The Ancrevialicia are ancient beings, created by the Rambo Ultimate God Dinoman82 to serve as his eyes in the mortal world. They were pledged to protect the Rambo Serindia from harm and dangerous, but were betrayed by one of there own. Now, during the Intergalactic War the Ancrevialicia are given a second change.


The Ancrevialicia are humonoid looking creatures, with long legs and arms and thin bodies. The race is entirly female and is considered a beauty among the highter detities, like the Rambo Gods.

Ancrevialicia, the Core of the Rambo Capitol, located in a large dome.

The Ancrevialicia are also friendly and honor the Rambo Gods a lot, they also take great pride in there duty, to protect the Serindia from harm, but even though they are very friendly and kind, they are not immune to dark influances. The Ancrevialicia also wear decorated armour (as far as they wear any) and there helmets are enormous, giving a sign that they feel themselves better than other races. None the less, there strength has not yet been tested, and only one of them is stronger than the rest of them.


The Ancrevialicia came into excistence more than 100 millions of years ago, when the Quadrant Galaxies were just created by the Rambo Gods, and they were not yet finished yet, the Ultimate God created the Ancrevialicia to serve as his eyes in the mortal world. They explored the galaxy for him and brought him a lot information about the forming of other races and galaxies, even bringing dark news about a race called the Xhodocto. However, the Ultimate God and the ohter Rambo Gods choosed to ignore this news and found the Rambo Capitol world of Dinoman82, where the Rambo Serindia could live on. The Ancrevialicia were tasked with creating the Core, which was finished before the Rambo Serindia evolved on the planet. The Core was constructed at around 70.000.000 BQF, and is the oldest place in the Quadrant Galaxies.

During those times, when the Shrine of the Ultimate God was completed by the Rambo Gods, a large tower was build at Ancrevialicia, at the top a portal which leads directly to the Shrine, which is protected by the Judge of the Shrine. They lived a long time into peace, honoring the Rambo Gods and awaiting the time to protect the Rambo Serindia at the time it was needed. However, there destiny was spoiled, as one of there own, Aur'Lodin left the Core early and before the destined time and as such, the portal was closed and could only be entered by the Shrine, but Aur'Lodin managed to elude the Judge of the Shrine and managed to put the Shrine's entrance away in a mountain. She then left the planet.

Meanwhile below, things were worse as Aur'Lodin her action led to the near extinction of the Ancrevialicia, and the many buildings vanished and the Grand Tower construction became weaker. As Selenyia managed to save the Serindia by sending her Lieutenant, he later left Rambo Nation and the USS Bonaventura was send to the Shrine were it still is today and Captain Ramolla entered the Core. There he lived a long time in peace, but he perished sometime after and a tomb was created for him by the Ancrevialicia, whom were saddened by his passing.

Ramtilsae exited the Grand Tower

Then a long period of waiting arrived, hoping that the Core would be discovered by the Serindia above, the Ancrevialicia waited there time. But there numbers were diminishing, and were driven to near extinction. Currenlty, there are around 18 of them left.

However, at the time of the Intergalactic War Princess Ramtilsae entered the shrine and re-opened the portal to Ancrevialicia!. There she met with them and she gave them new hope, the Serindia allowed them to enter the Rambo Nation society as equals, something the Ancrevialicia were proud of. And so it was done, the Ancrevialicia, including the Judge of the Shrine followed Ramtilsae on the long journy to the surface world.

After arriving there and meeting with the Empress of Rambo Nation, Ramashe they were allowed to live in peace with the Rambo and they joined Rambo Nation. The Amazons than quickly scattered over Rambo Nation, learning there history and interacting with the various members of Rambo Nation.

The Judge of the Shrine was bombarded against her will as the Grand Warrior and soon was send to battle the Xhodocto. Meeting Aur'Lumniassa again ment that the Ancrevialicia had there own representative now and were free to explore Rambo Space.

Notable Characters[]

Judge of the Shrine[]

Judge of the Shrine

The most powerfull of all the Ancrevialicia, she refuses to tell her name and is only known as the Judge of the Shrine. Her powers are unknown, but are known to surpasse that of the Ramboidae God Lieutenants, and myths have it she is the personall Lieutenant of the Ultimate God himself!

She guarded and lived in the Shrine for an eternity, protecting it and wandering the halls till the Serindia would arrive at the destined day. During the Intergalactic War she met and befriended Princess Ramtilsae, and after Ramtilsae convinced the other Ancrevialicia to join her and meet with Empress Ramashe, the Judge of the Shrine followed too. Hoping that the world was not at her end yet.

The Judge aids Ramcard and Ramikku

Other myths has it that she can summon creatures to her aid, but she refuses to comment on this.

After the Ancrevialicia joined Rambo Nation, she was notified that Ramcard and Ramikku and a large number of Rambo Troops were battling the Xhodocto, feared that the Clahs of the Gods was about to happen soon, the Judge followed orders to aid in the battle against the Xhodocto, since Artmyris could not be allowed to profit from the Xhodocto battle.

She then travelled fast to Tuuros, and saved in time Ramcard and Ramikku from a Xhodocto with aid of her summon, Ramgilmesh. She then won the trust of Ramcard and urged him and Ramikku to follow him, they had to hurry if they would want to stand a change against the Xhodocto. After the victory over the Xhodocto, she returned to Rambo Nation. After some while, she was summoned by Empress Ramashe to Rambo Command at Rambo City. There she went into a meeting with Ramaxar, Ramcard and various officers to dicuss matters and the Empress her X-452 treatment.

All summons have two special abilities which they can use.

Summons of the Judge[]

Ramgilmesh, an example of a summon

The Judge of the Shrine is able to summon certain creatures, who live in the Reflective Realm, realm of the Ultimate God of the Rambo. These creatures are one of a kind, and were specialley made by the Rambo Gods to aid the Ancrevialicia to protect the Rambo from harm.

The Judge can summon all Ascended Ramboidae, however if all will respons is not known. This power is given to her by the Rambo Ultimate God.

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