid foods, and have a complicated digestive system, although they have no saliva. There eyes can make out shapes and detect movement, but they are utterly color-blind. There antennas are used to smell as well as feel. They have an exoskeleton and a spine, but no bones in their limbs. They have no blood, rather relying on a hemolymph like substance. They breath by taking in air through the exoskeleton at the abdomen and around the head, the lungs are located in the abdomen.

The antics are divided genetically into several casts, the queen who is the only fertile female in a city, they are large and slow, heaving a large abdomen behind them. The king is larger than any other antic save for the queen, they are powerful but do not look very different in shape or build; they act as a last line of defense for the queen. Then there are the workers, who make up the majority of the population and do everything from manual labor to defending the antic race, they are small and rather frail.

Sugar causes a powerful feeling of joy and excitement, and it is one of the few luxuries in antic society. Surge causes a strong sense of excitement, and is described as "every nerve in the body firing off at once". It is only assessable to queens; because it increases egg output speed. However influential antics, antics who have served the nation well, and antic kings who have enough influence to gain some.


The Antics are an insectoid species that evolved in a hive society were there is a king and queen ant who rule over the rest of the nest. The king is the actual ruler of the nest, the queen mostly lays eggs, however with there rise to intelligence the structure of Antic society changed and the queens became more involved with running the nation. Unlike what many species believe however, the Antics do not share a hive mind, and each Antic is it's own individual, but because of there complete devotion to there nation many species believe that they are not individualistic in any case. But unlike what one would think the Antics are not loyal to the king or queen specifically, they are loyal to the species as a whole. Even the ruling casts share this unceasing desire to better the species, and even the kings and queens can be heard saying "To live, work, and die for the colony". This has been proven to be true again and again, as even the kings and queens have been known to give up there lives if they believe it will help their species.

Interestingly, the Antics have not concept of gender, and in there language there is no word for male or female. Instead they have Tikit (queen), Tchta (kings), and Prmuz (workers). Although the kings and queens are male and female respectively, the Antics do not denote gender with any importance and rather hold the cast of king and queen instead. The worker class, which covers every Antic in a city other than kings and queens,can be male or female they are completely sterile, and they have almost no difference in outward or inward appearance. Indeed with workers there is no noticeable difference between male or female, and one would assume that they are all of one gender or the other.

Legal and Social Standards[]

The antics are famous for lacking flexibility in allowing different points of view and living styles. They are strict on what is allowed and what is not, and any transgressions in their society can only be handled in three ways. One: The criminal can be taught the error of his/her ways, two: The perpetrator can be punished for their crimes, or three: if the previous two are not successful then execution is the only alternative, no exceptions exist to any criminal, moral or social transgressions. The antics have often been criticized of being to strict in it's society, but the antics reply that there society is far more crime and corruption free than most other races, because they are too soft to fully punish and eradicate corruption. They also report that they have become drastically more flexible after they encountered the first alien species, before there race was plagued by massive and costly cultural wars between different antic hives, that made the Terran holocaust look common.


The antic government is a mixture of absolute monarchy and ordered anarchy. The antic queen and king are the "leaders" of a hive in a sense, but the regular antics are as much leaders as the king and queen. As a famous saying goes "You do not need to tell and antic what needs to be done, just get out of there way." Regular antics are very autonomous in what they do to improve the hive. If an antic sees a broken wall, they do not tell others of the problem, they fix it themselves. Even there military is built like this, were soldiers follow orders given, but without orders they will act as they see fit to do so. They have a semi functional hive mind (or at least that is what mot races say), because they can cooperate on projects and tasks without ever having physical contact at all (although it should be noted that antics to not believe in this. They say that things just fall into place).


Weather they steal food or lives, never pity the thief.

-Oath of the Judge.

The antics are very strict with there legal system, and there are no exceptions and there are no jails. Antics feel that all individuals in a society must be productive, and if one is not productive due to illegal actions then the individual must change, leave, or be executed. Exile and executions are the most extreme results, and both result in death as antics can not survive alone for long.

Intergalactic Relations[]

The Antics are not a diplomatic race, and generally view other races a slow, lazy, corrupt, soft, and lacking the solid power source society and government need to have in order to function properly. They do however, have allies with the Galian Alliance, and respect many members for their traits (although they still view the majority of races they encounter as lazy).


The antics were never strong in technological development, when they first set off on interstellar travel there were several catastrophes and several ships are still lost in space. However as their technology progressed they came to the level of neighboring races, and they have developed some interesting technologies of their own.


The war is won not by weapons or equipment, but by standing shoulder to shoulder with your kindred.

-Antic saying.

The antic military is essentially dependent of massive numbers of solders overwhelming there opponents by shear weight of numbers, and a undeterred driving force. The antics are highly mobile, often they will surround and besiege a stronghold, and send remaining forces to continue the advance allowing antic leaders to make a wide front advance taking massive amount of ground and pressure the enemy from every direction. However the antics believe that if an enemy force can be shattered, shatter it, break the enemy were possible and prevent your self from being broken. the chain of command is very centralized, solders must contact there superiors to get reinforcements and support, and only one or a few commanders control a platoon, however solders can act with a great amount of autonomy, giving some flexibility. The antic solders are not particularly well equip, but there rugged gear and unwavering dedication to there nation allows antic forces to be tough if somewhat low tech and inflexible.


If your race ever faces them, either fight to the finish or don't resist when they are settled. The antics have not qualms of crushing rebellions, no ethics to hold them back. If they deem you an obstacle to there progress you are dead.