The Andormaru are a blue skinned humanoid species, with white/silver hair colors who are natives to the Quadrants. The Andormaru are known for their aggressive nature, quick to anger but give high value to honor and discipline.

The Andormaru use red colored vessels which have decent fire power and shields. When Rambo Nation arrived in Quadrant 21, the Andormaru plan to enter the galactic affairs of the Cyrandia Cluster.


As mentioned before, the Andormaru are blue skinnend humanoids with white/silver hair. The Andormaru have two antennae on their heads, which they use for stability and aids them in balance. If an Andormaru would loose one, they would need some time to adjust their balance. Losing one is also considered a shame, and would need a period from two weeks to two months to fully re-grow. The Andormaru have a complex physiology, it prevents them from using intravenous injections, and would need intramuscular injections for medication.

The Andormaru are a proud race of warriors and scientist, loving to explore and investigate things. However they found it hard to adept in their earlier years because their territory is closed in by various species - as the Andormaru are quick to be insulted, and swift to fire their weapons relations are always quite tense with their neighbours.


Early History

The Andormaru have a history of violence and planetary wars. At some point in history a lone figure mentioned to unite the Andormaru nations and together they were able to reach space after they encountered a chrashed Insector vessel at their planet. Within the year they re-produced the vessel and perfected her design and went to space around 100 BQF with the vessel they labeled as the Sh'Ran class.

Soon after the Andormaru began constructing other vessels as well.

Entering Cyrannia affairs

Within the next hundred years the Andromaru contacted various neighbouring species, like the humanoids who they have tense relations with and even went to war with. In the aftermath a neutral zone was set up between the Andromaru space and the future Quadrantia Federation space.

Rambo-Andormaru contact

First contact with the Rambo

However the Andormaru kept good relations with the Serlgmec and the Behquiniar, and even an Icolian emmisary settled itself within Andormaru space. Their relations with the Kzishaya are tense and the Andormarua would would fire at any ship of them- they even made killing a Kzishaya a hunting sport.

When Rambo Nation arrived within Quadrant 21, the Andormaru and Rambo made first contact in the sixth month of 01 NE with captain James Rambo of the USS Enterprise-A.


Apollo meets with Tharis.

Invited to join a banket onboard the USS Enterprise-A- the Andormaru and James managed to negotiate a contract for trade between the Andormaru Empire and Rambo Nation, opening the way for a possible alliance. When news reached the Andormaru by their intelligence that a large and powerful Empire had defeated the Rambo a few months earlier and brought the Rambo to their knees, the Andormaru prepared their fleet in hopes a conflict would not happen. The Andormaru were confused as James Rambo negotiated the contract at behalf of Rambo Nation, which was at that time under the "protectrate" of the Empire, a concept alien to the Andormaru.


Lianna Initiative formed

Luckily for the Andormaru no conflict came and the Empire left the Andormaru to their own, while trade continued with the Rambo. During the fourth month of 06 AQF/03 NE the Andormaru were visited by a high profile person, Apollo met with proconsul Tharis to discuss diplomacy. During the conversation Apollo managed to convince the Andormaru proconsul of his good intentions, and he managed to impress her by drinking an entire cup of illegal Sepherian Whisky in one shot. She agreed to meet with Apollo at the coordinates given by him, and keeping the possibility open for an alliance, or perhaps even joining his new initiave.

The Andormaru later attented the Cyrandia Conference held in the 4th month of 03 NE/06 AQF. Tharis was send to represent the Andormaru. During the Conference she was a firm supporter of Apollo as the Andormaru hoped to join the New Cyrannian Republic upon it's formation. A few days later the Andormaru became official member-state of the New Cyrannian Republic. Though member of the New Republic as well, the Andormaru goverment signed and supported the Lianna Initiative during the first month of 07 AQF.



AnPthak is a diplomat in service of the Andormaru, a gifted and clever diplomat he represents his people the best he can.

See AnPthak for more information


M'Giia is a female Andormaru, hailing from Quadrant 21. She was born sometime before 22 BQF within Andormaru space. M'Giia is often described as a honorable and gifted person- yet she can also be very agressive and sometimes just plain rude.

Upon joining the Andormaru space fleet she served onboard an An'Ru class light cruiser with a skeleton crew to act as support cruiser, with the primary function as cargo hauler for the Andormaru colonies.

Cyrannian Cargo Ship

When the Andormaru made contact with Rambo Nation, M'Giia began wondering if she could explore the other quadrants if she would ever recieve a freighter of her own. When the Andormaru became a memberstate of the New Cyrannian Republic she managed to gain command of the Scylla-class cargo hauler Odale. Now in service of the New Republic she transports good between Andormaru space and New Republic space.


Tharis is a female Andormaru who currently serves as the Proconsul of the Andormaru, the second highest position in their society. Tharis was born on the Andormaru homeworld in the year 32 BQF to a wealthy family. From a young age she was very interested in the happenings of alien civilisations which eventually propelled her to the position of Proconsul, a rank in which she meets with foreign leaders to discuss common affairs.

Tharis is very interested in Rambo Nation and the history of the Cyrandia Cluster, though fears the rumours of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus as she wishes to preserve the freedom of the Andormaru.

During the Dark Times, Tharis met with Apollo, in which they discussed the various issues facing both of their peoples. During the course of the meeting, Tharis even mentioned her intention to join the New Cyrannian Republic when it is created.


An'Ru Class (Light Cruiser)
An'ru Light Cruiser

The Andormaru Light Cruiser known- as the An'Ru class is the smaller yet far faster and agile cousin of the Sh'Ran class. It has an half circular, ring-shaped warp drive, is equipped with shields, warp drive and phasers it supports the larger and slower Sh'Ran class in battle.

Many of these class are also used a cargo haulers- and as such have less power armenants.

The ship is around 285 meters in size.

Sh'Ran class (Cruiser)
Sh'Ran Class

The Sh'Ran class is a combination of a cruiser and a scientific vessel. The design of the Suurok-class possesses a long, cylindrical primary hull and a unique circular, ring-shaped warp drive. The class holds various rooms with scientific labs for exploration and colonization.

The ship is equipped with powerful green colored phasers and shields, is capable of achieving warp 7. The size of the ship is around 600 meters give a take.



NewRepublicWe are now part of this!


Blue faceHonorable!


Yellow faceNot sure about them


Red faceOur enemies!

Affraid of

Face threatenedRetreat! All hands retreat!


Mini Portrait


Passionate warriors

- Caizini

You will be assimilated

- Quadrantia Grox

From what I hear, they'd make powerful allies.

- Apaltar


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