The Alretio is a large lizard like mammal who lives on the arid planet of orion. after the prefathers left their technology in the great stone, the Alretian people fashioned large pieces of armor out of the bontu tree. they use their chest plates to hide their faces while they laugh so as not to upset their vicious appearance. when they built the great city of toripai they immediately developed powerful weapons that would be able to blend in with the ground, sea, and air so they would be the great rulers of the planet. after a long war, the alretians and their blue counterparts formed an alliance and joined together to evolve to space. they stuck with their original airship design but changed the colors and added heavy artillery to be able to survive in space. when they first flew into the darkness they were immediately greeted by two evil zealot empires, the binglefish and the fixxel. to combat this the alretians joined forces with the Leafel, Kronkey, and Oscae empires to enforce their hold over the other smaller empires in the galaxy. with this new firepower the alretians severely crushed the zealots and an era of peace spread throughout the alliance of the ark. in the meantime the alretians proceeded to gain fame for its wars, trading, exploration, terraforming and having the galaxy's first museum and epic wildlife planets. no one dared attack the alretians with their diverse allspice colonys and uber turrets until the grox came.... for many years the alretians fought the grox and attempted to make peace with them but to no avail. in a last ditch effort the alretio leader attempted a suicide mission to the center of the universe. he succeeded but vanished for many long years. then on the eve of defeat the alretian leader reappeared and fought off the grox and destroyed all their planets with his supreme weaponry and his new weapon, the staff of life. now peace reigns forever while the alretians continue to spread their influence on their spiral arm and more. and on every novendar 29th, the alretians celebrate their victory over the grox and their wealthy alliance with the entire 4th arm of the galaxy.

important locations[]

Orion- the home planet of the alretio with its moon lagmanton

Gravolia- the system where the alretians live

Daven- the residential museum planet where important items are stored due to lack of spice vents

Vendes- Gravolias outermost planet

Auguinck- A large blue gas giant that gives vendes its purple color

Nikosoy- the wildlife planet resembling "eden" mentioned in the prefathers texts

Kaleryon- the planet where the final battle against the Fixxel and Binglefish was held, a sword is located in a clearing to remind all of the war against zealots. also one of the alretians most wealthy planets

Fisovan- simply dubbed "the dark moon" a small silver moon with desolate conditions and unspeakable horrors upon it.


-the alretians have celebrated their victory over the Grox.

-the alretians have finished completely terraforming all planets in their galaxy.

-the Alretio leader has recently discovered a small terra-1 planet in the sol galaxy.

-in a meeting with the ark counsel, the board decided not to eliminate said small planet in sol galaxy due to the fact that nobody really cared about such an insignificant dot anyways.

-the scroll of order VI and another piece of jade were added to the museum planet.

-a Treemendous on the wildlife sanctuary planet has recently mutated to epic proportions and has taken over the Akashi plains. scientists are working on what caused this.

-a small silver moon was discovered with horrible creatures on it. save a small brown creature which will be domesticated.

-due to pressure from the counsel a new class of elite Alretian warriors will be used as an honor guard and as escorts on dangerous missions.


-scientists on Nikosoy discovered a gene deficiency in the plants caused by artificial crystals found in a cave on the east peninsula of Craz isle.

-deep space anomalies have been radiating from a large planet on the opposite arm of the Galaxy. they seem to be directly aimed at the ark.

-creatures on the dark moon have been increasingly vicious as of late. scientists have abandoned all but three outposts there.

- 2 large islands have begun attracting interest from scientists on Nikosoy. the reason is classified.

- the epic Treemendous is acting very defensive towards the crystals, scientists think they may have mutated the Treemendous.


the museum planet daven

the ark alliance

the epic treemendous on the wildlife planet Nikosoy

Iriving the small creature found on the dark moon.

leafels, the alretians closest allies.

nightmare, one of the creatures on the dark moon.

darkdog, the other creature on the dark moon.

the new alretian honor guard.