The Angh'vypid are a race of monopedal carnivores originating from the planet Kyulthaus, they are semi-aquatic and can happily live in the submerged swampland of their home planet for months on end, although they are mostly found inhabiting the scattered islands that cover the planet. Their intimidating size and appearance leads many to assume they are hostile, in reality they are very passive and will often shy away from battle, only using their large clawed appendages as a last resort.


The body of an Angh'vypid is covered in small purple scales that can sense electrical currents and also taste the surrounding air, their large eyes mean they have very sharp vision and can easily see in the dark murky waters that serve as their habitat. Three rows of spikes adorn the back, these are used mainly for mating displays rather than attacking, and their colour can be altered to some degree by the Angh'vypid. Their large single foot ends in five digits that are dexterous enough to allow walking for a short space of time, but their main form of locomotion is hopping. They often use their claws for stability, digging them into the ground and pulling themself along for added speed. An Angh'vypid has a large jaw filled with hundreds of razor-sharp teeth that are than 5cm (2in) in size. Despite this, their main source of food is scavenged from corpses that are killed by other creatures.


Little is known about the civilisation of the Angh'vypid, their empire consists of only five systems, and is located in the far reaches of the galaxy in a small isolated star cluster that receives little attention. They are the only spacefaring race within 15 parsecs and although they have developed space travel they rarely stray from their boundaries. They will attempt to greet the few visitors that wander through their territory but generally do not care about unknown ships entering their borders. The Angh'vypid were visited by an exploring Oronusian Elatti cruiser during the Oronusians expansion era, after the ship exited from a nearby wormhole. The ship conducted a brief scan of their empire, attempted to insult them, then left.

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