The Amphibiahria are an amphibious species native to the Quadrant Galaxies.


The Amphibiahria were a bipedal amphibious species with high-domed heads, webbed hands and large, goggle-like eyes on the side of their heads. Their feet are shaped like flippers for movement under water, though could neveertheless fit into boots designed for human-like feet. The Amphibiahria were vigorious swimmers and were capable of living underwater for long periods. Their skin tone normally is orange, though those suffering from skin diseases are known to have a more greenish skin color.

The Amphibiahria skills and keen sight make them excellent technicians and engineers. The Amphibiahria are also known to have a very slow reproduction.


In ancient the times, the Amphibiahria met the cultural advanced Chinawkya and upon becoming allies they designed much of the technology and ship designs the Chinawkya thrive on. They eventually joined Rambo Nation and were hailed as one of the greatest engineers amongst Rambo Command.

By 2820, their species became critically endangered after most of the Amphibiahria were killed by the Empire upon the execution of the Quadrantia Contingency Plan by Mandator Camron Dar. After those events less than 50 Amphibiahria remain in excistence.



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