The Ankhor, otherwise known as the Golden Children and the Sand Bastards, are a species of felinid beastmen that reside and are native to the southwestern region of the Sea of Sand of Koldenwelt and are the founders and ruling caste of the empire of Khaepsha-ultan - a dominion designed to replicate and fulfill the place of the previous empire founded and ruled by the immortal Sohet, whom had selected the ancient Ankhor as their successors prior to their extinction. A proud and stubborn race that place great cultural emphasis in the ideal of serving causes and purpose and carving legacies, they are known for their arrogant confidence and almost elitist sense of regard for themselves over others alongside their sophistication which has caused their kind to be at odds with others on countless occasions; conquerors and kings, each Ankhor strives for pride and respect amongst its peers thus must overcome all obstacles that oppose them or utilise the means to have their name either renowned or feared, while remaining true to themselves and the cause they seek to serve.

The Ankhor consists of nobles and soldiers who have dedicated themselves to their careers and families in order to honour their ancestral ties and construct names and reputations for themselves amongst their social circles, valuing sophistication and ingenuity even while exposed to the worst conditions and hostilities their native land has to offer them and the generations that came before them. The Ankhor are regarded as being as arrogant and self-entitled as they are innovative and, in a rather contrasting manner, to an extent chivalrous due to their disregard for deception and betrayal and their virtue of of law and personal code. The Ankhor sport a history of enslavement and an innate perception of superiority over others, which makes them difficult to interact with, although Ankhor allies are renowned for their loyalty and value of their personal connections.




The Ankhor share a roughly humanoid stature with the likes of deiwes races - four limbs, a torso, and a head - although their forms are complimented by the presence of many features associated with feline creatures; flexible bodies, long tails that function as an additional appendage, short fur, and catlike skulls and faces alongside large, maneuverable ears and claws upon their toes and fingers. The Ankhor possess whiskers that stretch as far as the width of their shoulders which are used to allow them to navigate their environments through the detection of air currents due to their sensitivity and are often used as a means of facial expression amidst the Ankhor, although they were also once used to allow the ancestors of the Ankhor the knowledge as to whether they would fit through and opening or not. The Ankhor are agile and possess advanced reflexes that allow them to move and act swiftly by comparison to even elves, and are further complimented with an array of biological assets that allow for natural night-vision, an impressive degree of balance, predatory instincts that grant basic knowledge of stealth tactics, and complex hearing, although their senses can be considered as a means of vulnerability due to their sensitivity, allowing them to be incapacitated or unknowingly manipulated through a number of means. Ankhor are rather capable at distinguishing between sounds and smells and have significantly impressive memory recollection, and sustain such feats of sensitivity due to the fact that their strength is comparable only to that of humans and a majority of elves - a far cry from the larger races that inhabit the Sea of Sand.

The Ankhor are primarily carnivorous although they can ingest foods such as fruits and vegetables, albeit usually for leisure as they do not gain much, if any, nutrition from such, and their jaws are regarded with some caution as Ankhor bites are considered immensely painful, and once Ankhor teeth are lodged into a material such as flesh they are difficult to remove without coercion on the Ankhor's part, although Ankhor can control the severity of their bites to the point of gentle, tickling nibbles. The Ankhor's claws are used for slashing through soft materials like skin and were once used for hunting, with them being used to an extent in the modern day through combat application, while their tails are often used as a fifth limb of sorts as they are even more maneuverable and flexible than their primary limbs, although they are also filled with nerves that react in a volatile manner should the tail of an Ankhor being handled without care; the tail also provides Ankhor with their sense of balance and equilibrium. Ankhor live for two centuries and age gradually although both males and females remain sexually active up until the point of their death, with Ankhor gestation lasting three to four months depending on the size of the litter, which can range between four to six kittens. Sexual dimorphism amongst the Ankhor is present in the form of females bearing mammary glands, wide hips and internal reproductive organs while males possess more musculature upon their form and possess external reproductive organs.

The fur of an Ankhor ranges in colour between greys to browns with various patterns such as spots and stripes while Ankhor eyes can range between a variety of dark and bright colours, with heterochromia not being a significantly uncommon phenomena although blindness or short-sightedness tends to affect cats with eyes of the lighter blue spectrum. Ankhor fur loses its pattern and colouration as they age beyond their physical prime and begin to experience the loss of many of their athletic abilities alongside, with elder Ankhor losing their appetite and being prone to sickness and involuntary loss of bowel control in their old age. Ankhor communicate with one another through the use of both linguistics and physical interaction alongside the application of facial and bodily expression, leading to many non-Ankhor incapable of responding in as many means as an Ankhor would to another of its kind.


The Ankhor embody the tropes of egotism, arrogance, and manifest destiny, oftentimes displayed through their lack of modesty when conversing with races beyond their own and the great deal of pride they happen to maintain concerning the feats accomplished by individuals and groups of their kind and nation although it is unlike them to steal credit from wherever it may happen to be due and to boast of achievements as if they happened to be their own when in fact they were attained by others; the Ankhor, despite the pride that flows throughout their blood, refuse to lie and consider acts such as betrayal and the intentional breaking of oaths and promises to be immoral and uncultured - acts that hold little to no moral ground within the mentality of the Ankhor and their dominion. The Ankhor value order, law, and sophistication and possess a respect for those enemies of their state that happen to share a similar interest in these ideals - even if they happen to view themselves as more lawful or merited-, and the Ankhor show little regard for those whom would participate in unlawful and unsophisticated acts, leading to them to punish criminals and a majority of traitors with severe consequence if not outright execution. Debts and promises are always required to be repaid and one must nearly always maintain an intelligent and mature mindset and tone even while addressing with enemies and disliked individuals so as to not risk one's dignity, reputation, and respect.

Ankhor, while by no debate elitist in varying degrees, retain a surprising amount of respect for those non-Ankhor populaces to be found within their domain; many prosperous and wealthy Ankhor strongholds would rather cooperate with their serfs and slaves rather than oppress them and those Ankhor without such wealth or notability - commoners - find little hassle in sharing neighbourhoods and workplaces with non-Ankhor, although oppression and apartheid are still present within the domain due to the presence of more volatile bloodlines and ancient Ankhor cultural traditions. Ankhor consider sex to be a casual activity and do not consider intercourse as a sign of romanctic intimacy or affiliation within their society, allowing such activities with a great deal of liberty and freedom, although marriage, engagement, and childbearing is strictly monogamous however free for both heterosexual and, to a somewhat restrictive extent, homosexual lovers. Incest is treated as a social norm amongst various bloodlines and is considered far more respectable than to allow oneself to practice sex or romanticize with peasantry and, in regards specifically to nobility, non-Ankhori, and while children and fertility are valued aspects of their culture those born deformed or too weak to sustain themselves are most often abandoned.

The Ankhor are known for their reverance of multiple deities, particularly Analuhati, Avore-Asule, and Nirdesa, and many deliver praise and pilgrimage to Almonohuim in a similar deific sense, although all Ankhor treat the figure known as Khyannarith - the Pharaoh - as a god personified and rendered into physical form due to a combination of his age, his power, and his achievements as well as his founding of their domain; Khaepsha-ultan. The Ankhor also desire to emulate the glory and majesty of the late Sohet race, whom were once masters of the Ankhor in their early days before the founding of their own domain, and to disgrace the memory of the Sohet is to be considered disgracing the Ankhor within their self-righteous eyes for they believe themselves to be the inheritors of the lands the Sohet left for them. The Ankhor possess an evident affiliation with gold and other valuable materials, constructing temples, statues, and monuments from these resources so as to further boast of their achievements, lore, and history. Ankhor are fond of sports and physical activity and alongside sex being considered one of the most prominent forms of interaction between healthy Ankhor, handball, boxing, and marathons are regarded as particularly popular alongside more obscure practices such as gymnastics, tug of war, and equilibrium, although a majority of Ankhor stray from activities involving water due to a nigh-universal dislike of being wet.


The Ankhor are agile and swift, their bodies sleek and lithe as a result of their ancient ancestry residing in underground burrows within otherwise inhospitable environment of the Sea of Sand, and are capable athletes as a result of their once-predatory lifestyles; they are capable runners and are naturally attuned to stealth as a majority of felinids are, although their strength is often no more impressive than that of a human or elf thus compensate with their array of senses, including sight, hearing, taste, smell, and other means of detection in order to sustain some advantage beyond the larger, tougher races of the region. Ankhor function with minimal hours of rest - although many enjoy long, lazy hours of sleep as a form of leisure - and can operate through both day and night, while requiring multiple small sittings of nutrition throughout the length of their day, with a particular affiliation for river fish. The teeth of the Ankhor are sharp and designed for cutting through flesh, alongside the claws of their hands and feet, although for materials harder than skin and tendon the Ankhor require tools and are much more capable of evading damage than enduring it due to being somewhat fragile.

Ankhor possess a number of vulnerabilities to be exploited, such as the sensitivity utilized by their forms so as to detect targets and evade harm; bright lights, loud noises, and harm dealt towards their tails causes them significant deals of agitation and pain and can incapacitate them, while merely touching an Ankhor's whiskers is enough to drive one into a aggressive frenzy due to disrupting their awareness of their environment - the removal of an Ankhor's tail is oftentimes considered enough to cause severe, occasionally permanent psychological affects, as it separates an Ankhor from a majority of their sense of balance and a means of communication with others of its kind, causing such disabled Ankhor to be considered effectively crippled. The Ankhor lose much of their agility and swiftness if wet - an immense dislike for nearly all Ankhor - thus bathe and tend to their hygiene privately, and do not endure or recover from damage easily due to the frailty of their forms.


Khyannarith the Deathless

So long as I draw breath, the Inheritor's Legacy remains - I shan't allow the dream to die. Chosen was I by the Gods not for my people to serve beneath me, but to serve my people. And fail my people I shall not.

Pharaoh Khyannarith of the Khyan Lineage, alternatively addressed as the Deathless is the current Pharaoh of Khaepsha-ultan and a seemingly immortal entity whose reign over the southwestern region of the Sea of Sand has lasted for the past 1,200 years. The youngest son of a previous Pharaoh, Khyannarith and his people are convinced of his apparent "blessing" and his status as a chosen one destined to lead the empire and fulfill the Inheritor's Legacy left by their Sohet ancestors, with Khyannarith having survived through multiple insurrections and wars and evading death each time, while simultaneously retaining a young and handsome appearance for the past millennium. Khyannarith displays mastery over the Source, maintaining a place as the most potent arcane spellcaster within Khaepsha-ultan, while exemplifying potent skill with a blade and is dedicated to serving and guiding his people, although his position and apparent immortal status has turned him arrogant and almost ignorant of the strengths of his enemies, with a tendency to underestimate his opposition to a major degree due to his strengths.

Warlord Shuseisi


  • Name: Shuseisi
  • Affiliation: Khaepsha-ultan
  • Role: Warlord of the Golden Battalions
  • Status: Active

Warlord Shuseisi of the Shu Lineage





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