The Amphibit is an amphibious creature that evolved(and is composed of) from the Flagelled cell, and is a space-faring race. Their most notable feature is that their mouths, spit and spike parts have not evolved, and remained the same as the cell parts. They only managed to survive through the violent Spore world because they evolved arms and wings, along with other details. They are a young empire, and have just discovered the interstellar exploration.

Overview Edit

Amphibits are herbivorous amphibians. They are not very good singers, but they make it up for being very good dancers. They are also great charmers, and know how to pose very well.

However, Amphibits aren't quite suited for close-range combat. Their only agressive weapon for creature-to-creature combat is an unimpressive level 1 bite. But they do know how to make a good headstart at combat, as they are notable chargers and spitters.

Their weak spit part is actually a shield for a more powerful spit part that lays within the outer spitting weapon. However, the outer part also products spit of it's own, and this results in each side producing two spitballs at once. This means that they can toss four spit particles at a creature.

Their eletric part also gives a small, but notable light source at dark areas. Amphibits will also make said eletric part glow three times when they are charming.

Their diet is mainly composed of fruits and seaweed, though they also eat eggs.

History Edit

The Amphibits began their journey as a small cell created by molecules, that originated from eletrical charges underwater. At this time, they were called 'Flagelled'. The Flagelled had to endure several attacks from carnivorous cells, such as Goldy and Chomper, and quickly evoluted more flagella over time, and also created a spike on the rear to provide defense from attacking cells. This feature also scared other herbivorous cells, opening path for Flagelled to eat up the plants for themselves. However, as they evoluted, they eventually lost their spike, and were vulnerable to hostile carnivore attacks, but they made it up for their level 5 speed stat to avoid carnivore and omnivore cells, and their speed was at par with Jetsters' speed. This also allowed their cells to eat up most of the plants, causing them to grow a brain and head into the surface.

The Amphibits immediatly started their mission towards intelligence, making friends and avoiding hostile creatures in their path. They even met the now-extinct amphibian version of the Xorg, and, although they were EXTREMELY hostile towards the Amphibits, they showed that, even though they have simple cell mouths, they still have the ability to charm other creatures with a highly-developed siren-like song. They also met a crashed Grox spaceship emitting purple smoke. Although, still not having a good sapience level, they simply thought that it was a very big clumsy creature sleeping, and that the robotic noises was just the 'creature' snoring.

Their sucessive evolution to the Tribal Stage began when an Alpha member of the Amphibits found an odd crop circle in the middle of a forest, with a symbol that looked like their homeworld's moon. Some time after that, the Amphibits discovered the mystic power of fire, and developed a tribe. They found it safe to assume that most tribes should be annihilated, and only some should survive, and thus, they completely destroyed the Green Faction Tribe.

Right after that, three new tribes were founded: the Maroon Faction Tribe, the Purple Faction Tribe, and the Brown Faction Tribe. Out of the three, only the Brown tribe wasn't actively hostile to the Yellow tribe(the Amphibits' tribe). The Maroon tribe completely hated them, and the Purple tribe, while they weren't as hostile as the Maroon, still disliked the Yellow tribe. The Yellow tribe proceeded to rebuild, creating more buildings, and improving fruit collection. During this time, some tribal members started to suggest that the 'clumsy sleeping creature' was something that came from outside the world, though other members didn't believed that and treated it as a joke.

However, something odd happened. During the time that the Yellow tribe was still recovering, an epic creature proceeded to attack the Purple tribe, knocking it out to 0 members. The Yellow tribe took that to their advantage and sent a firestarter to destroy the hut, along with an assistant tribesmen and the chieftain, incase a new baby would arrive in the tribe, or worse, the tribe's chieftain respawn. That was quite a risky tactic, as three babies hatched at the same time as the chieftain respawned, but they managed to completely destroy the Purple tribe.

And after that, the Maroon tribe immediatly sent a firestarter, a spearman and a farmer to attack the Yellow tribe. The Yellow tribesmen struggled to fight back, but they suceeded in defending the tribe, and proceeded to rebuild, and waited until they attacked again. However, the tribesmen decided that it would be better to create an alliance with the Brown tribe, as they would most likely share their powerful stone axes with the Amphibits. The chieftain agreed, and headed to the Brown tribe, alongside many musicans. Their plan was sucessfull, and the Brown tribe agreed to share their stone axes, like the Yellow tribe planned to.

Unfortunaly, the Maroon tribe decided that it was the best time to attack, as the Yellow tribe was both busy, and they would grow even stronger if not stopped. Since there were only few members left on the Yellow tribe, the tribe was at the brink of being destroyed. Fortunaly, the chieftain and the musicans arrived in time to defend the tribe. They proceeded to expand the tribe to 12 members, equipped most tribesmen with the stone axes, armed two other tribesmen with Shaman staffs, and gave the remaining members some torches, and set off to the Maroon tribe. Like it would turn out, with only about 8 members, the targeted village stood no chance against the Yellow tribe, though, they DID managed to kill most members. But, the Yellow tribe managed to break through the endless armies of the Maroon tribe, and proceeded to destroy the main hut, with some stone axe wielders standing behind, in case a survivor from the Maroon tribe would come out, and the Shamans healed the injuried tribesmen. Like you would expect, a tribal member from the Maroon village came in, and after panicking, proceeded to attack the attacking members, though, he was neutralized by the warriors. Finally, the Maroon tribe was done for good.

But that wasn't the end, oh no. When they allied with the Brown tribe, another species has evoluted to the Tribal stage, and formed the dreaded Pink tribe, also composed of 12 members, like the Yellow tribe. Currently, the Yellow tribe is thinking about what to do with them. They are considering to ally them, but they don't seem to be worthy allying, as they don't quite like the Yellow tribe. Some others think that destroying them should do, but they seem to be tougher than the previous tribesmen they encountered from the destroyed Green, Maroon and Purple tribes.

Eventually, the Yellow tribe decided they should attack it, and send all of their warriors, spearmen and shamans to destroy the tribe. As the Pink tribe had level 5 bite, they managed to kill most of the Yellow tribe members, but four of the twelve members survived, and slowly destroyed the hut. As the chieftain respawned, more babies hatched, and when they fully matured, grabbed torched, and lighted the Pink tribe's hut on fire, destroying them for good.

After the chieftain inspected the crop circle yet again, he decided to transform their simple tribes into a civilization. He ordered some tribesmen to rebuild the tribal hut into a large tower made out of metal that streched out upwards near the edge of atmosphere, along with a spinning representation of a planet with rings. He reunited all the tribesmen afront the tower, on which he declared it's name as 'City hall'. He proceeded to ask the tribesmen suggestions for further development. One of them suggested they should have money, denominated sporebucks, while another suggested they should have economical vehicles. One of them even suggested pies. With that, they marked their advancement to the Civilization Stage as an Economical City.

During their mission to global domination, they purchased all three other cities in their continent, killed the two epics that were in the same continent with turrets, and headed to the only other continent with their ships. Their continent had two other economical cities and one military city. The other continent also had two economical cities, three religious cities and also one military city, though, when the Yellow nation got to the other continent, the economical and military cities were destroyed, making them the last economical nation in their planet. But that didn't meant they would give up. They had set up a trade route with the Maroon nation, the remaining economical nation over there, but in the middle of the trade route, the other Yellow nation captured it. The Yellow nation A started another trade route with the Yellow nation B and eventually purchased it, gaining their city and having acess to the other continent, at which point they kept with their trade routes.

They moved on to Space Stage when the Lavender nation decided to merge with the Yellow nation, gaining them global domination. At that point, it was secured that the Grox spaceship came from another planet. Scientists proceeded to copy technology from the spaceship, and eventually managed to re-create the fallen Grox ship into a new, fully-functional replica of the spaceship. After a test-flight, they set off to a neighbor planet in their same star system after recieving odd radio waves comming from it. Those waves turned out to come from another crashed spaceship that looked nothing like the other spaceship in their continent. After examining it, mini proton missiles and a interstellar drive with set coordinates were automatically sent to their ship.

The spaceship flew to said star system, finding three destroyed colonies. Unfortunaly, after scanning them, the colony's defenses went active, and since the Amphibits were using a replica of the Grox spaceship, thought them to be the Grox, and proceeded to attack the ship. However, the mini-proton missiles turned out to be useful as the spaceship destroyed the drones.

As of now, they're a rather young empire, having only two star systems; their home planet, and a T0 planet. They still haven't estabilished contact with other empires. They are a Tier 5 Empire.

Nature Edit

The Amphibits are mainly social in nature, seeking to ally with the highest ammount of species possible, but, since their evolution to the Tribal Stage, they changed their behavior to Mixed, seeking to destroy potential threats, but allying other species that don't pose a threat. They still, however, make friends with other creatures that still didn't made it to Tribal Stage, and their pen holds three creatures(one of them is a rogue creature, and another is a non-sapient Minissaur, the same species of the Green and Maroon villages, although bigger).

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